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Baby Coupons and Discount Codes
for January - February, 2012

With all the expenses a new baby brings to the table, is it any wonder that we all seem to be clambering for baby coupons these days? Those little dollars and cents really add up over the long run.

baby coupons No one should have to pay full price...
or (gasp!) shipping.

As the writer of this website, I get flooded with baby coupons and discount codes.

More than I can possibly use, in fact.

So I started sharing them with some of my family and close friends.

And eventually, one of those smarter-than-me friends turned and asked, "Why don't you share these great coupons on your site?".

{insert forehead slap}

So here we are. A quick list of all the stores I get codes for, and the baby product coupons they give me. For easier reference, I've split them into these categories:

  • Clothing boutiques: for the baby clothing connoisseur.
  • One-stop shops: stores that sell baby stuff by the crib-load.
  • "I have something to say!" stores: Announcements, birthday invites, photos, and fun mom stationary.
  • O' natural: stores that are proud to be eco-friendly and all natural.
  • Mish-Mash: stores that are extremely helpful to moms, but don't fit in any category.

I update this page every week or so, as the codes come in. So if you've not found what you're looking for, check back in a few days. You can also sign up for email alerts or friend me on Facebook or Twitter for coupon announcements.

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Clothing Boutiques:
For the Baby Clothing Connoisseur

I'm a sucker for cute baby clothing. I'm an ever bigger sucker for saving money. Here are some of my favorite baby clothing boutiques and their secret golden coupon codes.

Baby Coupons for...babyGap

Gap is another great store for online coupon codes. They have such cute clothes...but I hate shelling out full price when I know that if I give it a few days I'm bound to get some free shipping and sale coupons.

My sister is constantly asking me if I've gotten new codes, and I'm constantly telling her that I don't remember (really, I get hundreds...) and she should check the site, just like everyone else. Sorry, sis. No favoritism!

Here's to guilt-free shopping.

Baby Coupons for...Carters Clothing

This baby clothing powerhouse is desperately trying to build up their online appeal. Why is this good for you?

Because it means they are giving away online baby coupons like crazy.

Taking advantage of this goodwill can save you a lot of money.

Jump over to and look around.

  • The Super Duper Clearance Sale is on. 100's of styles start at $3.99.

  • Save 25% on all Valentine's Day items and outfits. Expires February 14th

Baby Coupons for...The Children's Place

154882_The Children's Place Logo (125x125)

One of my absolute favorite online clothing haunts, The Children's Place almost always has a few tempting coupons floating around.

  • Take 15% off their New Spring Arrivals with code A9F2012. Expires January 31st

  • Free shipping for PLACE cardholders, plus 5% off every purchase! Expires February 29th

By stocking up on the off season, you can take advantage of deeply discounted going-out-of-season styles for the next year. It's a savings trade secret.

Baby Coupons for...Robeez Shoes

I fell in love with Robeez baby shoes in 2003 when my oldest child was waddling around the house.

I love that you can wash them.

I love that they don't crack like other, cheaper imitation-leather booties.

They last long enough to pass down to the next girl without looking like I've passed them down.

But must of all, I love the fact that I could always buy on the large-size and the elastic around the ankle would keep them firmly on her chubby feet for months.

Right now, I'm excited to say, I've got some deals to share! Woo hoo!

  • Winter Sale! Up to 40% off the current collection of shoes and booties! Expires January 31st!

  • Buy two pairs or more and get free shipping.

  • Checkout with paypal and use code paypal during checkout and get free shipping on any order.

Mosey on over to their online store and feast your eyes on my favorite baby shoes.

Baby Coupons for...B. Swanky Children's Boutique

Besides a super clever name (B. Swanky...get it???) they have some of the most original clothing designs I've seen.

Their first birthday outfits are simply amazing. Adorable jumpers with ribbon straps and festive party hats take the celebration (and the pictures) to a whole new level.

