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My unexpected Cesaren birth experience!

by Meagan
(Northern NSW)

It all started through the stress of my husband being stuck on the side of the road in his truck alongside of a busy highway, while I was waiting for him at the radiology place for a final ultra sound one day before my due date.

Everything was fine with the ultra sound and unfortunately my husband was not there to share the moment, everything was right and ready to go with the baby!

Next day starts off with some twinges and light contractions while I helped to organize how to get our truck off the highway and back home to the mechanics 130kms away, it took 8hrs to do so, dodging heavy traffic and contractions.

That night my water broke at 8pm and my husband had only walked in the door for 10mins, I called for my mum as I was having a bath at the time and was kind of unsure weather it was happening or not (but it was alright).

We went over to the hospital that night about 10pm, all the birthing suites were full up and i was put in a ward bed until finally there was one available at 1pm.

Contractions were getting full on from then on, at 7:30am the next morning I was dilated about 3-4cm and everything was progressing ok, but then come 12pm and contractions stopped and was still only 4cm.

They decided to intravein me with inducing drugs, which brought the contractions on hard and fast, still only on the gas until 7:30pm that night I decided to try some other natural methods of pain management which did not work.

I was in some extreme pain by now and gave in to an epidural, which was extremely painful being put in between contractions!!!

By 8:45pm I was extremely exhausted and was finally 9cm dilated, but the baby's heart rate was high and seemed to be distressed, they put it down to the water being broken for more then 24hrs and the inducing drugs, plus also some spine interaction and the baby could not put his head forward.

They then said I could go through with the vaginal birth and it could take up to 3hrs which would be probably to long for the baby or go in for a cesarean.

We decided for the emergency cesarean, as the baby was distressed and I was exhausted!
So they geared me up and sent me to the operating theatre, alongside me the whole time was my husband, who also got to share in the experience of it all.

Within 15mins my baby boy was born, and had the cord wrapped around his neck twice which was why he couldn't come down any further and his head couldn't come forward for a vaginal birth, but my husband held him on my chest before being sewn up, it was the most rewarding thing ever to finally meet my baby and he was fine.

Apart from that he weighed in at 8lb 2oz, and was all healthy and fine with a score of 9/10 and 5mins later 9/10 again! I was sewn up and put in recovery for 1hr, and couldn't wait to hold my baby boy!

Recovery the next week was a bit slow as I had been in labor for nearly 27hrs before hand and was not aloud to get out of bed for the first day.
By the next night I stood up for the first time, being extremely shaky. By the 3rd day I had my 1st shower and walked for the first time.
By the 4th day I went for my first walk to the kiosk, which was very slow.

On the 7th day I was walking a lot better and was packing to go home to my mothers to recover.
Apart from getting sick with the flu afterwards and having a bad cough I finally am home after a month and doing well.My cut is healing well and bub is doing even better!

The cesarean is definitely a quick way of giving birth and only wish they had of done it sooner!!!

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