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Murphy's Law of pregnancy, labor and birth

by Tiffany
(Newtown Square, PA, USA)

From the beginning of my pregnancy, I read about writing a birth plan so that you are prepared to answer questions and have the kind of birthing experience you want. So I did my research and discovered that medications lead to a higher instance of c sections, which I DEFINITELY did not want to have happen.

I decided I wanted to try natural child birth, with the option of epidural if I really couldn't handle it. Everything else with my pregnancy was perfect, no morning sickness, no overly tiredness, baby was in position the whole time so naturally I expected my delivery to be as well.

Labor for me started very, very slowly with steady contractions Monday early morning. Being nervous and excited, my husband and I went to the hospital only to be sent home as I was only 1 cm. 24 hours later and in a ton more pain, crying with each contraction we went back to the hospital. Now I was 3-4 cm dilated, that's it!

Exhausted from not sleeping, the Ambien the doctor gave me the day before to help me sleep through the night only worked for 3 hours, in a lot of pain looking at 6-7 more cm to go, I decided to get the epidural.

It was wonderful to not feel the pain, but have all other sensations like contractions. Along with the epidural the doctor ordered pitocin to keep labor progressing and with a couple hours I was 9 cm. Another 4 hours later I was finally able to start pushing and 3 hours later, still no baby!

My doctor had tried turning her head a couple of times, but I wasn't sure what for and he even tried the vacuum to help her out, but nothing worked. He suggested that before my baby became distressed that we move to a c section.

I was so upset and I believed it was my fault because I could not push her out and if only I hadn't gotten the epidural and pitocin then she would have had time to turn herself and if only I had followed my birth plan and not been week....on and on.

After the surgery and talking with my doctor, he explained that the baby was in a transverse position and her shoulders wouldn't follow her head down the birth canal, plus she was sunny side up meaning she was face up which prevents the body from naturally turning.

In the end it wasn't my fault and even if I hadn't had the epidural I still would have needed a c section eventually.

My point is that even with the most text book pregnancy and best intentions, complications arise, you need let go of perfect and follow the lead of the baby. In the end it doesn't matter how they get here, it's important that they are healthy and safe!

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