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Childproofing Your Home: Room by Room

childproofing your home
Childproofing your home is an important part of good parenting. Go through your home with this free resource, room by room.

Every room of your home is covered in this FREE guide and checklist:

  • Living Room
  • Kitchen
  • Home Office, Gym, and Hobby Room
  • Staircase
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • The Nursery
Due to the amount of information necessary to cover the topic of childproofing your home, I've compiled it all into a free eBook for you to open online (no download necessary).

This checklist was unbelievably helpful to me as I prepared for my second baby. It had been three years since my last infant and I had completely forgotten how to make a baby safe haven out of my home.

The eBook itself is 33 pages of excellent tips, recommendations and checklists. It will provide you with a solid understanding of what you need to do to make your home a home safe home.

To Charge? Or Not to Charge?

I could easily charge $9.95 for this little booklet, but feel the info is to important to deny those who can't afford the cost.

...on the other hand, I have spent hours researching and formulating it...

So... a compromise.

I will give The Safest Home on the Block to you for FREE if you subscribe to my monthly eZine, The Merry Mother.

This is really a win-win for you, since the newsletter is packed full of informative articles, helpful tips, interesting stories, and even the occasional chuckle. I'll even let you look around the archives.

Of course, if you receive your first issue and aren't satisfied, there's always a link at the bottom of your email that will let you unsubscribe. And because you can't be too careful, feel free to check out my privacy policy. I don't share your email. It stays in the Merry Mother vault, unless you decide to remove it by unsubscribing.

Okay...You've Convinced Me

To receive The Safest Home on the Block as a free gift, fill out the form below and follow the directions to confirm your subscription. The eBook will be provided at the exclusive Members-Only webpage, along with several other free gifts and surprises. The address of this page is given to you after you've confirmed your subscription.

The Merry Mother is always a joy to write, and from what I've heard, a joy to read.

Don't forget: if you are unsatisfied for any reason, a link at the bottom of the email will always let you unsubscribe.

Childproofing your home will be a cinch with this free tool. It will hold your hands, walking you through every inch of your home from top to bottom.


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