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Why a Good Teething Pacifier Makes
All The Difference

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Using a regular 'ole binky as a teething pacifier is asking for trouble. In no time all, your budding piranha will devour that flimsy plastic and choking hazards will sprout everywhere. You need a real teething pacifier...or at least some decent teething toys.

I realize that every corner grocery shop has teethers available, so I'm not going to waste your time discussing the standard run-of-the-mill teethers you can get at Wal-Mart.

Instead, I'm focusing on those super-helpful teething toys (including the teething pacifier) that can make all the difference between a day spent with a fussing baby and a day spent with a happy baby.

Here are the top gnaw-worthy teething toys to soothe and comfort your suffering infant. All the teething toys listed below are BPA-free. If you're a purist, don't miss the "Natural and Organic Teethers" below!

To make things as useful (and simple) as possible, I've hyperlinked all the photos below. Find something interesting? Click on the photo to be directed to all the specs and pricing for that teether. I don't sell them on the site, I just show you were to find them!

Side Note: Using good teething toys is just one thing you can do to provide relief. Here are some other things you can do to make your teething baby feel better.

Amazing Teething Pacifiers

Using a teething pacifier is a great way for your baby to reach those far-back molars that are so hard to reach with regular teething toys. (Not sure if your baby is teething molars? Check out this teething schedule.)

Here are three of the most popular teething pacifiers available online right now for you to choose from.


Teething Pacifier: RaZ-Berry Silicone Teether

This teething pacifier looks almost exactly like a regular pacifier with a few teething modifications. First, it's made of silicone, so your baby can't shred it to pieces. Second, the bumpy texture makes it distinctly different and interesting to young babies (who do most of their exploring via the mouth). Third, it's a hands-free teething solution to busy babies who would rather suffer than stop and give one toy attention.

This particular version comes in blue, red, and clear designs. See the RaZ-Berry Silicone Teether here.


Teething Pacifier: 3-Stage Training Teethers

teething pacifier 2
These teethers look pretty bizarre, but there is a method behind the madness. Each teething pacifier is designed to provide teething relief, while teaching and developing your baby's chewing abilities.

The First Stage Teething Pacifier (the green disk with the two holes) is designed for babies just starting to teeth (around the 4-month mark). It stimulates the lips and tongue, helping the baby learn how to transition from sucking to chewing.

The Second Stage Teething Pacifier (the orange donut with three yellow handles) stimulates front tooth development and prepares your infant for soft foods of various firmness. It's designed for babies around the 6 month mark, when they are beginning solids.

The Third Stage Teething Pacifier (I won't even try to describe this one.) is for an 8-month baby to enhance molar development and get used to holding a cup.

Don't get too swept away with the 4-month, 6-month, and 8-month labels. My Isabella is 15 months old now and only has four teeth. This is not necessarily "normal", but it's not abnormal either (which means I'm not concerned). Some babies' teeth just take more time in the cooker.

Even though she's 15 months old, I would use the 3rd stage teether on her, because molars are still a way to go. I'd use the 6 month teether, since she'll be getting those side incisors next.

teething pacifier 3

Teething Pacifier: The Teethifier

Another odd teething toy to throw into the collection, The Teethifier is especially designed for older babies who are suffering from their back molars coming in. It's easy for baby to hold, and the shield prevents your baby from trying to reach too far back into his mouth.

Parent-invented, the Teethifier is also an effective transition pacifier when you begin wean your baby away from his binky's (recommended around age 2). See more information on the Teethifier.

A Teething Necklace:
Fashionable and Practical

One of the hottest "mom-trends" these days is the oh-so practical teething necklace. A well-designed teething necklace can be hidden in plain sight, allowing your baby to grab (finally!) a piece a jewelry it's safe to chew on. Celebrities like Tori Spelling, Angela Basset, and even dad Chris Noth can be seen sporting these necklaces around town.

The last necklace listed below is an amber teething necklace. Amber has been used for centuries to provide natural comfort to teething babies in Europe. However, it is not for chewing. The idea is this: when the amber is worn on the skin, the warmth of the skin releases trace amounts of healing oils onto the skin (remember, amber is fossilized tree sap). These oils help keep your baby calm and relaxed during teething. Some parents swear by these necklaces.

