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Organic Baby Stuff for the Green Mama

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The decision to choose organic baby stuff for your infant must go beyond following a simple fad. Why? Because, honestly, it tends to cost more. So why are millions of mothers choosing to go green for their babies? (Hint: it goes beyond global warming...)

  • Cotton is one of the most intensively-treated crops in the world. According to the Sustainable Cotton Project in California, about a third of a pound of chemicals (pesticides, fertilizer, processing chemicals, and dyes) are used to make ONE cotton t-shirt.

  • These chemicals adhere to the cotton fibers and then rub against your infant's skin. Because organic cotton doesn't have those chemicals, it has been known to help infants with skin issues, particularly eczema.

  • Organic cotton is grown, harvested, and treated using all-natural products that are safe for the children wearing them, people making them, and families living around them.

  • Standard crib bedding is made with a 50/50 blend of non-organic cotton and polyester (a petrochemical blend). Organic cotton breathes better than the 50/50 blends and is reported to be softer to sleep in.
  • Choosing organic baby products such as crib mattresses, combined with non-toxic paint and furniture can also minimize the amount of toxins inhaled during sleep time and improve the overall air quality of your baby's home and nursery. Using certified organic baby clothing, food and skin care products can also reduce the amount of toxins your baby is exposed to while their immune system is still developing.

Many mothers feel the extra price for organic baby stuff is worth avoiding the cancer-causing chemicals used in traditional cotton clothing.

SIDE NOTE: Don't forget your baby bottles! Read this article about switching to glass bottles.

Organic Baby Stuff: Clothing

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GiggleOutfitter has a large array of organic baby stuff, including 100% organic cotton clothing. Organic baby doesn't always have to be white! Designer Kate Quinn uses natural dyes to create soft colors and unique patterns.

The "Sherpa Baby Bunting" by Kate Quinn (shown here) is a personal favorite. The fur lining and fold-over gloves and booties can withstand even a Wisconsin winter!


Coupon Codes for GiggleOutfitter

There are currently no promotions being run. Subscribe to Baby Bargains and be notified when they arrive.

Other Wonderful Organic Clothing Stores

This page would be a mile long if I included descriptions about each of these stores, so here's a simple list of those stores with the cutest organic clothing for babies. Don't forget! If there are no coupons listed right now, subscribe to Baby Bargains and get them emailed to you directly.
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Rosey Bear Boutique
  • Rosey Bear Boutique ~ Beautiful dresses for girls, handsome sweater-suits for boys, not to mention the hat pictured here!
      Rosey Bear Boutique is not currently running any promotions for organic baby stuff.
  • The Land of Nod ~ Has a wide array of organic baby stuff like kimono wraps, hats, and onesies made out of soybean fibers.
      The Land of Nod is not currently running any promotions.
  • Baby Earth ~ Wonderfully soft buntings, jumpsuits and sleepers in beautifully patterned fabrics
      Free shipping on all orders over $99 - stock up on all your organic purchases!
  • IsaBooties ~ This company goes above and beyond in creating environmentally-friendly booties for your baby's "funky little feet".
      The Land of Nod is not currently running any promotions.

    Organic Baby Stuff: Lotions and Creams

    Baby Earth

    As implied by the name, Baby Earth is devoted to providing eco-friendly products to eco-friendly parents. They feature three of the most popular brands of organic baby lotions and nipple creams. Angel Baby Bottom Balm (by "Earth Mama Angel Baby" and shown here), is vegan and is the only balm made with organic olive oil infused with organic herbs, shea butter, and naturally antibacterial and antifungal essential oils.

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    Earth Mama Angel Baby
    Baby Earth also carries the popular "California Baby" brand that our own Green Guru loves so much! Their shampoo and body wash is a particular favorite that has even been used (successfully) to fight baby eczema!

    The "Little Twig" brand was developed by pediatricians and real-life parents. The unscented blends of aloe vera, jojoba, and Vitamin E is ideal for babies with extra sensitive skin.


    Coupon Codes for Baby Earth

    Free shipping on all orders over $99. Subscribe to Baby Bargains to hear of other coupon codes.

    Other Organic Creams and Lotions

    With the go-green-craze seeping the nation, natural and organic baby lotions are popping up everywhere. Protect yourself from over paying for a "Johnson and Johnson" re-package by choosing brands with a long history of good products. (Again, if a coupon isn't listed for your brand, subscribe to Baby Bargains and be notified when they arrive.)

