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Fighting for Free Baby Formula

It. is. On. I'm on a quest to find free baby formula. I'm tired of shelling out umpteen-Washingtons. So here's my devious plan: First, take every last free sample of formula I can get my hands on.

Second, share my discoveries of where to find those free packets of powdered-gold with you. (Why? It's how I roll. smiley tiny)

Third, after that well of freesome-goodness dries up, I will take those formula checks and blow them all on a luscious french vanilla lattes at Caribou Coffee.

How's that for motivation?

There are three main types of formula savings available.
  • Free baby formula samples (sha-blam!)
  • Insant-use rebate checks for the grocery store (I've gotten checks for as much as $12)
  • Coupons (Not as good as free baby formula, but definitely useful)
Keep in mind a few things: Your baby's tummy is completely unique and will respond to formula differently than anyone else. You may be able to use generics...or you may have to use 100% organic, lactose-free, hypoallergenic formula to prevent constipation, spitting up, and other sleep-depriving ailments.

Best Free Formula 1
{Photo by Qole Pejorian}
Free baby formula is the way to go, since you don't want to spend $25 on formula your baby then rejects. Start small, then buy big to save money.

Fortunately, with all the different brands of formula out there, each company is going to fall-over backwards trying to make your baby a loyal user of their formula. That's why they give away free baby formula samples in the first place.

Most of the free baby formula samples below will range in size from an 8 oz. packet to 24 oz containers. Each company offers it's own sample size.

If your newborn keeps spitting up and you think he may be allergic to the formula, speak to your doctor about trying some hypoallergenic formula. Pediatricians are a great place to find free baby formula samples. And if your baby does need specialized formula, your insurance company may even cover it. (cha-ching!)

Added Note: I almost forgot to mention that although formula recalls are rare, sometimes it happens. (Yikes!). Fortunately, I will track the recalls for you.

Requesting Free Baby Formula Samples

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Baby's Only Organic Formula

free baby samples baby's only
You can receive a free single-serve sample of Baby's Only Organic Formula by calling 614-898-9758. Press "3" and follow the directions. The can says "Toddler" on the top, because the company believes children under one should be breastfed. However, it can be used for baby's younger than 12 months.

If your baby is older than 12 months (up to 13 years) you can get a free sample of PediaSmart by calling the number above and choosing option "2".

Purchase Hint: The best price for the Baby's Only Organic Formula, that I've found, anyway is this 6-can case. It's more expensive up front, but is cheaper per bottle ($1.00). Use that link and coupon code "save5" (no quotes) and you'll save an additional 5% on your order. (Which brings it to $.95 per bottle. Interesting, because it's less than the name-brand formulas below...)

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Parent's Choice Formula

Parent's Choice is the generic Walmart version of Enfamil Lipil formulas. They have three types of free single-serving samples available. The Premium Formula, Advantage Formula, and Gentle Formula. Yes, you can request all three if you want to. Here's where you go to do so.

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Member's Mark Formula

Here's a Math Analogy for you: Parent's Choice is to Wal-Mart as Member's Mark is to....right! Sam's Club. There are only two options available for Member's Mark free baby formula: Regular and Gentle. Here's the form for you to fill out. If you want them to mail you coupons and things, check the box at the bottom. Otherwise, leave it blank and get nothing but the free baby formula sample.

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Gerber Good Start

free baby formula good start
My babies tend to work best with Good Start formulas after weaning. If you haven't delivered your baby yet, you can print a coupon here to take to the hospital and receive a free backpack with a can of Good Start (yes, a whole CAN), and other goodies.

Even if you are planning on breastfeeding, I recommend bringing the coupon. Formula will last for a while on the shelf. Worst case scenario? Breastfeeding is going so well that you end up donating the formula to someone else.

I also highly recommend signing up for the Gerber Start Healthy Stay Healthy Program. They will send you coupons and rebate checks (I've gotten some for $12 of a can!) that are oh-so-budget-friendly.

Besides the free backpack offer above, you can get free samples of Good Start (according to their website) at your pediatrician's office.

Purchase Hint: The best price I've found for Good Start (regular) is to purchase the big cans in 6-pack cases. You can get the 6-pack for as low as $1.08 per 8-fl oz bottle. (a single 25.7 oz can is usually $1.13 per 8 fl oz. bottle) when you consider the $5 off sale and the free 1-2 day shipping.

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I guess free bags are all the rage these days, because Enfamil is also offering a certificate for a hospital bag with a free baby formula sample.

They also have a club, called Family Beginnings that I recommend registering for. Just for registering, they will send you two small cans (1 week supply) of formula and coupon-checks for up to $60 at the grocery store. Nice.

Purchase Hint: Purchasing a 6-can slot (with free shipping), you can get Enfamil for $1.10 for an 8 oz bottle here. (A single 25.7 oz can is usually around $1.15 for an 8-oz bottle. If you're feeding 5 bottles a day, that's 35 a week, 140 a month...which saves you $7.00 every month, or $84 a year.)

The final bonus for Enfamil is that they are the only participating formula in the Upromise college-savings plan. Upromise is completely free program that will donate a percentage of your purchase to a college fund for your baby.

Upromise - Turn your everyday spending into college savings.

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free baby formula sample similac
Their StrongMoms program will send you occasional free samples (depending on your baby's age) and checks to use at the grocery store. So if you're already home from the hospital, sign up and they'll send you some samples (I got some just last week).

Also, if it's been a while since you've had a baby, I must admit that I love their new design (pictured). It's easy to grab, and the scoop-thingy sits nicely inside the lid. (No more fishing around and getting clumps of formula on your fingers. Woo Hoo for innovation!)

Purchase Hint: Surprise, surprise, Walmart online has the best price for Similac, capping out at $1.17 per 8-oz bottle if you purchase the 6-can pack.

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