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Helpful Breastfeeding Videos

Sometimes it's just easier to see than to read. These helpful breastfeeding videos will help fill out the picture about the ins and outs of good breast feeding technique. Obviously, breastfeeding video clips will require close-ups of breasts. If you are in a public area or have older children around, you may want to wait and view these when you are in private.

Breast Feeding Videos About Getting Started


Tips from Breastfeeding Experts

This video is done from the perspective of the lactation consultant or nurse and provides good, practical tips on positioning, latching, and how to determine if your baby is eating well.


Tips from Other Moms

In this British video, you'll hear and see several regular moms (sorry...mums) share their experiences with breastfeeding and why they chose to breastfeed their baby.

Breastfeeding Video Clips to Help with Latching On


Latching On: Breast Feeding Clip #1


Latching On: Breast Feeding Clip #2

The quality of this video isn't the best, but the content is really good. So bear with the occasional hiccups and you'll be rewarded with some good information and helpful close shots on how to get a proper latch.


Latching On: Breast Feeding Clip #3

Beyond the Breastfeeding Video Clips

Still have questions? Check out these other breastfeeding articles for helpful advice and tips on breast feeding successfully. Side Note: If the article you want to read is not hyperlinked, be patient. It's being uploaded! Sign up for the Infant Blog or my monthly newsletter, The Merry Mother to be notified when it is live on the web. See the other dozens of articles on the main baby nursing page.

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Breastfeeding is an art, something you learn to do through experience and practice. Sometimes seeing is easier than believing. I hope that these breast feeding videos have given you an extra boost of confidence in your ability to breastfeed successfully.

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Reviews of Nursing Bras and Pumps

Dear Friends,

I've just posted some new articles that review the most popular nursing products on the market.

In case you're interested...

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