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After Your Cesarean Baby Delivery

A cesarean baby delivery is becoming more and more common in hospitals across the nation. Whether you are planning ahead, or looking back, understanding the procedure, the recovery, and everything in between can help in decrease your stress, and increase your peace of mind.

Did you know that 1 in 3 deliveries are made by cesarean? Some of these are scheduled and some are not. There has been a sharp increase in these specialized deliveries over the past 10 years. This increase in the c-section rate is due to a few factors.

  • The increase use of fertility drugs has led to more multiple births, which are usually delivered via cesarean.

  • More and more women over the age of 35 are choosing to have children.

  • More mothers-to-be are overweight or obese, increasing the chance of having a cesarean baby delivery because of health concerns.

  • Medical advancements (like labor-inducing drugs and epidurals) can cause the baby�s heart rate to fluctuate, prompting an emergency cesarean.

  • Failure to perform a cesarean delivery early enough is one of the top reasons obstetricians are sued, encouraging them to perform c-sections when potentially unnecessary.

As more and mothers choose this option (or are forced into it) there is an increased need for education about the post-operative life they can expect after the baby is born.

Use the articles below to help flush out your understanding of this procedure. Ignorance is not bliss when you're dealing with major abdominal surgery!

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