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Review of Dr Browns Bottles

by Kari

Dr. Browns are my absolute favorite bottles. My baby was pretty fussy when she was born, after switching from Avent to these, we noticed a big improvement. She was less fussy and she had less gas when we burped her.

The "patented" system looks pretty weird inside the bottle, and having to wash the extra parts is somewhat annoying, but it's worth it. (In my opinion.) The long straw vents through the top, preventing bubbles from forming inside the formula and keeping the nipple in the right shape.

I also noticed that the number of ear infections decreased after switching over to Dr. Browns. I guess the only thing I would do differently is to purchase the wide-neck bottles instead. I also purchased the steam sterilizer (my baby struggled with thrush). It works like a charm, and fits old Avent bottles as well (for when I haven't done the dishes!)

Dr. Browns is a five-star bottle for us at least.

Note by Heather

Kari, thanks for sharing this review! I had a similar experience with my second, Elena. For those who are interested, you can see the wide-neck Dr. Browns bottles here.

And as for the microwave steamer, I have personally not tried a steamer, but it seems from these reviews that this steamer is a particular favorite for many moms.

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May 03, 2011
Want a Wide Neck Bottle
by: Heather from Indiana

My daughter is almost 6 weeks now...we started her on the Playtex nursers and she started to get gassy. We then switched her to Dr. Brown's because I heard they were the best. Her gas went from bad to terrible. She would scream after an ounce.

I realized that she needed to have a bottle with a wider nipple and Dr. Brown's only has the small nipples. So now she is back on the Playtex and we're still having some gas issues. I am on this site to try to find a bottle that helps with gas and has a wide nipple. I'm thinking of trying the MAM bottles...I really hope it works because something has got to give I'm getting soooo frustrated.

A Note from Heather to...Heather ;-)

Switching bottles is very frustrating, Heather. I have heard good things about MAM bottles, although I've not personally used them.

I just wanted to let you know that Dr. Browns does have a wide-neck version. They are hard to find in stores, so I've linked them here. Understandably, you may want to move on from the whole "Dr. Brown's Experience", but I thought I'd mention it anyway.

I should have it listed in the article as an option. Thanks for bringing that to my attention - I'm editing my article on bottles right now.

Heather ;-)

Nov 08, 2010
Great for Twins
by: Nichole from Akron, OH

I have been using the Dr. Browns since my twins were born 3 months ago - the bottles are great bottles - only downside is all the parts and pieces and cleaning.

My one twin would eat out of either the wide-neck or standard bottles, but my other twin would only use the standard size...hmmm...all babies are individuals I guess.

Jun 30, 2010
by: Liv from Mexico

At the beginning I was only using Avent bottles to feed my baby. But he was always fussy and colicky. Although the Avent bottles stated to reduce colics, they never did. As a matter of fact, I could hear air getting into the bottle and the formula had more bubbles when my baby was being fed.

When my baby was like 3 months old, I found out about BPA (I was mad that I didn't know it earlier). When looking for a BPA free bottle I came across Dr.Browns and many good reviews about those bottles. I bought some and THEY REALLY WORK!! No more air getting into the bottle, no more bubbles, and my baby
was not fussy anymore.

I highly recommend it!

Jun 30, 2010
Dr. Brown Bottles--excellent results
by: Brenda from AK

I am taking care of my new grandson, my first grandchild. My youngest child is almost 23 years old and boy have things changed!

I like the Dr. Brown bottles. I bought these for my grandson and I love them. If only there had been some of these bottles when my second daughter had colic back in the 1980s!!!

Jun 30, 2010
Struggled with Leaking
by: Julia from TX

We are heavily invested in Dr. Brown's Bottles. We have everything. I do however have a few complaints. First, the bottles leak no matter what one does to ensure that they will not. They leak around the neck.

I even went out and bought a whole new set of six thinking something was worn on the ones that I had although I had had them less than 4 months. That of course did not help. On a trip to visit my cousin over Thanksgiving she confirmed that yes, no matter what one does they will leak.

Second, the lids for the nipples do not all fit consistently. We will continue to use these bottles for feeding expressed breast milk despite of the two concerns because Henry will eat from them comfortably.

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