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Is a Pregnancy After a Cesarean Safe?

by Raissa Adem
(Cainta, Rizal, Phillipines)

I am a cesarean patient and I got pregnant after 7 month, I lost my child after giving birth 7 months ago. No I am 5 weeks pregnant... What I am gonna do? Do they advise me to get cs again to take away the growing baby?

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Sorry for your loss, thankful for your new blessing NEW
by: Heather

Dear Raissa,

Firstly, I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. Losing a child is one of the worst burdens a mother carries.

You may have already have a wonderful support system to help you through this loss, but if you haven't and could use the encouragement of others, here are some websites I thought may be helpful to you. They are both for internationals as well as Americans.

Now, turning to the life currently growing inside you! By the time your baby is born, it will have been 16 months still your cesarean. True, your uterus will be slowly stretching over that time, but your body should be able to adjust. Slow is good.

If you have access to a doctor, try to get in for a checkup every month. If you don't, try to take it as easy as possible. Don't lift heavy things, try not to strain your stomach muscles too much. That will help keep the healing process and the growing process in balance.

Many mothers have been in your situations (I get several emails about this specific topic every year). So be encouraged that you are not the first mother to be nervous about this. Others have had healthy post-cesarean pregnancies and babies and you can too.

Try to keep to your doctor's checkups, and work hard not to add pressure to your growing stomach.

Please feel free to write below if you have any other questions. I'm not a doctor, but I can try my best to answer them, or point you to other websites that can.

I just prayed for a safe pregnancy for you and baby, my friend. May God carry these comforts and His peace to you in this time.

much care,

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by: Anonymous

What I am gonna do? Do they advise me to get cs again to take away the growing baby?

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