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Fancy Infant Easter Dresses...
The 2011 Fantastics

infant easter dresses 2011

There's a whole world of infant Easter dresses
out there...beyond polyester and puffy sleeves.

Forget the plain-jane infant Easter dresses stocked hundreds-high at your local Target. Go original in 2011. I've scoured the web for amazingly-beautiful and jaw-dropping unique designs from boutiques you probably didn't even realize existed.

So why stop with the infant Easter dress? Why not include a stunning hat, adorable shoes, and fun hair accessories?

There's no reason why your baby's first Easter can't also double as an opportunity to update your photos and brag books. And, I promise, these beautiful dresses will highlight the "brag".

There are four boutiques that really go above and beyond cookie-cutter Easter dresses for infants. I've listed them below, along with a sample of what they have to offer. If I have any coupon codes or sales for those stores, I've included those as well.

Since these are unique dresses I've found at specialty boutiques, some of them are going to be a bit on the pricey side. (You've been warned.) Not ALL, just some.

If you're looking for more traditional (and budget-friendly) dresses, don't miss my companion article on Egg Hunting in Style.

Enjoy your window shopping!


infant easter dresses pink taffy

Pink Taffy Designs provides infant Easter dresses that flirt between trendy and traditional. I've found nothing like them on the web. It was agony just choosing eight dresses to display for you here. You can see the whole kit 'n kaboodle of Easter dresses for infants by clicking here.

Some of the more unique items available, that I didn't have room to show here, were the lace pettipants and bunny tutu with ears. Not to mention their endless collection of hats, headbands, clips, bows... see all the Easter accessories.

Enough chit-chat. Start drooling.

infant easter dresses ribbon
infant easter dresses lavender
infant easter dresses jean halter
infant easter dresses french

Ribbon Infant Easter Dress

This stylish-yet-simple frock is adorable, especially when perfectly paired with an eye-catching floral headband.

Lavender Princess Tutu Dress

This lavender halter dress will double as a skirt as she grows up. Peek at these sister styles: pink peony and violet hydrangea.

Polka Dot Halther Infant Easter Dress

A new design for 2011, I love the pink ruffles on this apron-style ensemble.

French Toile Infant Easter Dress

A pink and chocolate toile print dress is another great balance between traditional and trendy.
infant easter dresses cross onesie
infant easter dresses poodle
infant easter dresses blue
infant easter shoes

Cross Onesie with Tutu

Appropriate for the Easter season, this blinged-cross onesie has an attached silky soft chiffon tutu.

Paris Poodle Dress and Leggings

A darling black and pink poodle dress with flared leggings is perfect your little fashionista.

Gem Turquoise Infant Pettiskirt

For you moms shouting at the computer, NO MORE PINK! I hear you. Enjoy.

Jeweled Crystal Keepsake Shoes

Simple white sandals on the top with a surprising bit of bling underneath, these leather infant Easter shoes come in white or pink. See more sweet feet.

infant easter dresses tiny tot

The Tiny Tot Dress Shop has been a favorite of mine for several years. Having three girls, whose least-favorite discipline is being forced to wear pants, they keep me well supplied.

I'm happy to report, that I have a coupon code! Code save10 will give you 10% off your order.

Here a just a handful of the many infant Easter dresses they have to offer. Clicking on the picture or the description will bring you to that specific dress for more details. However, if you want to look around yourself...

  • You can see their entire collection of infant Easter dresses here. (sizes 3mo - 24mo)
  • Or, if you like to coordinate your baby girl to match an older sister, the toddler Easter collection. (sizes 2T - 4T)
  • The main page will let you look at dresses and styles for little girls up to size 10.

infant easter dresses green
infant easter dresses chocolate dots
infant easter dresses eyelet
infant easter dresses black and white

Spring Green Infant Easter Dress

Yes, it's stunning.
A tea-length green taffeta dress
detailed with hand-rolled flowers at the waistline.

Soft Pink and
Chocolate Dot Dress

Embroidered polka dots with a chocolate satin sash make this dress top of the line. Move it into legendary by adding a sighingly-soft bolera shrug for chilly spring nights.

