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Recalled Swings and
Baby Walkers to Watch

Purchasing a baby swing or walker is a rite-of-passage for new parents. Unfortunately, those big purchases can turn into big mistakes.

Make sure these recalled swings and walkers aren't hiding in plain sight.

Where did you get your infant swing and walker? Although some parents buy new, many receive them as hand-me-downs from friends or family.

Even more parents purchase them second-hand at garage sales, flea markets or even Ebay. New and old swings can be found on the list below. If your swing has been recalled in the last 8 years, chances are it's listed here.

All the Recall Reports are FREE...

It takes a quite a bit of time for me to put all these reports together. That's time away from my precious family.

Would you consider giving a donation in return for the reports you will be using?

You receive the blessing of getting solid information and photos of any items that could be dangerous in your home. I receive the blessing of being able to help support my family through this site.

The amount is irrelevant to me. I just appreciate your willingness to help out. Thank you!


Baby Swing Recall

Baby Swing Recall

  • Infant Hammocks
  • Amby Baby Motion Beds two fatalities
  • Rainforest Infant Swing by Fisher-Price
  • Toddler Outdoor Swings by Step 2
  • Travel Lite Portable Swing by Graco
  • Baby Trend Swings at Toys R Us
  • Smart Response Swings by Fisher-Price
  • 2-in-1 Snug'n Secure Outdoor Swings by Little Tykes
  • Lift and Lock Outdoor Swings by Fisher-Price
  • See the complete list of recalled swings by requesting your free Swing Recall Report.

Baby Walker Recall

Toy walkers contribute to over 3000 infant injuries (and several deaths) every year.

In almost all of these cases, the injury or death was caused by an infant accidentally pushing himself down a flight of stairs.

In 1997 the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) revised its product standards for baby walkers, requiring that walkers be wider than a standard doorframe and have special features that stop it at the top step.

Baby walker-related injuries to babies under 15 months have declined over 60% since then. In 1995 the injury rate was 20,100 and in 2000 it was only 7,400.

However, sadly not all manufacturers have complied to these new standards. Below is the list of those who did not meet those standards and were recalled.

  • Walkers made by Sun Tech Enterprises
  • Baby Walkers from Le Hing
  • Walkers by My Way
  • Tank, Monkey and Car Themed Walkers by Bike Pro
  • Dog Themed Walker by Ace Han
  • Walker by SunTome
  • Classic Walker Wagon by Radio Flyer
  • Walker by Big Save International
  • Walkers by PlayKids USA
  • See the complete list of recalled swings by requesting your free Walker Recall Report.

What's So Great About the Swings and Walkers Recall Reports?

  • Detailed descriptions and photographs of all swing and activity center recalls.
  • The specific reason for the recall and reported injuries and incidents.
  • Helpful instructions on what to do with the recalled item.
  • Swings and walkers that were recalled years ago - to help with garage sale purchases and ID-ing those hand-me-downs.
  • Manufacturer phone numbers for questions or complaints.
  • They're FREE!

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Next to the crib, infant swings, walkers, and other activity centers are the most used pieces in the home.

Use the list above and the free recall reports to help you identify those recalled swings and walkers.

The photo on the Merry Mother ebook cover was taken by Nico Maessen.

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