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Your 2011 Infant Swimwear
and Baby Fun-Sun Guide

Summer has arrived, and you're itching to breakout the infant swimwear and introduce your baby to the wonders of the outdoors. Here's everything you need to make baby's first summer spectacular.

There are few basics you should have on hand as early into the summer as possible.

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First...the Infant Swimwear

There's a whole world of swimsuits and baby trunks waiting for you to explore.

infant swimwear 3 The summer goal?
Have fun and stay safe.

Unless you are a single-minded, quick-deciding shopper (and if you are I envy you), I've got a few pointers on how to choose the right style and size for your baby.

  • Does your baby have sensitive skin? A rash guard may be exactly what you need to keep the excema away.

  • Tired of the standard suit? I've dug up 29 of the most gorgeous baby swimsuits you've ever seen. Be prepared to do some ahhhing.

  • Budget a little tight this summer? You can still find precious infant swimwear on the cheap. I'll show you some infant swimsuits that won't break the bank, and include some coupons for an extra dash of savings.

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Second...the Sun Protection

Naturally, the first thing that probably pops in your mind is sunscreen. But did you know that there are baby sunscreen rules? And if your sunscreen doesn't pass them, it's pretty much worthless.

Learn what you want to find inside your baby sunscreen, and shop smartly.


The American Cancer Assoc. says that just one burn in early childhood can drastically increase the chances of skin cancer later in life.

Besides using a good sunscreen, there are a few other simple steps you can take to boost your infant sun protection.

The American Association of Pediatrians recommends that both girls and boys wear quality infant sun hats when outdoors. No, he probably won't take to hat-wearing right away. There may be a battle of epic proportions. Been there, won that.

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Third...Waterproof Diapers

Unless you want to experience a Caddyshack moment in the pool, getting some good swimming diapers is vital. Disposables, or reusable...both types have their pros and cons.

Disposables are incredibly handy, but they're expensive. Reusable swim diapers may save money in the long run, but you'll need to carry around plastic sacks (or a stylish wet bag) to store when the water fun is over.

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