White Eyelet Tiered
Infant Dress

This lovely eyelet cotton dress has soft pink corduroy ribbons on edge of each layer. It's perfect on its own, or with a matching sweater.

Classic Black
and White Easter Dress

A unique bodice covered with ribbon embroidered roses and a sequin waistband will get camera's clicking.
infant easter dresses flowered
infant easter dresses pinafore
infant easter dresses striped
infant easter dresses sailor

Victorian Nightgown-Style Infant Easter Dress

This vintage-styled dress is one of my favorites. I love this lime pattern, but check out the tangerine and rose designs as well.
HINT: This style is on sale!

Classic Pinafore
Infant Easter Dress

This is a soft wool blend pinafore detailed with red zigzag stitching. Perfect for colder climates, where "sleeveless for Easter" is wishful thinking.

Simple Striped
Baby Dress

Sophisticatedly simple, this gorgeous mint green frock looks sweet enough to eat.

Navy Sailor Infant
Easter Dress

One of the cutest sailor designs I've seen, it includes a matching headband and bloomers. Not sure about navy blue? Try pink gingham.

infant easter dresses dimples and dandelions

infant easter hats

Let your fairy wear the wispy
pink curly Marabou Headband.

Friends to this website know how much I love Dimples and Dandelions. It oozes femininity. And yet there's not a single traditional infant Easter dress in the boutique! They are all about frills, ribbons, bows, flowers...anything girly-girl.

On one hand, you'll be pleased with all the extra attention (and photos) your baby will get this Easter. On the other hand, you'll have to be prepared to pay for that attention, because their infant Easter dresses are not cheap! If you can't afford to pay full price, rifle through their sale items or get free shipping by spending more than $99.

It's easy to get lost in wonderland at Dimples and Dandelions. So here are some quicklinks to help you get
  • Hair is my nemisis. I hate doing it. Which is why I buy clips, headbands, and bows. (Slap a pretty bow on there and everyone compliments me on "doing" their hair. Absolutely underserved compliments. Nice.)
  • Get a Spring in your step with these dancing delicate petticoats and tutus.
  • Or perhaps you're looking for the ideal infant Easter hat?
  • ...And then we're done. From her little fuzzy head down to her teeny-tiny toes.

    Yes, I realize that not all the photos included here are infant easter dresses. I can't help it. There's so many things I want to show you... humor me.

    infant easter dresses treasure
    infant easter dresses sparkle
    infant easter dresses ballet
    infant easter dresses ahoy

    Little Treasure Infant
    Easter Dress

    This wispy fairy dress is the perfect Easter frock. Just take care that she doesn't float away.

    Poolside Princess Sequin Dress

    This enchanting little gown is frilly, shiny, and delicately elegant.

    Ivory Ballerina Infant Easter Dress

    Isn't this the most perfect ballerina dress you've ever seen? Her twirls will draw every eye.

    Sailing the French Rivera

    This deceptively simple pinafore is tissue cut, with a repeated rose pattern in blue across the bodice.
    infant easter dresses ostrich feathers
    infant easter dresses pink petticoat
    infant easter dresses 2011
    infant easter dresses princess newborn

    La Princesse Divine
    Infant Easter Dress

    Takes your breath away, doesn't it? So sweetly innocent, like an angel. Lace, ostrich feathers, sparkling crystals, strings of pearls, everything a princess needs.

    Pink Petticoat with Raspberry Ruffle

    Even the simplest onesie would look glamorous paired with this stunning petticoat.

    Feather Apron Tutu Infant Easter Dress

    Another big score for originality, this feathered couture design sweeps all others aside. It can be worn on the front or back.

    Sparkle Net Infant Easter Dress

    This dainty pink frock has delicate little rose accents on a gorgeous sparkle floral lace overlay.
    infant easter dresses satin
    infant easter dresses chiffon
    infant easter dresses flowered
    infant easter dresses halter

    La Femme Rose
    Easter Dress

    I love this simple sweet satin gown. Don't miss the sparkly detachable swarovski crystal broach on the waist!

    Feathered Chiffon
    Infant Easter Dress

    Layered in hues of ivory and dusty rose, this dainty feathed frock is lined in silk with pearl accents.