They don't offer hundreds of clothes, which is why their selection is so unique. A handful of things, done well, are better than aisles and aisles of crap. (In my oh-so-humble opinion...)

  • Spend more than $100 and get free shipping.

Baby Coupons for...Bargain Children's Clothing

Have you ever felt the excitement of using baby discount coupons on items that are already discounted! It's like you've hit the lottery.

That's what shopping at Bargain Children's Clothing is like. BCC is an online outlet for brand named clothing. They list clothing 20-70% off the retail cost.

  • Order more than $100.00 and get $10 off with code SAVE10.

Baby Coupons for...The Disney Store

My girls are in the midst of a Tinker Bell obsession.

125x125 Disney Logo

So when we put Isabella (16 mos) in a Tinker Bell pajama dress, and she see's her sisters in their's, she twirls around with this excited ear-to-ear grin that's just precious.

She has no idea why she's so excited, but knows she should be.

I'm happy to tell you that the online Disney Store has much better sales than their mall counterparts (similar to The Childrens Place).

  • Twice a Year Sale! Get up to 60% off on hundreds of items. Limited time only!
  • Or you can pay a visit to their Special Offers Section to see "Tinks Treasure of the Week" (this week is Figurine Playsets only $10) and other great Disney deals.
  • Get free shipping when you spend more than $75 with SHIPTODAY.

Baby Coupons for...Hanna Andersson

I can remember the first time I heard about Hanna Andersson.

Hanna Andersson

A cousin had sent me an adorable pink and white striped jumper with matching sweater to celebrate Lauren's birth.

It was my favorite piece of baby clothing, and she wore it constantly. In fact, she literally wore it out.

But the pink sweater lives on. Bella wore it last week at church, over 7 years later...

Their classic nordic designs are refreshingly simple. The comfortable and washable fabrics have packed my girl's closets for years.

Baby Coupons for...Hartstrings

An upper-crust boutique (think Hamptons) Hartstrings creates some gorgeous clothing. Using these baby coupons can take some of the bite out of the overall cost.

I've featured their clothing on a variety of my holiday pages, simply because they so pretty.

  • Take an additional 20% off sitewide (no minimum!) with code HMPG20. Expires January 12th
  • 10% off everything on the website with code CJ10OFF.

  • Free shipping on orders over $75 with code CJFS75.

Associated with celebrities like Tori Spelling, these baby clothes are style-serious.

Baby Coupons for...Hatley

Hatley is a new clothing boutique discovery for me. They have more than just baby/kids clothing. Take some time to browse for yourself...or Daddy.


They have a whimsical, childish cool-cartoony kind of feel for their designs.

Even their Sesame Street Pajama styles are more on the "artsy" side than the "kiddie-tv-show" types you usually see.

Baby Coupons for...The Tea Collection

If Hartstrings is to snobbish for you, you'll feel right at home with the Tea Collection.

Think world traveler. Think rustic. Think bedowin. I love these European designs.

From "Historical Hungarian" to "Creative in Catalonia", it's like Hemmingway decided to design clothes.

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One-Stop Shops:
Stores that Sell Baby Stuff By the Crib-Load

shopping cart

These are stores that sell everything. Clothes, lotions, cribs, car seats...the whole sha-bang.

A great way to save a lot of money is to do all your shopping in one of these stores and then use a coupon code and free shipping to save a bigger chunk of cash.

Baby Coupons

The wonders of Amazon to the Modern Mother just cannot be overstated.

If you sign up for Subscribe and Save you can get free 2-day shipping and some kind of discount (the banner shows what's currently running).

This program will automatically send diapers, wipes, whatever you'd like on a regular basis. No more panicked trips to Walgreens!

I compared the costs of the diapers at Amazon with those at Walmart and other mega stores. I think the results will surprise you. Needless to say, I'm now a member of Subscribe and Save.

