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Cesarean Mothers: Remember that the most important thing about giving birth is...

by Soph
(Montreal Canada)

The most important thing about giving birth is that Mum and baby stay in good health.

That is what I kept telling myself after the doctors told me I had to have a c-section. We got to the hospital around 5AM after 12 hours of contractions. I was sure I was quite dialated and that I would be delivering naturally soon. I had prepared for a drug free birth during my normal pregnancy.

My son was in position (had been for weeks) and I knew from previous exams that I had started to dialate and efface. Anyways, the nurse checked me upon arrival and I was only 21/2cm... UGH! My contractions were 4-5 minutes apart and they hurt like a ... well you know! I was told that after 30 minutes on a monitor, I could probably go back home.

But soon after hooking me up, they said that I needed an emergency c-section because the baby's heart-rate was getting too low during contractions and he was having trouble recuperating. Even though I was so disappointed, I knew that I had to do it for him. His heart couldn't take more waiting for me to get to 10 cm.

So I was wheeled off and at 6h43AM I had a beautiful healthy baby boy! His heart rate had been decelerating because he had the umbilical cord around his neck.

What do I remember... feeling VERY nauseous throughout. I was ill after but they gave me some kind of medicine and I was fine an hour after. I remember being very very very itchy for a full day and Benadryl didn't help.

I remember being so wired that I didn't sleep until the following night... I was teetering on the edge of madness by then! I had no trouble breastfeeding - I was so determined for it to work and this time my body cooperated - my milk came in after 36 hours.

My recovery was long... I had pain in my abdomen for at least 6 weeks. My incision was fine, it was inside that it hurt. I had to sleep on an incline so I wouldn't have to pull myself up with my abs. It's been 10 weeks now and I still get twinges. My belly is still numb and it doesn't feel good to be touched there. I don't mind my scar. It is small. Also, for 5 days post-op I was so bloated that my feet looked like I weighed 300 pounds! But at night I would wake up drenched as if the water was draining from my body. One morning I had lost 10 pounds over night!!!

What I worry about now is the next baby... should I have a elective c-section or try natural. I am afraid of not being able to do it now... I am dreading that it will hurt and be long... But I am dreading a hard recovery with a toddler to take care of. Well I have many months to ponder the whole thing!

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Nov 01, 2010
Not so bad
by: Monique

I had to have a C for my first - she was not in position and over two weeks over due. When I was pregnant with my second, I was asked if I wanted to go natually. I wasn't sure. I had the same conserns as you. My first slept in 10 minute intervals until she was about 6 months old; my emotions by then were a mess and I cried most of the day, every day. How would I take care of my first if I felt like that again?

I was told that my local hospital didn't do VBACs and I would have to drive 45 minutes to one that did. My son was due December 24 and with a snow storm the 45 minute drive could be hours. I decided to go for a second C. It was much easier. I knew what to expect and I found having to be in good spirits for my older child helped as well.

No matter what you choose, the baby is the reward. As my husband told me, when I was sad that I wasn't going to have a 'natural' birth, 'There are no medals, just babies.'

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