    Gorgeous Petal Bloomer and Bonnet Set's not an Easter dress. But can you blame me for sharing it? Your baby will look like she's in an Anne Geddess photo...

    Shall We Dance Halter Dress

    Girlishly romantic, this vintage-style tutu dress is a showstopper. The delicate hairbow is included.

    infant easter dresses rosey bear

    infant easter dresses pansy

    This stylish Easter dress is covered
    with delicate embroidered pink pansies
    availables in sizes as small as 2T.
    Beautiful, and only found here.

    The Rosey Bear Boutique is a small family owned online-only boutique, with a comfy-browsing feel to it. They offer more than just infant Easter dresses, though. Their baby boy Easter suits, rompers, and sets are enough to make me hope for a boy.

    This is a special occasion clothing boutique, only dressy clothes. No T-shirts and cut-offs. This means that they will have more selection than a normal "all clothing included" kind of store.

    Looking for an baby bonnet or infant Easter hat? They're the only store I've found that has an entire section of bonnets and hats to browse. Open back, closed back, prairie style, smocked, knitted, embroidered, crocheted...browse their entire bonnet and infant Easter hat collection.

    If you are a Northern sister, I feel your pain. Finding a warm dress for Easter is hard. I've stopped trying, in fact. Do yourself a favor and stop agonizing over it. Rosey Bear Boutique has many tasteful options to modify short-sleeved Easter dresses for infants.

    • A straight-cut knit cardigan will keep sleeveless arms warm, but not sweaty.
    • For infant Easter dresses with a higher empire waist, a crochet high-cut cardigan will allow everyone to see waistline details.
    • A gorgeous handmade double breasted pram coat sweater is warmer than a cardigan and comes in white, blue or pink colors.
    • For dresses with intricate designs on the bodice, choose something that's high-cut and slanted to naturally open, like this stylish sweater with lettuce edged cuffs.

    infant easter dresses heirloom
    infant easter dresses navy
    infant easter dresses princess petticoat
    bunny infant easter dresses

    Heirloom Infant Easter Dress

    An adorable frock and matching bonnet that has everything: lace, pink satin ribbons, pin tucking, embroidered flowers, pearls...perfect.

    Sailor Easter Dress with Cap

    A new stylish twist on the 'ole sailor favorite for Easter this year, don't miss the delicate leaf and anchor embroidery across the tummy. Simply original.

    Pink Princess Petticoat Dress

    This embroidered pink dress has an eyelet cotton seersucker layered on top, with satin ribbons and shimmering butterflies. Think pink Alice in Wonderland.

    Embroidered White Bunny Infant Dress

    It's hard to tell in this picture, but click here to see a close up of the gorgeous embroidered pink bunny on the front.
    infant easter dresses pink pouffy sleeves
    infant hair clips butterly
    infant easter dresses rose petal
    infant easter dresses lavender

    Beaded Floral Embroidered Dress

    My favorite thing about this dress is the pouffy sleeves - oh and that it includes a cute floppy hat (not pictured).

    Stitched Butterfly Hair Clips

    Intricate hand-stitched hair clips have a dot of bling on each wing. Each color is a different design, perfect for Spring!

    Organza Petal Infant
    Easter Dress

    I love this wispy little flower fairy dress. The organza layer on the top is embroidered with delicate daisies and sequins line the bodice.
    HINT: This design is 20% off!

    Lavender Heirloom Infant Dress

    Sometimes you can't improve on tradition. This classic Easter dress comes in blue, lavender or (you guess it!) pink. Comes with a matching bloomer, and optional rosette bonnet.

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    Baby Easter Dresses
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    The problem: find gorgeous
    infant Easter dresses that can
    handle a few grass-stains and
    muddy handprints.
    The solution.

    3 Original Easter Ideas
    You'll Find Nowhere Else

    Yes, put stuffed chicks and
    chocolate bunnies in her basket.
    And then add something
    that will last forever.

    Forget Dresses and Suits.
    The Costume Cometh

    Do the unexpected and choose a
    bunny, lamb or chick
    costume this Easter.
    Make your pics irresistible.

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