Baby Coupons for...Layla Grayce

Layla Grayce is a wonderland for the shabby chic chick.

I have never seen so many items I've never seen before in one place. (You may want to re-read that sentence, it's a bit clunky, but expresses the site perfectly.)

If I ever get pregnant again (who knows?) the baby registery will be one of my first online stops.

Be prepared to find great entertaining ideas, stunning baby outfits, dazzling jewelry, and bedding sets that leave you sighing. I love browsing through their online catalog.

  • All Aden and Anais muslin baby blankets and accessories are 15% off with code ADEN15. Expires January 31st.

  • Get free shipping and gift wrap (if wanted) for all Petunia Pickle Bottom items with code PPBGW. (An EiR exclusive!)

Baby Coupons for...Magic Beans

If Layla Grayce has somewhat of a refined style to it, Magic Beans is exactly what you'd think the name implies.

It's fun. Fanciful. Magically eccentric.

One of my favorite features is the WOW Baby Basket Builder. It lets me build a gift basket completely the way I want to. I choose a theme, gender, and price that I want to spend.

They help me choose products that give the shock-and-awe that I'm looking for at gift-time.

  • Spend more than $99 and get free shipping.

Baby Coupons for...One Step Ahead

Another great one-stop shop for baby products is One Step Ahead. I have several of their innovative (and exclusive) products littered around the house.

They really are brilliant when it comes to creating items that are useful, yet non-existant, in other places.

Case in point? The Teethifier.

I recommended this teething pacifier over a year ago and I'm still getting emails from excited and thankful parents. And it's only at One Step Ahead.

  • Take 15% off any orders over $85 with code OFF15. Expires December 31st, 2012

  • Free shipping on ordser over $85 with code SHIP85. Expires December 31st, 2012

Baby Coupons for...Posh Tots

Okay, for the 1% of you out there that have cash to burn, let me introduce you to your new favorite boutique: Posh Tots. (For the rest of you, avoid envy by skipping this entry...)

PoshTots - Extraordinary baby furniture!

This boutique is exactly what it implies, Posh.

I wouldn't be surprised if former "Posh" Spice Girl Victoria Beckham was decking out her new baby girl's nursery with furniture, bedding and toys from this boutique.

That said, if you like to save money for the thrill of it, instead of absolute necessity, let me indulge you.

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"I Have Something to Say!" Stores:
Announcements, Birthday Invites,
Photos, and Stationary

There's something about a well-designed announcement. It's exciting to receive, and even more exciting to send. Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, it's done in just a few clicks.

Here are a few of my favorite paper-places and photo printing websites. I've used each at different times, and will do so again, I'm sure.

Baby Coupons for...Tiny Prints

I use Tiny Prints almost exclusively when it comes to announcements, stationaries, invitations, thank-you's...if I'm mailing it, I bought it at Tiny Prints. I love them for several reasons...

  • When appropriate, I can customize swanky cards with pictures of my kids with just a few clicks. (Yes, I'm a braggart.)
  • I can tell Tiny Prints when to print and mail the cards... nothing gets lost and I'm always on time. (Sadly, a rare occurence...)

  • I got 3 free cards, and can laugh at my sister who's wasting money on cards at Target by becoming a member. (Take that, Jenny!)

  • I create cards that are so precious I'm tempted to send them to myself for the scrapbook...

Once in a while, they'll throw in some sweet savings in the forms of sales and promo codes. If I get them, I'll share them here.

Take a peek at today's Deal of the Day at TinyPrints.

Baby Coupons for...Snapfish

Snapfish is my online photo printer of choice. The awesome price of $.09 a photo has a lot to do with that.

50% off everything at Snapfish

But they also run a lot of coupons and have an awesome "Price Promise" promotion that actually shows you, on their website, the cost to your purchase if you had gone to a competitor.

If that reveals that a competitor is actually cheaper, they will automatically beat (not just match) that price. (Savings shows up in your shopping cart.) I've found this really helpful, and the savings significant.

