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How to Get Free Baby Coupons
(Without Being Conned)

Have you fallen for the 'ole "free baby coupons" con? Have you given away your precious email for a supposed-lifetime supply of baby coupons, only to discover you have to complete 5 "offers" of gold/silver/platinum/cobalt/zinc/tin-foil status before you actually receive them?

(Does it seem like I'm writing from experience here? 'cause I am...)

Five years ago my husband and I were...shall we say... financially challenged.

It was June and I had gone to work for the last time. They were throwing me a "congrats on your mommy-retirement party", since we had finally decided it was time for me to quit my job and stay at home full time with our 2.5 year old (I was preggers with #2).

free baby coupons
It was a great day. However, when I got home my husband was waiting with the stunning news: he had been laid off.

Talk about irony! Now we were both stay at home parents! Lucky Lauren!

After a few tears (okay, more than a few...), we lifted our chins and broke out the spreadsheet and calculator. Our faith, our community, and our budget helped us through until Cameron got another job (and I, actually, started working on this website).

I was garage sale-ing like my life depended on it. I was searching for free baby coupons like a madwoman. And man did I get duped!

Complete three and it's free! Sheesh. All I could find was site after site offering free things, for a price. (Figure that one out!)

So, this article is what I was searching for. Consider it a donation to parents everywhere who are struggling with the whole "money" issue. May it bring you floods of pennies, nickles, quarters, and dimes.

Side Note: Don't miss my other articles on getting free diapers, free formula, and other free samples.

Wise as Serpents, Innocent as Doves

The Essential Infant Resource (EiR) provides all the free stuff I can find (and some shared with me by others). However, if you're going to branch out beyond the EiR safety net and do your own search, here are some tips to keep your wallet and Inbox, safe.


Know the difference between the good, the great, and the spit-worthy.

Before you sign up for anything, look around the website. If you right-click your mouse, you can choose "Open in a New Window" to browse without losing your place. You want to see a privacy policy posted (and read it).

Are they offering a free trial membership? Click on the "details" button and write down the cancellation phone number. It will be a lot harder to find once you've signed up! If you sign up, write the cancellation due date on your calendar. That way you know when you have to cancel (and have the number to do so) before your card gets charged.

  • Coupon Surfer provides online printable coupons. It requires a registration, but it is free and the privacy policy passes the smell test.
  • The Select Coupon Program is also a well-known favorite among coupon-clipping mama divas. It is NOT free, but has a much wider variety of baby coupons (and so I must mention it). You tell them which coupons you want them to clip (up to $25 a month), and they mail them to you. You can choose a free trial and get $25 in coupons free, plus a shopping tip DVD (you pay shipping), or you can choose the Premium Membership (which charges about $10 every 3 months) and try it for 7 days for free. Yes, I realize this article is about FREE baby coupons. Be patient. They're right here.
  • is a wolf in sheep's clothing. In fact, I'm so horrified by its very presence that I'm not hyperlinking it. Type it into Google. If you click on the "about us" button on the bottom of said-page-of-evil, you will find the following statement: is one of the family of websites owned and operated by Vente Inc.
Vente is a leader within the online marketing and lead generation industry.

free baby coupons

"Before beginning a Hunt, it is wise to ask someone what you are looking for before you begin looking for it."
Translation: They exist not to give you coupons, but to take your information and sell it to other companies who would like to sell you stuff. Is marketing wrong? No. However, I do believe it is duplicitous to pretend to give people one thing, but really use it for some other purpose.

Yes, they are legal. They describe what they are doing very clearly in their privacy policy. But the average-mama who's got two minutes between naps and feedings isn't going to take the time to read the fine print. And thus she drowns in the ensuing emails, phone calls, and junk mail.

So what's the lesson here? Spend some time looking around a website before you commit to share anything. Read "About Me". Read "Privacy Policy" (making sure it's more than just blue color and underlined!). Make sure you're going to get what you think you're going to get. If you're still not sure, I'd be happy to do some research on your behalf. Just ask me.

Find the free baby coupons your heart (and wallet) is yearning for, by following Pooh's advice (to the right) and know what you're actually looking for.

Are you searching for coupons you can print out and use in the store for a one-time use? Are you looking for coupon/promo codes for online purchases? Or are you looking for coupon sites that will keep the coupons coming day in and day out?

So Where are The Free Baby Coupons, Already?

Okay, I'm off my coupon-stuffy soapbox. You're here for one thing: the free baby coupons. And since I ALWAYS they are!

  • This coupon will give you one 8x10, two 5x7s and 8 wallets if you take your newborn (under 3 months) to the infamous Olan Mills studios.
  • You can take your baby to any Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey Circus for free.
  • Juicy Juice has free coupons available. Depending on the coupon, you may have to register for their newsletter. But if you find it's not useful, unsubscribing is click-easy.
  • Gerber will also send you free coupons for formula, baby food, and other infant products if you sign up for their newsletter. Get the details.
  • Beech-Nut Baby Food has some coupons available that DON'T require a sign up. Print them here.
    Sidenote: Beech-Nut also participates in the Upromise college-savings plan. Upromise is completely free program that will donate a percentage of your purchase to a college fund for your baby.

    Upromise is the smart way to save for college!

  • Okay you organic-lovin' mamas! Here are the coupons you've been looking for. Earth's Best baby food.
  • Johnson's will offer different coupons for different product. See which Johnson's product has a coupon right now.
  • Besides the coupon services I mentioned above, there are other coupon sites out there. Because you asked, here's what they are (and what I think of them).
  • To my eco-princess sisters, you can print Environmental-Kingpin Seventh Generation coupons. Just make sure you recycle the extra coupon paper! smileytiny

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