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A Fresh Look at Genuardis Grocery Delivery

Genuardis is one way new moms (and old ones) are stealing time away from the "errands" column and depositing it into the mommy-baby playtime category.

Being able to order your groceries online and have them delivered to you (like you're some kind of A-lister) is pampering of the 9th degree. The BEST part about this kind of pampering, though, is that you won't have a spousal argument afterwards!

Nope! Used wisely, online grocery shopping can save your family money.

If your home-base of operations is located in the greater Philadelphia Metro area and Washington DC, Genuardis is an online grocery store that may be a godsend. Since I don't live in those areas, I've gathered the opinions of moms who do.

    Side Note: I actually live in the Chicagoland/Milwaukee region, making Peapod my online store. Peapod also delivers to regions of the Eastern coastline. You can see the delivery territory of Peapod and the other stores listed in this article.

The Genuardis family of stores are well known for excellent produce and a wide variety of foods and household idems (including basic infant products). Choose between fresh veggies, fruits, herbs, meats, dairy...anything you'd expect to find in their physical store. They also have an extensive natural and organic division.


What Impressed Moms

In general, moms were most impressed with the quality of the groceries they received. They appreciated being able to get the delivery straight into their kitchen (or where ever they asked the delivery man to take them). Many mothers were ecstatic that the online Genuardi's reflected the same specials and deals as the physical Genuardi's.

The factor most moms reported loving was the convenience factor. Not having to go out again (with or without the kids) and stand in line for who-knows-how-long was the highlight of the whole experience.

There were no reports of incomplete or incorrect orders. Last-minute, late-night orders are accepted, and then delivered the next morning. (The panicked "No milk!" ...Solved.)


Overcoming the Delivery Charge

Like most online grocery store purveyors, Genuardi's realizes that one of their largest hurdles in getting moms to buy their groceries and baby items online is the delivery charge. Genuardis addresses this problem in a variety of ways.
  • The farther out you order, the cheaper the delivery charge. If you are a meal planner (learn how to meal plan), this shouldn't be a problem.
  • Choosing to receive your groceries in "non-peak" delivery times also lowers your delivery charge.
  • Get their email updates for a steady flow of special codes and discounts for delivery (including the occasional freebies!)
  • For newbies wanting to give their service a try, they offer free delivery. Click here to see the coupon for free delivery on first-time-orders.


Hopes for the Future

In the future, moms are hoping for the ability to see their cart while they are shopping, so they can monitor with each item, where their bill stands. Also, unlike Peapod delivery, you must be present to receive your order. Hopefully this will change in the future.

One mom reported that during one of her weekly orders she received some over-ripe produce. A quick phone call and and even quicker response credited that off her bill.

Currently, they do not accept manufacturer or in-store coupons. They will accept online coupons that have a "promotional code" on them that you can enter during checkout. They will not give refunds if you forget to use your code! Click on the link at the bottom of the page to get your coupon code.


The Verdict on Genuardi's

Coupon Alert!


Safeway is currently offering on free Safeway Bakery 9" Pumpkin Pie or 9" Apple Pie with any order over $75 with code (for new AND existing customers!).

Just use code PUMPKINPIE or APPLEPIE to get your freebie! Hurry! Must be delivered before November 21st!

After looking through all the information and opinions, I think Genuardi's is worth an order or two. Their benefits and service far out-weight the challenges and delivery costs. (Add in your Free Delivery code in the link below, and you have really no excuse not to give them a try.)

If you live in the greater Philadelphia area or in (or around) Washington D.C., I highly recommend giving them a try. With the free delivery coupon below, you've really got nothing to lose.

On the other hand, if you don't mind shopping at 6 am, 7 pm, or Saturday morning (with the kids) than this offer is probably not for you.



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