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O' Natural:
Stores Proud to be Eco-Friendly and All-Natural

These stores are dedicated to providing products that are chemical-free and as close to o' natural as possible. I'm confident you'll find each of them a welcome treasure to your short list of go-to online options.

Baby Coupons for...Earth Mama Angel Baby

When it comes to creams and lotions, I want to be careful what I'm putting on my baby's skin. Experiences with my Elena (2nd born) has taught me just how sensitive their little chub-rolls can be.


Enter Earth Mama Angel Baby.

They make wonderful creams for diaper rash, cracked nipples, and fighting stretch marks. They also create their own tea blends, (for boosting breastmilk, reducing cramps, and healing heartburn to name a few) which I'll admit, as an obsessive coffee drinker, are not half bad.

  • Get free shipping on orders over $49. Orders under $49 have a flate rate shipping charge of $5.95.
  • Check the homepage to see the current sale items.

Baby Coupons for...Mighty Nest

If natural living is important to you, Mighty Nest is your new best friend. They really blend natural living and learning together well.

shop for nontoxic, organic, natural products for your home

They've just recently launched a new division of healthy, safe kitchenware.

And to accompany this new section, they wrote 12 ways to avoid toxins in the kitchen. Use both to help detoxify your kitchen from rafter to floors.

Refer a friend to Mighty Nest and you can earn $10 for each friend in store credit.

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Non-Categorical Websites Extremely
Helpful to Moms

Baby Coupons for...Babysitting Services

At some point, you're going to want to go out without your baby. If you've got willing family members around, you're all set. But what if you don't have a grandparent at your beck and call?

There are two really great sitter-researching services online that can help. Not only will they give you qualified baby sitters in your area, they provide full background checks, parental reviews, and references to help you make a great choice.

Find the best local babysitters at

Finding a babysitter you can trust is a serious matter. This person will be taking sole responsibility of your precious child while you are gone, so take the time to chose wisely. Both of these websites have a long history of satisfied parents and excellent sitters.

Baby Coupons for...MomAgenda

MomAgenda is God's gift to the organizationally-obsessed and the organizationally-challenged.

These day planners and journals are absolutely gorgeous.

Trendy designs, bold colors, and plenty of helpful accessories take "Mother" into superstar status. We have a lot to keep track of, and Mom Agenda is a boost to the self-esteem.

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Other Money-Saving Articles

There are more ways than just baby coupons to save money. Here are other articles that can help.

The Best Free Baby Stuff for the Super-Suspicious

Finding the best free baby stuff has been somewhat difficult for me. I've been burned before. I've "signed up", completed gold-star offers...and then drowned in the ensuing phone calls, spam emails, and junk mail. Revenge is sweet.

4 Practical Strategies to Save Money

Unless there's a modeling contract tucked in that diaper somewhere, your infant isn't going to be contributing any cash to your bottom line. There's hope! It really is possible to finanically adjust to care for this new person. After all, every penny saved is an education earned, right?

Ever Thought of Ordering Your Groceries Online?

Yes, I have gotten my groceries delivered. No, I'm not a millionaire. Yes, it was long as I picked the right company. Here's the low-down on the pros and cons of grocery shopping online.

Learning to Power-Shop Your Groceries

If you've tightened your budget belt and are looking for ways to stretch a dime, learning how to power shop your groceries is the best way to trim the fat in your frugal grocery shopping experience.

Hot Spots

Hanna Andersson

Hanna Andersson!

Hanna Andersson is one of my favorite online clothing stores.

Every year in Jan/Feb they roll out some sweet deals.

This year is no exception.

Check out the Baby Buy One Get One Sale. (50% discounts make me happy...)

Or, you could snag up to 35% off older kids clothing with Hanna's Spring Breaks Sale.

Both deals expire on Feb. 26th. Happy Savings!

Hanna Andersson

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