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Outstanding Books in Infant Care:
From Signing to Safety

Here are some valuable resources for caring for your infant. Whether you are concerned about babyproofing your home, want to teach sign language, or just want to give a good massage, these books are good resources for you to browse.

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Here are the breastfeeding books reviewed so far:
  • Travels with Baby: The Ultimate Guide for Planning Trips with Babies, Toddlers, and Pre-School Children
  • Infant Massage: A Handbook for Loving Parents
  • Signing Time
  • The Safe Baby: A Do-It-Yourself Guide for Home Safety
  • Preemies: The Essential Guide for Parents of Premature Babies
  • Raising Baby Green: The Earth-Friendly Guide to Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Baby Care
  • The Essential Baby Organizer: Birth to One Year
  • The Duties of Parents
  • Into the Minds of Babes: How Screen Time Affects Children from Birth to Age Five
If you have an infant-care book that was particularly helpful, share your review with me and I'll include it here for other mothers to enjoy.

Travels with Baby:
The Ultimate Guide for Planning Trips with Babies,
Toddlers, and Pre-School Children

travels with baby
Written by: Shelly Rivoli

Travels with Baby is a comprehensive guide for all the little details involved in moving your baby around the globe. It includes hints on how to save money in your travels, and packing tips you'll be glad to have. The author, Shelly, includes her own traveling stories as well as family photos that make you feel you're talking with a friend, and not a "guru" (although she certainly knows enough to be one!). It covers airplane travel, cruises, railways, even camping! Routines are vital for young children, and this book helps you get organized enough to keep those routines moving smoothly, no matter where you are.


Who will benefit the most from this book?

If you find yourself traveling around a lot, even for those long "trips to Grandma's". This book will be a wise investment. There is even a "where to rent" list that is a life-saver when you don't want to lug that stroller across the continent.

Infant Massage:
A Handbook for Loving Parents

infant massage
Written by: Vimala Schneider McClure

Infant Massage starts with some basic information on why massage is so good for your baby. The largest section in the middle is dedicated to teaching you, step by step, how to massage your baby properly. The close-up photos are particularly helpful for a visual-learner like me. The last chapter goes into how to massage preemies and other babies requiring a lighter touch. Massaging is an excellent way to bond with your newborn. If you have no prior experience in massage (like myself) I strongly recommend this book.


Who will benefit the most from this book?

Mothers who are concerned about bonding with their infant. That special massaging-time will help tremendously. The book discusses setting aside an entire hour for a massage, but that is often not realistic for most moms. Little sessions of 15 minutes or so would be just as effective.

Baby Signing Time

Written by: Two Little Hands

There are plenty of books on signing available, but personally, I feel that the best way to learn how to teach your baby to use sign language is to see it being done. (In fact, read about my baby signing experience.)

Baby Signing Time is the best program with the most resources to help you teach your baby to communicate early on. Poor communication is the #1 frustration for growing toddlers. By giving them a way to communicate early on, you are helping yourself (and him) for later. Chances are, you've already seen or heard of Signing Time. They're constantly being featured on news programs and have received numerous awards.


Who will benefit the most from these DVDs?

Anyone who wants to learn how to teach their infant to use sign language to communicate. It truly is amazing to see a 9-month old share that he's thirsty, or a 10 month old sign that she misses Daddy.

The Safe Baby:
A Do-It-Yourself Guide for Home Safety

the safe baby
Written by: Debra Smiley Holtzman

The Safe Baby is my go-to-guide for baby-proofing. It covers everything. I even learned what ground-cover is best for when we put in a swing-set some day. The chapter on emergencies provided easy checklists for those "first aid" little moments and the natural disaster big ones. The author, Debra, is the "Safety Expert" on the hit TV-show, Make Room for Baby.


Is there anything missing from this book?

I really racked my brain on this one, and can't come up with a single thing. She even covers holiday-safety, for Pete's sake! This is a must-have in every home baby library. (It's certainly in mine!)

The Essential Guide for Parents of Premature Babies

Written by: Dana Linden, Emma Paroli, and Dr. Mia Doron

Not having had a premature baby, I had to rely on other moms for this one. The one book they overwhelmingly recommended was this one. Preemies is organized in chronological order, from before birth up until the day you bring your prize home.

My mother-panel reported this book was a large source of comfort, since it covered pretty much every angle and answered every question. Several mothers reported that this guide had been recommended to them by the doctors and nurses at the NICU unit. You can't ask for a better endorsement than that.


Is there anything missing from this book?

Nope. And since nothing is missing, it's no surprise that it's 578 pages thick. You could choose to read it cover-to-cover, or you could skip around, looking up subjects as you need them.

Raising Baby Green:
The Earth-Friendly Guide to Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Baby Care

raising baby green
Written by: Dr. Alan Greene

Raising Baby Green is by-far the best resource for learning how to care for your baby in an eco-friendly way. From painting the nursery to laundry detergents, it covers everything in your baby's world. Unlike other "reference" books, it's easy to follow and even fun to read. Besides all the information, it has pages of websites and other resources you can use.


A word about economics...

If you are green-obsessed, this is certainly the perfect (and only) book for you. However, if your finances are not quite as "green", be cautioned. Dr. Greene makes several suggestions that are not economically-easy to do. I would advise you to carefully monitor your budget as you implement his suggestions.

The Essential Baby Organizer:
Birth to One Year

essential baby organizer
Written by: Dani Rassmussen and Antoinette Perez

The Essential Baby Organizer is an excellent resource for sleep-deprived mothers. I'm a sucker for anything that says "organizer" in the title, and this is no exception. The charts really help you get through those first few months of adjustment (no matter how many children you've had). It has milestones, activities, and feeding and diapering charts that are so helpful for doctor's visits.


Who will benefit the most from this book?

If you are a working mom, or if you have other children running around the house, this book will be particularly helpful to you. (Although it's just as valuable to stay at home, first time moms as well!). You don't have to try to remember things, you can write it down and then promptly forget it (guilt free).

The Duties of Parents

duties of parents
Written by: J. C. Ryle

The Duties of Parents was the most impacting book I read on parenting after my youngest child was born. My husband Cameron and I re-read this book every year and have benefitted greatly from it's biblical wisdom. It's VERY short (38 pages) and VERY cheap (we paid about $2). If you have 30 minutes, I cannot encourage you enough to read this book. It will give you a strong biblical foundation for the years ahead.


Who will benefit the most from this book?

This book is best used by Christian parents wanting to get a macro-vision on what parenting is really all about. I cannot stress how impacting this little pamphlet has been for me and Cameron in understanding our God-given duties as parents.

Into the Minds of Babes:
How Screen Time Affects Children from Birth to Age Five

into the minds of babes
Written by: Lisa Guernsey

Into the Minds of Babes was definitely not what I was expecting. Author Lisa Guernsey doesn't just blast parents for once in a while letting their smaller children watch a sesame street episode. Instead, she discusses the actual studies and provides practical tips to help you make good decisions about the media outlets in your home. Rather than blanketly forbidding all television, she shares how to decide which programs could actually be developmentally helpful and which ones are nothing but eye-candy. No preachiness - just honest information.


Who will benefit the most from this book?

Any mother who feels guilty and scared every time the subject of TELEVISION comes up. Her scientific studies will help you find out where that virtual line should be drawn in the sand.

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