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Free Baby Diapers:
Your EZ Guide to Free Huggies, Pampers,
7th Generation, and a Little Luvs

free baby diapers
Okay...bad news first. (I'm such a pessimist.) Free baby diapers are not going to gently float down from heaven, covering you with their money-saving goodness.

They're more likely to arrive like Forrest Gump's feather: one lonely diaper at a time. Acquiring them requires a little more delicacy than my other freebies.

HOWEVER, there's one thing you can do that will "shake the goose" and speed things up.


For the price of an email and mailing address, diaper companies will throw you some goodies, hoping to spawn a product-addiction.

And ready for some more good news? (Who said I was a pessimist!) These companies are not going to sell your information to spammers and ruin their relationship with you. So give freely.

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But First...Thinking About Cloth Diapering Your Infant?

A word for my cloth eco-diapering sister warriors: If you are thinking about using cloth diapers on your baby...let me slip into the Diaper-Nazi. NO FREE BABY DIAPERS FOR YOU!

One of the benefits of disposables is that they are cheap to make. This means companies can give them away (if you ask!). Not so with reusables! You may save money on the long run, but you'll be shelling out a lot more up front.

However, (not a pessimist..not a pessimist...) you could try purchasing just one and go from there. Baby Because is the cloth-diapering guru website right now. BTW, if you end up buying something (and PLEASE feel no pressure to do so), use code SAVE5 during checkout to get 5% off. ~ Consider it an apology for having to rain on your free baby diaper parade.

Free Baby Diapers For Those Who Have
a Bad Case of the Huggies

free baby diapers huggies
Huggies has launched a new kind of diaper: The Jean Diaper. I find this particularly perfect for the "white-trash" moms out there (self included at times), who allow our baby to be only diaper-clad on occasion. Finally! We can be guilt-free! He's technically dressed in jeans. right? right?

  • Enjoy the Ride Rewards

    If you like Huggies products (including Pull-Ups) you should sign up for their rewards program. In each package of diapers you buy, there's a reward code that you can use on their website to give you points. The points then can be cashed in on the website for items (ahem, free baby diapers) and entries into neat contests. Occasionally they also offer special donations (Haiti, etc.).

    Plus, once you sign up they will send you free diaper samples of sizes your baby will be growing into, coupons, and other good deals via snail mail.

  • Daily Diaper Giveaway Contest

    After you join the rewards program, you are entered into a daily contest to win a year's worth of diapers (ka-ching!). Please note this is a daily contest, as opposed to the monthly drawings for Pampers and Luvs. This means your competition pool is smaller... smileytiny

  • Huggies Every Little Bottom Program

    In 2010 Huggies conducted a study to determine the need for diapers in the U.S. and Canada among low-income families. The shocking results led them to donate 22.5 million diapers to diaper banks. See what diaper banks are and how you can help.

Purchase Hint: If you prefer to use Huggies, you MUST check out Amazon's Subscribe and Save option. If I choose this option (which sends me the diapers through the mail (free ship), automatically, I can get Huggies (size 3) diapers for $0.16 per diaper! Walmart's price is $0.22 a diaper.

The program is free and I can cancel whenever I want. The current deal is 30% off the price, but that can change. I've seen it sometimes for only 15% off. Still, it's savings! Feel free to check over my math on those Size 3 Huggies Snug and Dry diapers here.

Free Baby Diapers for Those Who
Want to Be Pampered

free baby diapers pampers
I have no idea what ad wizard came up with the name "Pampers" for diapers, but man...he was a genius. Who doesn't want to pamper their baby to pieces (at least before toddlerdom hits). And if you could do said-pampering with free baby diapers... that may just put us over the edge.

Heather's Update: Sorry to say, their free baby diaper sample offer has expired. Don't worry! I'm on the ball, and will post a new link when it's available. In the meantime you'll have to get your free diaper sample the hard way...

  • Gifts to Grow

    Gifts to Grow is the Pamper's rewards equivalent to the Huggies Enjoy the Ride program. You apply codes and get points to use for contests and free baby diapers from Pampers, and other baby gear. The current contest is the "Sesame Place Family Getaway". You can also donate your points to March of Dimes and other worthy causes.

    The rewards catalog here is more accessible than Huggies, and seems to have a wider variety of things to cash in points for. However, they don't have the some of the bigger-ticket items Huggies has. So if you like to save points and cash in for the BIG stuff, Huggies may be a better choice. But if you like to spend-em-when-you-get-em, the Pamper's rewards program's perfect.
  • Pampers for a Year Sweepstakes

    By signing up to receive their newsletters, coupons, and free baby diapers in the mail, you'll also be automatically be entered into a monthly drawing to give away a year's worth of diapers (about $727).

