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Get Rid of C-Section Belly Fat

c section belly fat
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Many cesarean mothers commonly complain about how to get rid of that c-section belly fat. It seems stubborn and unyielding.

As soon as we get home from the hospital, most of us inevitably start planning our "return" to skinny jeans.

Unfortunately, if you've had a cesarean section, patience must be the first thing you exercise.

The most common, (and most disliked) answer is 6 to 8 weeks. If you push yourself and exercise too early, your scar may split open and add an additional 6-8 weeks of recovery (not to mention a possible infection)!

During your C section, the doctor cut through the tough fibrous covering of the strap muscles that line the abdomen. Until these muscles have been pampered into healing, you shouldn't lift anything heavier than your baby.

Discuss your plans to exercise with your doctor before you begin. Every cesarean (and it's healing time) is different. Swimming or walking after a cesarean are recommended as great ways to reintroduce physical exertion to your body.

At about 6 weeks you could start taking longer and longer walks, perhaps with higher heart rates. Inch yourself up slowly. (Again, providing your doctor has given her approval!)

More vigorous exercises like jogging, horseback riding, or skiing should be put off until closer to 8 weeks. Ask your doctor if you wish to jog sooner.

I've come across some really excellent books about healthy living. I've found that reading a good book can sometimes be the kick-in-the-pants I need to get working.

Using Abdominal Exercises after a C-Section

Often times mothers assume that doing endless crunches will eliminate that c-section belly fat. Toning your abdominal muscles is a good thing, and will certainly help, you should work crunches into an overall health and exercise routine.

The best way to effectively attack c-section belly fat is to work out your whole body. This not only contributes to losing body fat everywhere, but will increase the likelihood of a healthy VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) or quicker recovery on your next cesarean.

Meal Planning to Lose Weight

Perhaps the easiest thing you can do to start losing those pregnancy pounds, is to watch what you eat. Easier said than done, right? Since you're most likely brain-dead from fatique, I recommend having someone else do the calorie-counting.

Meal Plans 101 does all the counting for you, and even lets you create (and print) a weekly meal plan for you to follow. If this interests you, click here to see my full review of this meal planning, weight-loss software.

Curious about this product?
A recent subscriber gave two belts a trial run. See what she had to say.

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Getting rid of c-section belly fat is important, but so is the time you spend with the person who caused the c-section in the first place! Your baby! Take care of yourself, certainly, but don't overdo it. If you need to obsess over something, obsess over your baby.

Regular exercise and good eating should be simple things you do to balance your life as a whole - not a pinnacle that the rest of your life (and subsequently your baby's life) revolves around.

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