If you decide to give an amber teething necklace a try, here are some shopping/using guidelines to follow:

  • Choose one that is handcrafted, with a knot securing each bead in front and behind.
  • Choose a necklace made out of Baltic amber. It is the highest quality.
  • Never, EVER, leave your baby unattended while she is wearing the necklace. Naturally, anything around your baby's neck is dangerous, so be super-vigilant when it's on.
  • Always take the necklace off during sleep times.
  • Do not allow your baby to tug or play with the necklace. Keep it tucked in against his skin, under his clothes.
Click on any of the photos below for additional information or different colors.

teething necklace 1 teething necklace 2 teething necklace 3 teething bracelet amber teething necklace
Amethyst Heart
Pink Bangle

Organic and Natural

Besides the oh-so-helpful teething pacifier, and attractive jewelry, you'll be pleased to hear that the organic and natural selection of teethers has expanded tremendously in the past few years. All the toys below are either made from natural rubber and non-toxic paint, natural wood, organic cottons, natural corn fillers, and come with 100% recycled packaging.

Side Note: If soothing your baby naturally is important to you, this article provides all natural teething remedies other mothers have used successfully.

Besides the amber teething necklace mentioned above, here is a sampling of the best-sellers.

natural teething toy 1 natural teething toy 2 natural teething toy 3 natural teething toy 4
Sophie the Giraffe
Made in France
Most Popular
Chan Pie Gnon
Made in France
All Natural
Wooden Teething Ring
Organic Teething Blanket

The Soothing Power of
Teething Rings

One of the most common teething relief recommendations is to put water or air-filled teething rings into the fridge and let your baby gnaw on them. The cold will numb the gums, while the biting pressure provides additional pain relief.

The Zolo rings (pictured last below) are an exception to this.. These rings don't contain water or air, but can be linked together and hung from car seats and stroller seats. I consider them one of my most valuable teething accessories and strongly recommend getting a set.

Teething Ring 1 teething ring 2 teething ring 3 teething ring 4
IcyBite Teether
By Nuby
Chan Pie Gnon Soother
Made in France
Hand & Foot Teethers
Zolo Linko
Teething Rings

The 'Ole Favorite: Teething Keys

What was Elena's favorite toy in her 3-9 month phase (besides her teething pacifier)? My car keys. What is it about those dirty, clanky, heavy things that are so appealing to infants? How many times did I yell "ICKY!" and dive to rip them away from that slobbery cave? A decent pair of teething keys is an all-around winner. Baby gets to enjoy the rattle, mommy gets to put away the hand sanitizer.

I realize that teething keys are a dime a dozen these days, but having replaced more than my fair share of broken cheapo-deapo keys, these are worth the purchase. If your going to shell out your dinero on teething keys, why not spend the same on a set that will actually last long enough for the next baby? Or at least win back your money at your next garage sale?

teething keys teething keys 2 teething keys 3
Count & Chew Keys
by Leap Frog
Teething Keys
by Nuby
Chan Pie Gnon
Rattle Keys

Distracting Motion Teethers

I'm not sure who invented the "motion" teether, but whoever it is, they deserve a big hug and kiss from every teething mother out there. Not only does this teething pacifier vibrate for soothing motion, the fact that it moves will intrigue your baby enough to calm her down almost instantly.

The "Massaging Action Teether" (pictured last) is a favorite at the Boston's Children's Hospital...and those people know about babies.

teething toy teething toy 3
Vibrating Fruit
Massaging Action

No-Category Teethers

These teethers are so unique, so bizarre that I couldn't think of a category they would fit in, besides the "No-Category" category. As strange as they are, parents rave about their effectiveness. The "Twisty Teether" (pictured last) even won a Parent's Choice Gold Award!

teething toy 4 teething pacifier 6 teething toy 6
Teething Toy
Smooth and Smile
Teething Bib
Beginning Bites
Twisty Figure 8
Teether Toy

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Having an armed arsenal of teething toys at the very beginning will set you up for better days when the teething actually happens. Having to go out and buy second-rate, minimally effective, teething toys at the last minute is always stressful.

Plan ahead and choose a teething pacifier or other teething tool before the teething sets in. That way, when your baby is screaming for relief, you have something ready to hand him.

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