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Free Baby Samples That Will
Make Your Heart Flutter

I recognize that the phrase "free baby samples" is not as breath-catching, as say...a free SUV. However. We moms have to take our thrills where we can. Babies ain't cheap, and in my book, every penny saved on baby stuff is a penny spent on a romantic get away with my hubby.

So don't mind me as I indulge in my sampling just a little. Besides, every now and then something truely AMAZING comes along (like my free nursing cover link below) that translates into boo-koh diner-o. A free $32 nursing cover isn't chump change!

Of course, if you hear of any free baby samples out there on the grapevine, tug on my ear and get my attention. Not only will I want it for myself, I'll post it here (and elsewhere) for my readers.

So...where to begin?

I guess we should start with the free baby samples at Wally-World. I'm not going to tell you what they are. First, because it's more fun that way - oh! the suspense! Second, because I simply don't know. The samples change daily. So click here and find out what's there.

A Plethora of Free Baby Samples to Choose From

Free Baby Samples
{Photo by Jenn_Jenn}
My favorite online card shop, Tiny Prints runs some GREAT freebie deals. If I have one, I'll share it here (below) and as a special offer on my baby coupons page.

Take a peek at today's Deal of the Day at TinyPrints.

Snapfish is another great freebie-giver. Snapfish often offers free digital prints or other gifts for first-time customers. You can get your first 50 prints for free (and then only $.09 per).

  • Free Baby Body Wash and Soft Skin Lotion from Baby Barn. It's all natural, organic, and vegan. Only available until they're gone...imagine that. Fill out this form to make a request.
  • Get two "Buttocks Ointments" (snicker, snicker) for free. Follow these directions.
  • Receive some free Tush Wipes for your infant in the mail.
  • The Green Dot Pacifier tells you if your baby has a fever. Stick the dot on any binky to use. You can request a free sample by emailing your request to
  • Here's my big, most-heart-thumping, most exciting freebie so far: Get a free nursing cover by using the coupon code onefree during checkout. You'll have to pay for shipping, but you're still saving $32. I purchased extras for gifts! (Note: Thanks to Anita for contacting me when the old code (babyfit) didn't work. If this coupon doesn't work, follow her lead and email me, and I'll find a new code to use.)
  • Also available as a free download is The Baby CD - a compilation of information for mothers.
  • Baby food connoisseur Beech Nut is giving away a free starter kit, next-steps kit, and toddler kit.
  • Finally, you can also get a whole slew of free baby samples from Seventh Generation, Stonyfield, and others if you host a Healthy Baby Home Party. Here are the hosting details.
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Free Baby Sling? Or Potential Disaster?

I've also had many mothers contact me with information to receive a baby sling, paying shipping and insurance (in case you get the wrong size and have to return it). I have really hemmed and hawwed about whether to share this freebie with you.

And here's why: It's one thing to get a free trendy piece of cloth to cover you while you're nursing. It's an entirely different thing to request a flimsy free piece of cloth to strap your baby to your side and carry him around. You see? It makes me nervous.

If I'm going to pay shipping and "insurance" anyway, I'd rather save that money and use it towards a sturdy, long lasting sling like the ones at La Stella Blu or a strong use-for-future-babies carrier (the ERGO Baby Carrier is amazing, btw).

That said, as 'ze mama, you can make the choice yourself. Go here and use the promo code Family2011.

About Those Coupon Sites Offering Free Baby Samples...

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If you've spent more than 2-seconds on the Internet searching for free stuff, there are a few websites that will keep showing up. What about those? depends. Some moms have found them helpful, others find them just annoying. I mention them here only because several moms have asked.

They are not scams, but tread carefully. At the end of the day, these (at least) are legit. However, expect to get contacted by their partners. Because of this, I recommend setting up a secondary email you can check once a week for good deals. That way you protect your primary email.

If you're still interested in seeing what they have to offer, here are the top three.

Baby To Bee

baby to bee 2

Cool Savings


2000 Freebies

This site has a lot of free things listed, but almost all of them have some strings attached. They can still be useful, you just have to be shrewd. If there is a "free trial", make sure you write down the cancellation number BEFORE you sign up for the offer, and then add it to your calendar. That way you can cancel before your card gets charged.

If you can stay organized, you can definitely get some great free baby samples and other items. If organization is not your strong-suit, DO NOT USE. You'll end up losing a lot more money than you'll save.

With that said, subscribe to the (free) 2000 Freebies newsletter.

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