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Play Yard and Crib Recall Information
For Safe Sleeping and Playing

It is critically important to know if there has been a play yard or crib recall. Tragically, these cribs and playpens aren't just potential hazards, they have proven to be deadly.

During my research-gathering for this article, I was shocked to discover that I was using a playpen that had caused the death of several infants.

Playpens are often handed down (where I got mine) or purchased second-hand at garage sales. If I hadn't researched this page, I would never have known that my playpen was unsafe.

For this reason, you will find these playpen and crib recall reports go back as far as 10 years ago.

Babies are still dying from using these old products. Use the free recall reports I've compiled to make sure you don't have them.

Special Note! I update all the recall reports on this website EVERY WEEK. If you would like to be notified of all the latest reports, sign up for my monthly newsletter, The Merry Mother for a specific monthly list.

All the Recall Reports are FREE...

It takes a quite a bit of time for me to put all these reports together. That's time away from my precious family. I've struggled for years to determine whether I should charge for these reports to cover the time and effort involve in updating them. Unfortunately, when I come across those items marked "fatal" my heart is crushed with sadness and I realize (again) that these reports should be as available as possible to save as many babies as possible.

Would you consider giving a donation in return for the reports you will be using?

You receive the blessing of getting solid information and photos of any items that could be dangerous in your home. I receive the blessing of being able to help support my family through this site.

The amount is irrelevant to me. I just appreciate your willingness to help out. Thank you!


Baby Crib Recall

recalled cribs
{Photo by Genealogy Photos}
The crib is the piece de resistance of all the baby furniture recalls. It should be the safest place in the house. The crib is the one place she will be unattended and unobserved for hours at a time. Hopefully, this list of the recalls on baby cribs won't contain yours.

Heather's Note: The CPSC has worked with several crib manufacturers to issue information and repair kits on defective cribs. You can see a summary of these companies and get more information on these dangerous cribs here. Just keep in mind that these are just a handful of those being recalled. I strongly encourage you to download the free report below to get "The Big Picture" so to speak.

  • Heritage Cribs sold at Kmart (Entrapment and Suffocation Hazard)
  • Bassettbaby Cribs (Entrapment and Suffocation Hazard)
  • Angel Line Cribs (Entrapment and Suffocation Hazard)
  • Ethan Allen Cribs (Entrapment and Suffocation Hazard)
  • Alexander Designs Cribs sold exclusively at JC Penny (Entrapment and Suffocation Hazard)
  • "Prescott" Fixed-Sided Cribs by Sorelle (Entrapment and Suffocation Hazard)
  • Pottery Barn Drop-Side Cribs (Entrapment and Suffocation Hazard)
  • Simmons Easy Side Drop Side Cribs (Entrapment and Suffocation Hazard)
  • Million Dollar Baby, Baby Mod, and Da Vinci Drop Side Cribs (Entrapment and Suffocation Hazard)
  • Bonavita, Babi Italia, and ISSI Drop-Side Cribs by LaJobi (Entrapment and Suffocation Hazard)
  • Jardine Drop-Side Cribs (Entrapment and Suffocation Hazard)
  • Jenny Lind Cribs by Evenflo (Entrapment and Suffocation Hazard)
  • Delta Cribs (Entrapment and Suffocation Hazard and Fall Hazard)
  • Drop Side Cribs by Child Craft (Entrapment and Suffocation Hazard)
  • "Crib N Double Bed" by Child Craft and sold at Babies R Us (Entrapment and Suffocation Hazard)
  • Sorelle and Golden Baby Drop Side Cribs by C&T International (Entrapment and Suffocation Hazard)
  • Graco Brand Wooden Cribs by LaJobi (Entrapment and Suffocation Hazard)
  • Simplicity Cribs one fatality (Entrapment and Suffocation Hazard)
  • Generation 2 Worldwide and "childESIGNS" Drop Side Crib Brands three fatalities (Entrapment and Suffocation Hazard)
  • Dorel Asia Cribs one fatality (Entrapment and Suffocation Hazard)
  • Stork Craft and Fisher Price Drop-Side Cribs four fatalities (Entrapment and Suffocation Hazard)
  • Bonavita "Cabana" Drop Side Cribs by LaJobi (Entrapment and Suffocation Hazard)
  • See the entire list and photos of recalled cribs.

Recalled Playpens and Play Yards

Not having family in the area, we travel a lot. I depend on my playpen to keep my baby safe when we are away from home.

Can you imagine my horror when I discovered (while doing this research) that our playpen, the Happy Cabana, had been recalled after causing the deaths of three infants? I'm so thankful that I didn't find out the hard way.

Check your home for these dangerous baby furniture recalls.

  • Portable Playard Tent by "Tots in Mind" (Entrapment and Suffocation Hazard) - one fatality
  • Safety 1st Disney Care Center and Eddie Bauer Complete Care Play Yard
  • Play Yards by Kolcraft, Carter’s, Sesame Street, Jeep, Contours, Care Bear, and Eric Carle (Fall Hazard)
  • Eddie Bauer Soothe and Sway Play Yards (Entrapment and Suffocation Hazard)
  • Travel Tender Play Yards by Simplicity (Entrapment and Suffocation Hazard)
  • Fisher-Price Rainforest Playpen (Entrapment and Suffocation Hazard)
  • Travel Play Yards by Kolcraft (2007) - one fatality (Entrapment and Suffocation Hazard)
  • Playpen by Graco (2003) - one fatality (Entrapment and Suffocation Hazard)
  • Playpens by Cosco (2001)- one fatality (Entrapment and Suffocation Hazard)
  • Playpens by Bilt-Rite, Graco, Evenflo, Kolcraft, Playskool and others - eight fatalities (Entrapment and Suffocation Hazard)
  • See the entire list (and details) of deadly playpens.

    Crib Recall for Toys and Bedding

    baby furniture recalls
    Not only must the crib itself be safe, but so must everything you put inside it. This includes mattresses, bedding and even toys.

    Portable Wooden Cribs and Bassinets

    recalled cribs 4
    {Photo by fensterbme}
    Using a portable wooden crib or bassinet is becoming a more popular choice among new mothers. Before you borrow or go second-hand, glance through this recall list of bassinets and portable wooden cribs.

    Of all the baby products recalled in your home, the playpen and crib recall is the most important. After all, this is the spot in your home where your infant will spend most of his time.

    Unliked a pinched finger or a little lead paint, the problems with these cribs and playpens are serious and deadly. Take precautions to ensure that none of these items remain in your home.

    Photos used on this page were found at and were used with permission and according to guidelines.

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