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12 Infant Swimsuits that are Beautiful
AND Budget-Friendly

Beautiful infant swimsuits don't have to cost a fortune. You can strike gold without mining the mountain.

To prove this, I've listed 12 gorgeously adorable bathing suits that will please the money monster in your home. Most of these suits are in the $10-15 range, but all are under $20.

And to help you save even more, I've divided them into stores and shared my coupon codes. How's that for service!

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The Children's Place

The Children's Place never ceases to please. They have some great infant swim suits this year. In regards to coupons, it's rare that I don't have a few to share.

  • Take 15% off their New Spring Arrivals with code A9F2012. Expires January 31st

  • Free shipping for PLACE cardholders, plus 5% off every purchase! Expires February 29th

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Bargain Children's Clothing

When it comes to finding a good deal on brand name clothing, Bargain Children's Clothing is one of my secret weapons. They can get you discounts of up to 85% off retail value. Because their prices are already at outlet level, its rather rare that they would offer a coupon code.

  • Order more than $100.00 and get $10 off with code SAVE10.

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The Disney Store

A recent discovery (don't ask me why it took me this long...) The Disney Store is always running some kind of special sale or promotion. They don't have much in the way of infant swimsuits, but here are two that I found with matching cover-ups.

If you're baby fits in sizes 2T or larger, stop by their store for more options.

  • Twice a Year Sale! Get up to 60% off on hundreds of items. Limited time only!
  • Or you can pay a visit to their Special Offers Section to see "Tinks Treasure of the Week" (this week is Figurine Playsets only $10) and other great Disney deals.
  • Get free shipping when you spend more than $75 with SHIPTODAY.

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Price is Only Half the Battle

The price is important when you're watching your budget. That's a given. But even the cheapest infant swim suits are still a waste of money if they don't fit correctly.

See these sizing guidlines to help ensure that your infant swimsuit, no matter the price, doesn't end up on the goodwill pile before it's good and ready.

I've got a few other strategies to save money up my sleeve, if you're interested. They're simple, they're deviously smart, and your checkbook will be singing my praises.

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