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Site Build It!
Part of the benefits of having your own website, is that every now and then you get to be somewhat narcisstic and write about YOU like. I consider the following websites top-notch and worth a bookmark. All of them offer a motherload (get it? motherload??) of information.

Most of these sites are written by moms like myself, who want/need to earn some extra money from home. We are all using the same company to do it. This is my fifth year on this website, and the monthly income it provides has been a God-send. It is now part of our monthly budget.

I went from being an Internet-imbecile, email-only mother who was afraid of forums to creating and building The Essential Infant Resource. If you're looking into an honest way to bring in money at home, letting you stay at home with your precious children.

Yes, it takes time. It takes hardly any money. When I first jumped into this venture, I had only $35 available every month in our budget to invest. And that more than covered my expenses to get started. If you can check email, you can build a website. Trust me. That's where I started, and this is where I've ended up: with a profitable source of monthly income that lets me stay home with my kids.

Sidenote: In case you're wondering, building a profitable WEBSITE is much easier than building a profitable BLOG. So why not do them simultaneously?


I really enjoyed browsing around Baby Nursery Rooms, and I think you will too. The articles are FULL of good information about how to do simple decorating techniques. My favorite thing about this site is the pictures. It's like an online magazine of inspiration.

I can't help it. Yes, I judge a book by it's cover. And I judge a website by it's photos. Let me tell you, this site is full of good information and beautiful brainstorms to help you achieve the nursery you've dreamed of.

sites surrogate

Information on Surrogacy is a comprehensive website detailing all aspects of commercial surrogacy, with both traditional and gestational surrogates. It's written for all intended parents, egg donors, surrogates, and those interested in surrogacy.

Becoming a surrogate mother isn't an easy decision. Finding a trustworthy source to ask questions is difficult. So when Rayven dropped me an email a few weeks ago, I was excited to look over her website. There really isn't anything like it on the web. Founder Rayven has been a surrogate on three separate occasions. She's been there, done that. If you've ever wondered about surrogacy, you really must stop over and pay her a visit.

Sites Debt

Moms Living Debt Free provides high-quality information for moms (single or married) who struggle with balancing the budget and paying the bills. This section in particular, on budget baby shopping, is particularly helpful for moms.

Sites Stages

If you're currently pregnant or trying to get pregnant, I highly recommend stopping by Stages in Pregnancy. This site, developed by mother-of-6 Lori, is not only adorable and fun to browse through, it's full of information you'll want to know. Click here to browse through this treasure-trove of pregnancy-information.

sites sign

Babies and Sign Language lessens frustration and tantrums and boosts your baby's development by teaching your infant signs to clearly communicate specific thoughts, wants, and needs before speaking. Site features include: detailed baby signing information, tried-and-true tips, baby sign language articles, photos of babies using signs, and listings of baby sign language classes in your local area.

Sites Games

Little Kids Games Online has a specific section on various games you can play with your baby from newborn up that can help in your baby's development. I've even used this site to help find activities to play with my 4-year-old. A one-stop-shop to get ideas for playing with your baby and older children. Click here to see all the baby activities you can play.


Did you get the surprise of your life? Did you deliver twice the blessing? This site is full of information on how to balance your new role as "mother of twins". A wonderful resource, it provides tips on everything from pregnancy to parenting. Click here to double the fun with Raising Twins!

cool kids rooms

As a parent, deciding which direction to go when it comes to kids rooms decor can be a real challenge! It is important that you learn how to make it special! At Cool Kids Rooms you can find decorating ideas that will help you build the most fabulous Kids Rooms imaginable!

Sites stuff

If you are crafty and looking for ways to save money, Make Your Own Baby Stuff provides step-by-step instructions and tips on making clothes, toys, bedding, decor, and other items for your baby at home. Click here to learn how to make your own homemade baby items.


sites adopt
If you've read my brief bio, you'll know that I worked in foster care as a Social Worker before we had children. For this reason, I'm a huge advocate of adoption (international or national). In fact, Cameron and I are planning on expanding our family through adoption in the next 10 years.

Child Adoption Matters provides information on every type of adoption you may be interested. Adoption is a long process that can be confusing. Visit Child Adoption Matters to start your education on why and how you can adopt your own infant or child.

sites aloud

Countless studies have shown how beneficial it is to read to your baby. In Read Aloud Magic, you learn how to accelerate your child's literacy development and academic success in only 10-minutes a day. Read Aloud is the gift of knowledge and it lasts a lifetime. Read Aloud Magic is where you'll meet Susan Frankenberg, Read Aloud Coach and author of Read Aloud Magic.

sites motherhood

Celebrate Motherhood is an up-and-coming website about...guess what? Motherhood! just-like-us mom Kimi shares inspiration and good 'ole information on this exhausting-yet-exhilirating profession of ours. At home, on the job, at the store, where ever life takes you, the title of "mother" is an awesome responsibility. It's a fun site to read through, and the information is spot-on. In fact, I would consider the section on the different seasons of motherhood a must-read!


sites public
Okay, so I realize this is not directly a parenting site. But in many cases, what I learn and think about through this site affects my parenting. My husband Cameron and I whole-heartedly support the idea of intelligent discussions and debates about the culture and political climate of our nation.

In the Public Square is a thoughtful discourse for Christians about how God would have us live in this nation of freedom. I appreciate the intelligent, logical reasoning that is used in assessing positions and discussing the moral questions and issues of the day. Host John Snyder keeps things interesting and lively, and refuses to engage in emotional name-calling and yelling. It is a safe place to consider various facts and discuss their meaning and implementation on a national scale. Click here to visit In the Public Square.

Photos used on this page were found at and were used with permission and according to guidelines.

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