    • Nature's Baby Organics ~ Trusted by moms like Nicole Ritchie, and featured in top-mom magazines, this company has a long history of chemical-free products you can trust. You can purchase Nature's Baby online at GiggleOutfitter.
        GiggleOutfitter is not currently running any lotion promotions.
    • Dirty Baby 100% Organic ~ Dirty Baby products are certified vegan and dermatologist tested. They even have a baby sunblock with UVA/UVB 30, something many organic manufacturers don't offer. You can find the organic baby sunblock (and other products) at GiggleOutfitter.
        GiggleOutfitter is not currently running any lotion promotions.
    • Erbaorganics ~ Besides being one of the world's leading organic-lotion producers, Erbaorganics donates a portion of every purchase to the Worldwide Orphans Foundation. So do something great for two babies! You can purchase Erbaorganics at The Land of Nod.
        The Land of Nod is not currently running any lotion promotions.

    Organic Baby Stuff: Natural Toys

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    Magic Cabin

    You honestly can't get any more natural than the toys at Magic Cabin. All their toys featured are 100% kid-powered. No distracting lights or annoying sounds. Each toy is designed to encourage old-fashioned make-believe. (Something missing more and more from today's children!)

    Magic Cabin has been encouraging imaginative play in this way since 1989, when founder Sara McDonald started making natural-fiber Waldorf-style dolls.

    The "Rolling Sorter" shown here is a particular favorite for babies. Older babies enjoy matching shapes into holes, and younger infants love being able to grab and shake the toy to their heart's content.


    Coupon Codes for Magic Cabin

    The 2009 Winter Clearance Sale gives you up to 60% off select toys.

    Other Natural and Organic Toys

    From plush stuffed animals to traditional wooden toys and everything in-between, these toys will satisfy your infant's curiosity and your conscience at the same time. Again, let us notify you when updated coupon codes and sales are announced.

    baby organic toys
    Sassy Earth Brights

    Organic Baby Stuff: Mattresses and Bedding

    Dimples and Dandelions

    Always a favorite, Dimples and Dandelions again raises the bar when it comes to beautiful bedding. Their organic bedding line by Serena and Lily are beautifully simple and breathtaking in detail.

    The sheets, bumpers, and crib skirt are made of 100% organic Egyptian Cotton. The designs are earthy, but still sleekly trendy. The "Hazel" crib set (shown here) is particularly popular. It's design was inspired by antique Italian hand-printed paper.


    Coupon Codes for Dimples and Dandelions

    There are currently no sales or coupon codes being offered. Subscribe to Baby Bargains and be notified when they arrive.

    ~ Click here to see the bedding options at Dimples and Dandelions ~

    Other Organic Baby Bedding Online Stores

    Dimples and Dandelions is not the only online store with organic baby bedding. Check out these other stories carriole organic crib products. If you do not see a coupon for the store you're looking for, subscribe and let me notify you when there is!

    • GiggleOutfitters ~ Carries the prestigious HALO Active-Airflow Crib Mattress. This mattress is the only one of its kind that incorporates both an air-filter and a fan. Active-Airflow purifies the air, while the fan moves exhaled carbon dioxide away from your baby's face.
        There currently no promotions for GiggleOutfitters.
    • The Land of Nod ~ Carries Naturepedic No-Compromise Organic cotton crib mattresses and bedding. The mattress is covered by an environmentally-friendly PVC plastic that provides the ultimate non-toxic waterproof mattress cover to help you easily clean up any "organic" diaper leaks.
        There is free shipping for the Naturepedic mattress.
    • Baby Earth ~ Has a variety of crib sheets, receiving blankets and changing pad covers made by ABC Organic. Their velour organic sheets, free of dyes and bleach, are a popular choice and are reasonably priced.
        Free shipping on all orders over $99.

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    If you find it difficult to find organic baby stuff in your local stores, these online providers are your perfect online organic Concierge. This is just the tip of the organic baby stuff iceberg of what these stores have to offer!

    You can find a wide array of organic baby stuff like carriers, slings, formula, even eco-friendly strollers at these popular environmentally-friendly boutiques!

    Do You Sell Organic Baby Stuff?

    Do you sell creative and beautiful organic products you think my visitors may want to purchase?
    Visit this page to see the many options the EiR has for innovative and creative businesses like yours.

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