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Long-Lasting Infant Leather Shoes:
Stunning and Sturdy

infant leather shoes
{"Varsity Stripes" by Isabooties}
I can't tell you how often I've purchased infant leather shoes at Target and Wal-mart, only to have them fall apart just a few weeks later.

I even made the mistake of trying to wash them (heaven forbid) once. What a nightmare that was! I ended up having to throw them away. $15 bucks down the drain.

Fortunately, since then I've stumbled upon quite a few stores selling designer infant shoes (at affordable prices) that are definitely worth a visit or two.

Why Soft-Soled Infant Leather Shoes? Soft-soled leather booties are perfect for your infant's growing toes. They are really easy to get on and provide plenty of room for his little feet to grow.

I LOVE the fact that you can buy a little big, and let your baby grow into them. The elastic around the ankle helps keep them on. Shoes that used to have to be replaced every other month can now last 4 or 5.


infant tennis shoes
{"Tredz" Monster Shoes}
The soft-soled infant leather shoes phenomenon started with Robeez. They have recently rolled out several new designs worth noting. The "Infant Penny Loafer" shoe is top on my list of favorites, with the "Tredz" infant tennis shoes right behind.

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infant ballet shoes
{"Cotton Candy" Ballet}
IsaBooties takes infant leather shoes to a whole new level. Instead of using regular leather, that can crack, they use Ultrasuede. (Yes, it's as superhero-ish as it sounds.)

In fact, it's a super-soft breathable fabric that keeps your baby's feet dry and comfortable all year long (even in the sweaty summers).

These designer baby shoes also use a very special material on the soles, called ToughTek, that grips the ground (even when wet) for new-walkers.

My favorite part: they're machine washable and dryable. Unlike regular baby leather shoes, they won't fade, shrink or crack. I love these designer baby shoes!

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IsaBooties is Only Soft-Soled Baby Shoe Company to Earn Listing in Co-Op America's Green Business Network of Socially and Environmental Responsible Companies

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Currently, IsaBooties is offering 50% off some of their clearance items!

Dimples and Dandelions

infant leather shoes
{Black and White Toile}
If you'd rather purchase infant tennis shoes, Dimples and Dandelions has a wonderful assortment of classy sneakers. Using ribbons instead of laces is an adorable idea.

They have some rough-and-tumble converse baby sneakers as well as dainty little sandals. These designer baby shoes are like non-other that I've found on the web. You just must check them out.


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The Land of Nod

infant mary jane socks
{High Top and Mary Jane Socks}
The Land of Nod is a delightful boutique that has almost everything. In this case, their leather booties have adorable little figures (monkey, bird, turtle and dog) made from a chenille-like fabric.

They also have these just-so-cute "Johnny's High Top Socks" and "Mary Jane's Socks" that give the appearance that your baby is wearing sneakers or dainty mary janes.


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infant leather shoes 8
{EIEIO Horse Booties}

Pink Taffy Designs

The designer baby shoes at Pinky Taffy Designs have unique retro-designs and super-soft fabrics. I'm amazed by their original creations like Mink Pink Baby Booties, Baby B Jeweled Crystal Keepsake Shoes, hand-painted animal tennis shoes.

They also carry an impressive array of socks designed to look like cowboy boots, tennis shoes, ballet slippers, and other adorable look-a-likes.


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Tuga Sunwear

infant water shoes
Okay, so I know that these aren't exactly infant leather shoes. However, they are still important to have in your baby's shoe collection. These infant water shoes dry quickly and have a protective sole that shield baby's foot from splinters and other hazards around the pool.


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So, here's the situation:

You can spend $13 for infant leather shoes at Target, only to have them crack and fall apart after a few can spend a little more (or a little less with the Isabooties sale), get free shipping (from Robeez), and have the shoes last several months.

Is it really such a hard choice?

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