Splurge-Worthy Infant Christmas Dresses You Won't Find in Stores

Feeling a little bored with all the standard infant Christmas dresses out there? I hear you, sistah.

In this year's edition of The Best and Brightest of Christmas Dresses, I'll point you towards boutiques that specialize in WOW -factor.

infant christmas dresses hat You can elevate any boring-old
infant Christmas dress with a great hat!

These are not for the faint-of-cash. (But these are.)

If your wallet is feeling a bit thin this year, you don't have to choose Christmas dresses out of the free-bin.

You don't have to try to cover old gravy stains up with a sweater.

I've listed some pretty-garsh-darn cute dresses in this article that go as low as $10.

The boutiques I discuss here are expensive (but some may have coupon codes listed).

These infant Christmas dresses are handmade, with intricate detail-work and specialized fabrics.

If you pick one of these, you're choosing for style and beauty, not price.

You've been warned! It's not to late to go cheaper!

Let's open the curtains and peek inside...(Now's the time to grab a hankie in case you start drooling.)

christmas sign dimples

I absolutely love browsing around Dimples and Dandelions. Every feminine whim satisfied. Cuteness in cloth.

I could spend hours dreaming and drooling over the beautiful clothing and stylish nursery decor hidden within this little online gem.

Peek inside the Christmas Collection at Dimples and Dandelions.

As far as coupons go, I can give you nothing. However, a little birdie once told me that if you spend more than $99 you can get free shipping, which is a nice little perk!

Here's a brief sampling of what you'd see if you had clicked the link above (and why didn't you, hmmmmm?). Click any of the pictures below to see more specifics.

infant christmas dresses red chenille

Red Chiffon Dress

three trees

Triple Tree 2-Piece
Tutu Set

santa two piece

Santa Tab
Dress Set

holiday baby socks

Holiday Baby Socks

elf dress

Elf Chloe
Net Dress

holiday ruffles infant christmas dress

Ruffled Romper with
White Flower

infant christmas dresses satin roses

Satin Rose Dress

infant christmas dresses feathers

Starlit Bling
with Feathers

audrey hepburn infant christmas dress

Audrey Hepburn
Holiday Dress

christmas sign swanky

B. Swanky specializes in personalized infant Christmas dresses uniquely designed and hand-sewn with care for special occasions.

infant christmas dresses swanky Click on the photo to see all the
holiday designs at B. Swanky.
(Including this one.)

They're less formal than many of the infant Christmas dresses shown here, and could easily be worn multiple times during the winter season.

This means you can get a lot of use out of them (aka Christmas dinner @ Grandma's).

You can expect to pay a little more for the embroidery and other fine details on this dress. If money is tight, you can always purchase the dress without the embroidering.

Have a boy to match? They also offer matching personalized Christmas jumpers for boys.

As of this writing, they were promoting a HUGE Sitewide sale - everything 25% off. They will also ship your order for free if you spend more than $100.

Check to see which (if any) of the Holiday styles are on sale.

So How'd I Do?

Did you enjoy our little window shopping tour?

Did you find infant Christmas dresses that tickled your cuteness-bone?

Did you find something you could afford?

No? No worries friend, you're just on the wrong page.

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