Purchase Hint: Similar to Huggies above, the best price for Pampers diapers is with the Subscribe and Save option via Amazon. Right now they are offering 30% off for new sign ups (sometimes it's only 15%). Add that savings to a 204-ct pack of Pampers Baby Dry size 3, and it's only $0.14 a diaper. Compare that with Walmart's price of $36.50 for a pack of 140 ($0.26 a diaper). Feel free to check my math.

Free Baby Diapers for Those Who Are
Looking for a Little Luvs

free baby diapers luvs
In my four years of writing for the EiR, I've discovered that there are two types of diapering moms in the world. Those who luv Luvs, and those who...don't. And, for the record, I tend to meet more of the first crowd than the second. Perhaps it's their "Leakguard Guarantee". They will actually refund your money if leakage occurs. That's impressive.

So where are the free baby diapers for Luvs? Like all the other offers for free baby diapers (unless it's a scam), you'll have to do a little work. I've received a handful of Luvs diapers in the mail before. You can too.

  • Luvs Network

    Luvs does not have a rewards program like Pampers and Huggies (at least that I found), but they will send you coupons and occasional free baby diapers samples for registering. You are also entered into contests and drawings.
  • Diapers for a Year Sweepstakes

    I guess if all the cool kids are having a party, Luvs should have one too. And with the same invitation: register online and be automatically entered in a monthly drawing for a year's worth of Luvs.

Purchase Hint: Of the "big three", Luvs is almost always to least expensive. The cheapest price I found when researching was with the Amazon Subscribe and Save program (seeing a pattern here??). With the advertised 30% off (which sometimes changes), it works out to be around $.12 a diaper for size 3 Luvs, pack of 204. Walmart online showed a price of $0.17. Triple check my number-crunching here.

Free Baby Diapers for Those Who Are
in the Seventh Generation

free baby diapers seventh generation
What is Seventh Generation? The environmentally-guilt-free diaper. They are the most eco-friendly, biodegradiable piece of material to brush against your baby's bottom since... cotton was invented. And they don't do just diapers. They do cleaning products, laundry detergents, feminine essentials, and others. A veritable treasure-trove of cleaning anomalies.

The diapers are all chlorine-free (for sensitive skin), nontoxic, and hypoallergenic. Here's the scoop on these eco-advanced diapers. As for free baby diapers from Seventh Generation, you can host a Healthy Baby Home Party. Here are the details.

Always the diaper rebel, Seventh Generation doesn't have any rewards/sweepstakes/giveaways to dangle in front of your typing fingers. However, they do have The Seventh Generation Nation, which gives coupons and discounts on all their products (not just diapers). It also allows you to participate in their research panels, which would give you free stuff, including those allusive free baby diapers.

Purchase Hint: Because they are so much more techie (but natural...interesting...) than the name brands, they cost more. I found them two places. and Amazon. Both places sold size 3 in packs of 140 for $0.24 per diaper. So here's the run-down:

  • will give you $10 off your order with code AFF10, but you have to order a minimum $49. The good news is that if you order that minimum, they'll also give you free shipping. They also have other coupons going on promoted on their site, but you'll have to visit the website to see them.
  • Amazon does not include Seventh Generation in their Subscribe and Save program, which is too bad. However, just one package of diapers (at $34) is over their minimum for free shipping.

Free Baby Diapers from Arquest

The Essential Infant Resource reader Catrina L. emailed me to share another great free baby diaper resource: Arquest. Catrina assured me that not only will you receive some free diapers (size 3 to 5), but you will also receive happy slips of green cash. (How much? Not sure yet...)

So here's the process Catrina so helpfully shared: Call Arquest. They send you a short 10-question survey. You send it back. You get free diapers, and a check of some kind.

  • For girls, call 1-888-342-7372 extension 646.
  • For boys, call 1-888-342-7372 extension 634.
In this offer, persistence is key. You may have to call back a few times and leave a few messages. However, if you keep at it they'll find you a spot.

I have not yet tried this. I'm adding this section on my laptop at Caribou Coffee, and don't think the other patrons would be thrilled to hear me gabbing on the phone about diapers and my infant's bowel habits.

Thanks, Catrina, for sending me this find! If you know of some great sources for free infant diapers that I've missed, drop me a note and tell me!

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