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Top 10 Best Infant Sun Hats
(...and WHY They're the Best...)

Save up to 70% for moms, babies and kids
I must warn you. Most so-called infant sun hats out there are imposters. Wanna-be's. But you can reveal those hats that are the real deal with a simple three-question interrogation.

As I was flipping through the family calendar last week, I was shocked to see that the summer was quickly filling up.

Park play-dates, an office picnic, family reunion, several beach gatherings, and a camping adventure (wish me luck!)... Do you see the common denominator in all those?

They are all outside. And my infant Isabella will be dragged to every single one..

It was time to dive into the world of infant sun hats. So I started my quest for an adorable, yet functional, fuzz-head cover.

Wow. I didn't know what I was getting into. A search that should have taken 15-20 minutes used up an hour.

infant sun hat 9

My Lauren with her first
infant sun hat.

I was absolutely appalled at what constituted an infant sun hat. It was as if stores just take all their leftover head gear and renamed them "sun hats", in a last-ditch clearance effort.

Leftover Easter hats? Nope! They're sun hats...with crochet holes in them. (Whaaaa? How does that work?)

Now there's nothing wrong with a little decoration. I'm all about the cuteness. However, these were clearly not created to protect against the sun. These obvious fashion statements were being overpriced and sold as sun "solutions" when really a wet washcloth would have provided more protection.


It's Time To Fight Back

So I broke out the flood light and started some deep-interrogation on unsuspecting infant sun hats. Fool me on my first infant, shame on them. Fool me on the second baby, shame on me. Fool me on my third...well that's just sad.

There are three things you're looking for in a quality infant sun hat. Here's what they are:

  • A wide brim. The wider the better.
  • Made from a lightweight quick-drying fabric like cotton, nylon or spandex. An extra bonus are those infant sun hats that are UV resistant.
  • A chin strap to hold in place. Don't choose infant sun hats with a 1-piece chin strap. The strap can become a strangulation hazard for your active infant. Look instead for two piece straps that meet in the center with velcro.
That's it. Yes, it's a short list. And yet so many so-called infant sun hats fail the test. Look carefully. If you're the "let me at 'em" online browser-type", then go out into the wide web wonder and start your searching.

However, if you prefer the slash-and-grab approach to online shopping, I've listed what I consider the top 10 infant sun hats for infant girls and boys. All of these hats pass my three tests, so, technically they're all No. 1...but where's the fun in that?

The Top 10 Infant Sun Hats
for Girls and Boys

infant sun hat number 1
infant sun hat tuga bucket pink

Reversible Floral
Print Hat

This UPF+50 fabric bucket hat is reversible: beautiful floral print on one side, and a solid color with floral trim on the other. Comes in your choice of pink, blue, or purple. Has an adjustable split chin strap and is water-friendly.
infant sun hat red bucket

Reversible Leaf Toss
Print Infant Hat

The reversible bucket hat shown here has the "leaf toss" pattern on one side, and a solid color on the other. Choose from red, blue, or green colors.
infant sun hats number 2
infant sun hats step ahead pink

Pink Infant Sun Bonnet

Wonderful large brimmed sun hat with just the perfect floral touch, it's made of soft microfiber and is UPF 50+. Rated 5-stars and found only here.
infant Sun hats green

Turtle and Plaid Boys Hats

With two impressive designs to choose from, these quality UPF 50+ hats are chlorine and fade resistant with adjustable bands to fit every head. And you can only find them here.
infant sun hats number 3
infant sun hats gap

Denim Floppy
Infant Hat

This stunning floppy-brimmed sunhat is reversible, with a bold abstract purple floral print on the other side.
This extra-wide brim style also comes in metallic or pink floral prints.
infant sun hat hanna green

Washable Baby Face
Character Hat

Quick-drying cotton twill fabric, completely washable, and has a large brim to keep away UVA/UVB rays. Buy just the hat, or make it a set with matching bloomers, onesie, and quiltie jacket. Also comes in blue with a monkey and airplane applique.
infant sun hats number 4
infant sun hats paint

Out of the Sun

This adorable paint-patterned hat has a large brim and neck flap. Don't like flaps? Also comes as a wide-brimmed bucket hat. And, of course, has matching swimwear to tie it all together.

This royal blue flap-hat is well-stitched in a nylon/spandex blend that will dry in minutes. It also has a UPF of 50+. Don't miss the matching trunks, top, and sandals listed at the bottom!
infant sun hat number 5
infant sun hats pink

Cat Chasing a
Butterfly SunHat

Precious little kitty and butterfly sunhat is cotton twill with double straps and 95% protection. Part of a summer set of matching dresses, bloomers, onesies, and jacket. For heart-lovers, consider this applique hat set.
infant sun hats fish

Goin' Fish'n
Infant Sun Hat

A broad-rimmed navy blue hat with swimming fishies appliqued across the front, this is the perfect topper for an adorable rash-guard suit. Also check out the royal blue submarine version.
infant sun hats number 6
infant sun hat layla 1

Rikshaw Red BoHo Designer
Infant Hat

Made from Indian cotton voile, this beautiful sun hat is easily washed and has velcro chin-straps. It has matching ruffled bloomers and a kurta tunic. Set also comes in turqoise.
infant sun hat 2

Little Seahorses

Another Rickshaw design with pure Indian cotton, this hat has dancing seahorses prancing all over the extra-wide brim. Firm, break-away velcro chin straps are definitely a big bonus.
number 7
infant sun hat dora explorer

Dora Legionnaire
Infant Hat

Designed as a legionnaire hat, with fabric covering the sensitive skin on your infant's ears and neck, the fabric is UPF50+ for maximum UVA/UVB protection. Choose from Dora the Explorer, or two Spongebob desgins.
infant sun hat go diego go

Diego Legionnaire
Infant Sun Hat

Similiar to the girl's version, with the same great waterproof fabric and 50+ rating, only this time choose from blue or white and Deigo or SpongeBob as a character print.
number 8
infant sun hat white flower

Embroidered White
Floppy-Mopsy Hat

Customization is king with this classic design. Choose your embroidery in the shape of a flower or monkeys, or go gender neutral with a fish or turtle. Chlorine and fade resistant and found exclusively in this store.
infant sun hat shark

Embroidered White
Flap Desert Hat

Take the classic Lawrence of Arabia style and tweak it with an embroidered shark, monkey, skull, and others. Microfiber makes it super soft, machine washable, and UPF 50+. But you can only catch this shark in this store.
number 9
infant sun hat grubbies pink

Wide Brim Pink
Infant Sun Hat

A nylon-soft (waterproof) petal pink head covering with a 3-inch rim and adjustable chin strap. Also comes in a brown/pink floral pattern.
infant sun hat grubbies blue

Neck-Draped Infant
Sun Hat

Unlike other designs, this legion hat has elastic to keep the flap pressed close to the nape of the neck. Also comes in a sea print with sharks.
number ten
infant sun hat floral 3

Flutter By...
Infant Hat

This brightly colored ruffled hat is a cotton/spandex blend with chin straps. Don't miss the matching gorgeous bubble romper! This style also comes in many patterns and colors. See them all here.
infant sun hats red plaid

Red Plaid
Bucket Hat

Red, blue, and green are woven together masterfully in this handsome bucket hat. 100% cotton for quick drying, with a velcro chin strap to help it stay in place. For a softer blend, peek at the navy, lime, and yellow pattern.

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