14 Newborn Costumes
That Actually Fit Newborns

When it comes to newborn costumes, Sturgeon's Law must be applied. What?!? You don't know this Universal Truth?

Let me whittle it down to 5 words.

90% of everything is crap.

newborn costumes 1 Finding newborn costumes that fit can be
a nightmare...unless you're reading this.

In other words, 90% of the so-called newborn Halloween costumes out there are crappity crap crap.

They usually won't fit.

They say that they'll fit, but you'll get it home and your whole in fant will slide nice and easy into ONE leg hole.

Your newborn is teeny tiny!

If your baby is less than 3 months old or is less than 15 pounds, your chances of scoring on a newborn costume this first year are few. I'm here to help the odds tilt in your favor.

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The Secret to an Absolute Perfect Fit Is...

...to make your own.

The good news is, your itty bitty baby won't take up much fabric, she won't complain about the stitching being "itchy", and she won't ask for extra rosettes on the hemline.

You can screw up and start over as many times as you need to, without wasting hundreds of dollars in fabric. You just need an easy plan, which is where I happen to come in.

Simplicity has an easy-to-follow sewing pattern that allows you to customize for several different newborn costumes. It allows you to create a dalmation, bumble bee, or pumpkin. See it here.

You can also use the same pattern for an Easter Bunny or a Santa Claus bunting costume.

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If You Purchase, Choose a Bunting

A large portion of the whole 90%-are-crap thing with newborn costumes is that they have legs.

Why would that be an issue? Because there's a huge difference between the legs of a 3-week-old and the legs of a 3-month-old.

Most advertised newborn costumes are really designed and sized for babies 3-4 months old, or over 18 lbs. This means, if you purchase a newborn costume that has legs sewn into it, it's going to be way too big.

By the time your newborn finally grows into it, it's Easter. Which is fine, I guess, if it's a bunny or a chick costume. But a pumpkin? in April?

What's a bunting costume?

    When I initially heard the words "baby bunting", a really old (somewhat disturbing) nursery rhyme came to mind. So let me clarify...

    A baby bunting Halloween costume is a very cute sleeper sack with a zipper for easy diaper changes. Since it doesn't have legs, it's guaranteed to fit a 3-week-old OR a 3-month-old.

    Your newborn's super-cute little toesies will be nice and toasty as you display him to oodles of high-pitched sighs and squeals.

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Adorable Examples of
Good Newborn Costumes

To show you a few examples of just how adorable baby bunting Halloween costumes can be, I've listed some of the most popular ones below.

If you want to see more, stop by
your favorite Halloween store (here's mine) and type "bunting" into their search box.

Each photo below is hyperlinked to provide more details.

Newborn Football Player ~ SCORE!

    newborn costumes football

    This design is multi-use! Not only can you use it for Halloween, but it'll be a hit at every football game between now and Super Bowl.

    This is one Amazon item that will have your husband sitting on the porch waiting for the UPS truck.

    Grab your measuring tape! The chest measures 24-26 inches wide, the waist is 24-26 inches, and it's 26 inches long. It includes the bunting and the football headpiece with plush chin guard.

The Fairest of Them All ~ Baby Snow White Costume

    newborn costumes snow white

    This is one of my favorite newborn costumes. (Probably because I have all girls...)

    It has velcro on the bottom for easy diaper changes and a red cape across the back. The red headpiece is not elastic, so it may take some finagling, but the effect is worth it!

Too Cute Little Shrimp Costume

newborn costumes shrimp

    This shrimp design is brand new this year, so I'm a little unsure about the sizing. To play it safe, choose this option if your baby is over 4 weeks old or over 10 lbs.

    It's extremely warm, so probably not a good idea for a Florida Halloween, but an excellent suggestion for a cool Minnesota autumn evening.

Sea Horse Newborn Costumes

newborn costumes sea horse

    This is also a brand-new design this year. Assume that it will run a little on the larger newborn side, 2 week olds will probably end up swimming in this. (Pardon the pun...)

    This newborn costume is toasty-warm for a cold Halloween night. So warm, that you could use it as a winter bunting all season long.

