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An Unexpected C-Section

by Vicki

Having a C-section was unexpected so I didn't really know what was going to happen. After the C-section there were many surprises.

Surprise Number One

When the drugs started to wear off, I shook so badly I thought I might throw my baby by accident! I was pleased that I still got to nurse within the first hour - the only part of the whole experience that went according to plan!

Surprise Number Two

How quickly they got me back on my feet. The baby was delivered at 6:09pm and around 11pm they took me to the bathroom for the first time, leading to surprise number three....

Surprise Number Three

....having to have someone help me in the bathroom. I've not had someone wipe me since I was a wee babe myself, so I felt a bit awkward and kept apologizing, which made the nurses smile.

Surprise Number Four

For whatever reason, I though that since I had not had a vaginal birth, there would not be much blood, but I bled a lot for several days and kept bleeding for over 6 weeks.

Surprise Number Five

Catheters are actually wonderful when it hurts to move. I really appreciated not needing the bathroom for the first day, other than to clean up the bleeding as getting out of bed was slow, painful work.

Surprise Number Six

How quickly the incision closes up. It looked almost healed before I left the hospital.

Surprise Number Seven

The painful gas and how long it took before my digestive tract "came back online". I was tempted to take a laxative, but was too scared in case there was a violent reaction, given that I had been recently cut open...

Surprise Number Eight

Not being able to pick up my baby. Luckily my hubby did all the diaper changes in the hospital and was there to give the baby to me. After returning home, I was surprised how sore I would get while nursing - the baby would kick against the incision when I burped him.

Surprise Number Nine

My biggest surprise was how quickly you forget everything once the discomfort goes away....!

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Dec 01, 2008
by: Heather ;-)


Thanks for sharing - many things were surprises even for me!

I'm sure this will be helpful for other moms as well.

Heather ;-)

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