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How to Transform
Tom Arma Halloween Costumes
into Nursery Art

There's a reason Tom Arma Halloween costumes are called heirlooms. They are a step WAAAY above the average Halloween infant costume.

They're tiny works of art with your baby as the model, ready to be photographed and displayed in your nursery (or at Grandma's house) all year round.

hummingbird tom arma (© Tom Arma, used with permission.)
This hummingbird design was released in July 2011,
and sadly won't be available for Halloween.
Still, looking at it you can see why parents
love Tom Arma Halloween costumes so much...
and why they sell out every year.

In 1972, Tom Arma started dressing up infants in costumes and capturing the results in iconic photos.

In fact, it's a (lucrative) hobby he still practices. Recent posts in his blog share his inspiration for a new series called Baby Birds. (The hummingbird is one of those.)

Tom Arma Halloween costumes are about blending your adorable baby and her favorite animal together into a masterpiece even I can photograph successfully.

Take your ho-hum idea for a baby Halloween costume and transform it into frameable memory you can display all year long.

Great Art is Not Mass Produced

    Like all great masterpieces, Tom Arma Halloween Costumes are not widely available.

    You won't be able to head down to Target or Walmart and pick one up. The Armas (Tom and his wife Julie) only allow one store to officially sell their costumes.

    I've found a handful of other stores that will sell them, but they are overpriced ($70-$90) and they only have one or two designs.

    You also better buy early. They create a specific number of costumes every year, and then THAT'S IT. No more until next year. If they're sold out, you're out of luck.

    These costumes have underleg snaps for quick (and easy) diaper changes and don't create problems with car seat straps. (An issue often overlooked, but very important.)

    Besides these costumes, below (and others at the link above), Tom Arma also makes stunning baby Christmas costumes. See how these costumes can transform the usual ho-hum family Holiday card (tossed the day after arriving) into a must-keep piece of art.

headline tree

10 of the Most Loved

Here are 10 Tom Arma Halloween costumes that will cause complete strangers to gush all over your little pride and joy and leave you with timeless photographs you'll treasure for decades to come.

tom arma halloween costumes ladybug

~ Lovely Ladybug ~
Includes the headpiece, bodysuit with back snaps,
little booties and trademark ladybug shell.

tom arma halloween costumes skunk

~ Little Stinker ~
Includes the headpiece (with awesome white mohawk),
bodysuit with back snaps, and little booties.

tom arma halloween costumes monkey

~ Monkey Business ~
Includes the headpiece (with Velcro closure),
bodysuit with back snaps, cloth booties,
and the adorable little monkey toy.

tom arma halloween costumes rabbit

~ White Rabbit ~
Includes the headpiece (with Velcro closure),
bodysuit with back snaps, and booties.

Theme Idea!
Are there older siblings?
Have one go as Alice, and the other as Mad Hatter.
See more family theme ideas.

tom arma halloween costumes lion

~ King of the Crib ~
Includes the headpiece (with that amazing mane),
bodysuit with back snaps, and little booties.

tom arma halloween costumes butterfly

~ Monarch Butterfly ~
Includes the headpiece, bodysuit with an
impressive wingspan, and cloth booties.

tom arma halloween costumes zebra

~ Zebra Safari ~
Includes the headpiece,
bodysuit with back snaps, and little "hooves".

tom arma halloween costumes frog

~ Frog Fun ~
Includes the headpiece (with giant eyes),
bodysuit with back snaps, and webbed toesies.

tom arma halloween costumes elephant

~ Elephan-tastic ~
Includes the headpiece (with gray trunk),
bodysuit with back snaps, and padded booties.

tom arma halloween costumes brown bear

~ Brown Bear ~
Includes the headpiece (which closes with Velcro),
bodysuit with back snaps, and padded booties.

headline tree

That's not all, folks!

As I mentioned below, this is just a small sample of the Tom Arma Halloween Costumes designed to perfect your Halloween pictures.

I didn't have room to show the Rhinocerous (a personal favorite), the Koala, the Dinosaur, the Polar Bear, the Elephant, the Black Cat, the Flamingo, the Gorilla...and others I'm too lazy to type out.

And yes, the 10% off coupon code 10TA2011 applies to them as well, as long as you order before October 31st, 2011!

See them all.

But look quickly!

They quickly sell out, and once they's another 9 months before they're reintroduced!

Happy Halloweening!

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