Does a Belly Binder Really Help with Post-Cesearean Recovery?

I've gotten a lot of questions over the years about whether a belly binder for post-c-section recovery is worth the cost.

Since I'm not currently pregnant (at least that I know of anyway...), I asked for a pregnant volunteer from my subscribers.

belly binder Can a recovery belt keep you
smiling after the cesarean?

Mary R. floated to the top of the list.

Mary was the perfect choice for a reviewer.

She has four beautiful children, all born through c-sections.

This means Mary can give a very unique perspective on the belly binder.

She compare her last c-section recovery (the one with the recovery belt) with the previous three (without one).

I asked Mary to review two products for us:

Below are my questions and her answers. These are all her full responses, as she sent them to me.

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My Interview with Mary

From 1 to 10, how helpful was the binder in your recovery?

    On a scale of 1 to 10 the c section recovery belt was a 10 as far as helping in my recovery.

What surprised you about the belt?

    I was surprised how much easier things were with the belt.

    It was so much less painful to get out of the hospital bed with the belt, to adjust myself in the bed (lift up and move around) in order to pump and feed the baby, and to move around.

    I actually had no pain most of the time when getting out of bed and moving around with the belt on.

    When the nurses helped to put it on, they lifted up the skin away from the incision, and wrapped it really tight.

    When I came home, I could sit in chairs that were soft, and not supportive. I could also sleep in my bed.

    These were not things I could do with my other sections and I believe wearing the belt made the difference.

    I had to sit in firm, supportive wooden chairs, and sleep on the couch for the first couple of weeks.

Would you recommend that other moms buy this?

How would you improve it?

    I think that using the Hem It In Belt alone would greatly simplify things and provide enough support for after a c section.

Was it easy to put on?

    The C Section Recovery Kit Belt was not easy to put on!

    It was too long, and the Velcro was so loud that I had to go in to another room to take off the belt in order to not wake the baby.

    I had to remove the belt each time I used the restroom, so this was often.

    It was more adjustable than the Hem It In, because you could make the top tighter than the bottom since the two Velcro sections were completely separate, but the ease of using the Hem It In Belt far outweighed the positive aspect of adjustability.

    I could slap the Hem It In Belt on much more quickly than the first, even while holding up my fold of c section skin.

Could you tell a difference between wearing and not wear it?

    I could definitely tell a difference between wearing it and not. I did not go without it much for the first 2 weeks.

Was it comfortable?

    Yes, both belts were very comfortable, and it was comforting to feel "held in" and secure, not have that feeling that something was going to tear as I moved around.

How long/often did you wear the belt? Did it hold up well to wear and tear?

    I wore the belly binder for 3 weeks.

    The C Section AbdoMend Belt was recommended to be worn inside underwear, but this was not convenient, as it needed to be washed nearly every time I had to use the bathroom.

    So I switched early to the Hem It In Belt and wore it outside my underwear. During the first 2 weeks I wore it nearly all the time. During the 3rd week I no longer needed it while sleeping.

Is there anything else you want to share?

    The package came with a brush to prevent ingrown hairs, and this helped greatly during the 4th and 5th week.

    I did not use the meditation on the informational dvd, but the directions for the belly binders were helpful.

Did you use the belt before your cesarean?

    I did not use the belt before my c section.

After the cesarean, did your incision heal nicely, or did you have complications?

    My incision healed perfectly with no complications.

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The Bottom Line on Belly Binders

First of all, let me say that if you have a question that I failed to ask (it happens), please ask me and I'll forward it on to Mary. I'm sure she'd be happy to answer it.

Secondly, let me point out again that Mary used the...

Of the two, she found the Hem-It-In belly binder to be more practical and useful.

You can see more details on either of the products by click on the links above.

Happy healing, friend.

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