The Family Halloween
Costumes You're Questing For...
30 Unusual Theme Ideas

Your quest for awesome family Halloween costumes is over...sort of. I've got the ideas, all you've got to do is supply the decision.

family halloween costumes Join into the fun this Halloween!

Be prepared to have your clown shoes blown off and bow-tie to twirl.

Flintstones are not among them. I promised unusual, not overdone.

No matter how small or large your family is, (I've got ya covered, Duggars!) I've got plenty of tricks up my massive Princess Leia dress-sleeves.

I will provide the ideas and leave you to turn them into a happy reality.

I'll share the occasional link to a few particularly spectactular costumes I think you'll enjoy peeking at.

blahbitty blah blah...let's talk family Halloween costumes!

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Family Halloween Costumes:
11 Awesome Ideas for Parent and Child

If there is just two of you in your family (or only one is willing to dress up!), finding good theme ideas can be frustrating.

Yes, you could go both as cats...or dogs...or lions...or even Justin Biebers!...but what's the fun in that?

  1. Dad as a bee, baby as a butterfly.
  2. Police officer and convict. (...but are you the officer? or the convict?)
  3. Mom as the Fairy Godmother (think purple robe, pink ribbon), infant as Cinderella.
  4. family halloween costumes spider

  5. Firefighter and a dalmation
  6. Mom as Little Miss Muffett, baby as a spider.
  7. Beautiful butterfly (jumbo wings do the trick) and squirmy caterpillar.
  8. Cruella Deville (spray hair half white and half black) and a dalmation...or two...or a hundred and one...
  9. family Halloween costumes dog rider

  10. Cowboys and Indians...with the four-legged family member as the bull.
  11. Role reversal: you dress as the baby, he's the parent!
  12. Mini-Me! Dress up your son/daughter as the spittin' image of you...or go blockbuster and pick up the real Dr. Evil deal.

Don't forget Fido!

family Halloween Costumes Dino Dog 1

Include your other "little baby" in your search for the ultimate family Halloween costumes.

family Halloween Costumes Dino Dog 2

Here are two new dinosaur costumes out this year for smaller dogs. Just click on the pictures to see details. Aren't they hilarious!?!

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Family Halloween Costumes:
9 Marvelous Suggestions for
Two Parents and One Child

These suggestions are focused on the two-for-one family arrangement, but can easily adjusted by taking-away or adding on for siblings.

The popular Angry Birds app has launched some costumes this year. They include the character masks (shown) and full-blown costumes (click-through to see those on the site).

  1. Cops, robbers and one big bag of loot.

  2. King Kong, kidnapped Ann Darrow, and a banana.
  3. family Halloween Costumes Angry Birds

  4. It's all about Angry Birds!
  5. Pirates with their little "treasure" or fluffy parrot.
  6. Parents as paleontologists, child as the dinosaur.
  7. Dad as a wolf, Mom as Little Bo Peep, and one little lamb.
  8. A Dashing White Knight, a Princess, and a scary dragon!

Popeye and Olive Oyl

    This is a great idea for smaller family Halloween costumes. It totally takes me back to Grandma's house on Saturday mornings...

family halloween costumes popeye


family halloween costumes olive oyl

Olive Oyl

family halloween costumes sweet pea

Sweet Pea

Family Halloween Costumes of The Muppets

    Transform your little family into Muppets Take Manhaattan! Gaze at all the Muppet costumes (including Fozzie Bear and Animal) here.

family  halloween costumes kermit

Kermit the Frog

family Halloween costumes Miss piggy

Miss Piggy

family halloween costumes gonzo

Gonzo the Great!

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Family Halloween Costumes:
11 Winning Ideas for Mom, Dad, & Siblings

Finding family Halloween costumes with more than one child can be a lot of fun.

Here's a brief list of ideas to get your started on your brainstorm, followed up by some more specific examples on how these themes can really come together.

  1. Peter Pan, Wendy, and the Lost Boys (for sons) or Tinker Bell and the other fairies (for girls).
  2. Mr. Popper's Penguins provides plentiful proper apparel for your prebuscent progenies.
  3. Dad Dumbledore (see this amazingly realistic mask), Professor McGonagall (just dress as a witch), and the various Hogwarts students. (Hint: Your toddler makes the perfect Hedwig owl!)
  4. family Halloween costumes lion

  5. The Farmer (and his wife) in the Dell. The kids all dress up as different farm animals.
  6. From a galaxy far far can see family Star Wars costume ideas.
  7. The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe: The parents are Peter and Susan, kids are Edmund and Lucy, baby is Aslan.

  8. Alice in Wonderland provides a huge range of options for family Halloween costumes.

Adams Family Costumes

Adams Family Costumes

Is it Adams?
or Addams?
What's a "d"
among friends?

    The creepy-weird Adams family costumes are perfect for Halloween, but often overlooked.

    It works best as a four-member family theme, with Mom as Morticia, Dad as Gomez, a daughter as Wednesday, and a son as Uncle Fester.

    (Fester?!? lol! Isn't that the perfect name for an Adams family member?)

Adams Family Costumes Gomez


Adams Family Costumes Morticia


Adams Family Costumes Wednesday


Adams Family Costumes Fester

Uncle Fester

Family Halloween Costumes for Toy Story

    Toy Story is one of my favorite all-time Disney movies. Fun for kids, hilarious for's such a great Family Movie Night happy compromise.

    I picked out a few of the most popular costumes to give you some ideas, but I still left out Bo Peep and Rex. Not to mention all the other size options for the costumes I pictured below. To search around all the Toy Story theme costumes, click on any photo below.

Family Halloween Costumes Woody


Family Halloween Costumes Jessie


Family Halloween Costumes Buzz

Buzz Lightyear

Family Halloween Costumes Hamm


Family Halloween Costumes Green Army

Green Army Man

Family Halloween Costumes Toy Story Alien

Alien Baby

Wizard of Oz Family Halloween Costumes

    Wizard of Oz

    Find the traditional costumes here.
    I'm talking lions, scarecrows, and tinmen, oh my!

    I have to tell you, honestly, that the whole Wizard of Oz theme for family Halloween costumes has been done to DEATH.

    ...Unless, of course, you think outside the box.

    Lucky for you, I'm claustrophobic.

family halloween costumes munchkin mayor

Mayor Munchkin

family halloween costumes glinda

Glinda the Good Witch

family Halloween costumes dorothy

Little Dorothy

family Halloween costumes munchkin 1

Double Curl Munchkin*

family Halloween costumes munchkin 2

Single Curl Munchkin*

family halloween costumes  munchkin 3

Triple Curl Munchkin*

*The munchkins all use the same outfit, with each wig sold separately.

Family Halloween Costumes from Sesame Street

These are not your typical Sesame Street family Halloween costumes! You're children will be thrilled, and you won't be hiding behind bushes in embarrassment.

If you like the style of the little girl's Big Bird costume, be sure to click through and see similiar designs for Elmo and the Cookie Monster. They also have really trendy designs for tweens!

Family Halloween Costumes Super Grover

Super Grover

Family Halloween Costumes Oscar

Oscar the Grouch

Family Halloween Costumes Big Bird

Frilly Big Bird

Family Halloween Costumes Elmo

Elmo Baby Costume

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