Rock A-Bye Baby

newborn costumes elvis

    Rock on, baby! This awesome bunting costume has fake arms and legs that make your newborn look like he's jammin'. The very reasonable price ($20) includes the bunting, the guitar and the fun mohawk headpiece.

    This is a must-have photo op for grandparent Elvis fans!

    Babies as young as just week old have been know to fit comfortably inside, as well as more alert newborns closer to 3-months.

Baby Shark Costume

newborn costumes shark

    Isn't this shark bunting adorable? Super soft cloth on the outside, fully lined with little pockets on the fins to keep chubby little fingers warm.

    This isn't the only shark bunting design out there. If you're not a fan of this particular style, you check out this other shark bunting.

Little Squirt Costume

newborn costumes ketchup

    This convincing costume is not plastic (although doesn't it look like it!?!) but a soft polyester.

    It's best for a larger sized newborn, around 13-15 lbs

    The perfect condiment to accompany a super-sized side of french fries!

Tickle me Pink

newborn costumes pink

    A few years ago Crayola launched an offical set of costumes based on their crayons. Tickle Me Pink is the latest in the crayon box.

    The Crayola newborn costumes include both the bunting and the headpiece. Go pink, or go blue.

    The have Crayola costumes for toddlers, kids and adults as well. Can't decide on a color? Go with the whole box!

Newborn Pea Pod Costume

newborn costumes pod

    The most common complaint with most newborn costumes is that they are too big. Well, in this case, it may be too small!

    If you need a newborn costume for a premature baby, this one may fit the bill perfectly. It's best for newborns less than 22 inches long.

    For those babies longer than 22 inches, you can try this other pea pod bunting costume instead.

Hot Chili Pepper Newborn Costumes

newborn costumes chili pepper

    Spice up his first Halloween by transforming him into one of Dad's favorite foods!

    This hot pepper bunting is best for newborns less than 33" long and 28" wide. It comes with the red chili and the green stem hat.

    The nose makeup is optional and not included, but it does add a cute little touch! Forget expensive Halloween makeup, a little red lipstick does the trick cheaply.

Newborn Whoopie Cushion

newborn costumes whoopie cushion

    There's not much I can add to this costume.

    It speaks for itself. A classic gag recreated just for those little "tooters".

Newborn Little Trees Car Freshner

newborn costumes trees air freshner

    Another of the best selling gag newborn costumes, the Little Trees Car Freshner is hilariously adorable (though not scented!).

    One family used it for Halloween for their newborn, and then turned around and used it again for the Christmas family photograph!

Hot Dog Newborn Costume

newborn costumes hot dog

    I think this costume is hilarious.

    Why do Americans (self included) think dressing our children up as food is funny?

    Spoiler: Because it IS.

Newborn Pumpkin Bunting

newborn costumes trees air freshner

    Finally, of course, is the timeless pumpkin. This particular pumpkin bunting will fit newborns less than 23 inches long.

    Keep him happy by getting a matching pumpkin pacifier.

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3 Reasons Why Newborn Costumes
are Worth the Investment

Many people skip the first set of holidays for their baby, thinking that since your newborn is clueless, it really doesn't matter if you skip or do traditions.

Don't do this! You're missing a once-in-a lifetime opportunity!

  1. It gives you a chance to show off your stunningly cute creation (aka daughter) in ways that would be just plain wierd during the rest of the year.
  2. Photos and videos of the holiday can be sent to long distance grandparents and friends, helping you keep them a vital part of your baby's life.
  3. Years from now, your grown-up baby will be thrilled to look through a scrapbook or watch a video for these long-lost memories. That's valuable relationship real estate for a struggling teen. (See?! We do love you! We dressed you up as a ketchup packet! Now give me the cell phone.)

So no matter if you make browse through these newborn costumes or sew up your own, make this Halloween memorable for the future.

You don't have to go all out and hire a coven of witches, brew up some spider stew, and turn your house haunted. Just dress up your cute little guy for fun!

In fact, for those who require the bare minimum of holiday fuss, check out my helpful Halloween tips for the pennywise. Better something tiny than nothing at all!

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