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The Milestone Marker

While you're waiting...
how about this freebie?

I wrote The Milestone Marker 5 years ago.

It's a bit dated.

So I'm giving it a makeovah!

I will be releasing it on my new baby website: Your Incredible Infant (

It's going to be AWESOME. Not just the usual "sit up" "stood up" "finger painted with poop" kind of milestones. I'm including EVERYTHING.

Over a hundred pages of tips, how-to's, and checklists for the dutiful, excited parent to enjoy reading through.

It's taken over 30 hours of work so far. Since I've a family to help feed, this has virtually guaranteed that I'm going to have to charge a little something for it.

But you, my friend, are lucky.

In the coming months I'm going to need a few good parents to read over it and give feedback.

I'd like you to be one of them.

Subscribe to my new baby blog, and be the first in line to "test drive" the new Comprehensive Milestone Marker for Awesome Parents.

heather sig P.S.

Since I did promise something free, please take my How-To Infographic on getting the ideal breastfeeding latch. Use it for yourself, or pass it along to others!

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