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The Best Baby Products for a New Mom

As you approach that final month of pregnancy and you start preparing for Life as a Mom, choosing the best baby products out from the thousands of not-so-good-but-found-everywhere products is daunting.

Fortunately for you, you're not the first mom to have traveled this path! After surveying groups of moms, and consulting my own piles of baby-junk, I've come up with a basic list of items that will serve you well in the busy year ahead.

In fact, I wish someone had shared this list with me 5 years ago! It would have saved me mounds of cash, and plenty of headaches.

SIDE NOTE: I did not put these in any order. After all, if they're the "best" then they're the best, and who cares about the order. I also have not included the obvious items like cribs, baby bottles, diaper pails, car seats, and strollers. You can see product reviews of those products here.

Also, check out this season's coolest baby items. The latest and greatest infant items are here.

Best Baby Products for Feeding

My Brest Friend Feeding Pillow

best baby products 1
I know The Boppy is all the rage right now, but I must dissent. I found the Boppy pretty much useless. It didn't wrap all the way around me (I'm not a size 4), and I was constantly having to prop it up with pillows in order for Lauren to reach my breasts.

With my second, I ditched the Boppy and chose something else. My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow is an excellent replacement. It wraps all the way around and supports your (no longer aching) back. More importantly, it stays in place. There's a pocket in the front for tissues or anything else you need on hand.

The Brest Friend is by far the best nursing pillow on the market. It is also extremely valuable for mom's recovering from a cesarean section because it sits above your incision, eliminating any discomfort.

Don't let "Nursing Pillow" deceive you. This pillow is excellent for bottle feeding as well (as many husbands can assent!).

Click here to save 15% on My Brest Friend.

Best Baby Products for Nursing

best baby products 2
The Hooter Hider is another product I wish I knew about a few years ago. This simple design allows you to nurse anywhere comfortably and stylishly.

A simple strap goes around your neck to hold the fabric in place. The lightweight fabric keeps your infant cool.

Remember that embarrassing situation when you attempted to check on your nursing son, only to have the blanket slip and revealing your beautiful bosum to your astonished father-in-law? No more!

The ingenious design of The Hooter Hider allows you to peek at your nursing infant as often as you like - without risking full exposure.

Matt Damon's wife was recently spotted sporting one, and it is featured in Parent's and other top-ranked news sites. The Hooter Hider is definitely on my "must-have list" when my next infant comes around!

Best Baby Products for Carrying

HotSlings Baby Carrier

best baby products 7
When Elena was born, she was the must-be-touched-all-the-time kind of baby. We tried her in the Baby Bjorn, which she liked a whole of 10 minutes. We ended up purchasing a sling, and never looked back.

The Hotslings baby carrier is easy to put on, super comfortable, and can be used for newborns and beyond. The comfort your baby receives by being close to you and the convenience you receive by being able to use your hands is priceless.

They come in a wide variety of trendy patterns and colors. Check out the blue for boys, and the pink for girls. Of course, there's always the standard black.

Of course, not all babies like being carried. Lauren hated it. She was a curious newborn and didn't like staring at my chest all day when she could hear exciting things happening around her. Because the Hotslings (in my opinion one of the best) is expensive (like all slings), You may wish to wait until your baby is born before spending the money on it.

Best Baby Products for Hygiene

best baby products 3
If I could go back in time, I would add the Germ Guardian on my baby shower list. Disinfecting toys is a royal pain in the pa-tooshey. It's one of those have-to-do jobs that gets pushed aside (rather conveniently) for the sake of a busy schedule.

This amazing tool uses dry heat (not chemicals) to kill 99.9% of the germs on bottles, nipples, pacifiers, and toys (even the cloth ones!).

It doesn't warp plastic or fade fabrics. It's been proven to kill the germs that cause RSV, colds, flu, ear aches, diarrhea, and other common infant maladies.

I really can't recommend The Germ Guardian high enough. It is a wise nursery-set-up purchase.

Click here to save 15% on The Germ Guardian.

Best Baby Products for Monitoring

Best Baby Video Monitor

best baby products 4
When I registered for my first baby, I mocked those moms who "wasted" all that money on a baby video monitor. 5 years later, there's one sitting on my dresser. And I honestly can't imagine life without it.

First of all, it was wonderful when Elena was a newborn, because I was constantly wanting to check on her while she was sleeping. Before the video monitor, that meant I had to go inside the room. A big no-no. She would invariably wake up. After mounting the monitor on the wall, I had a great view of the crib, and what she was doing inside it.

As she's gotten older, I find the baby video monitor even more helpful. I can see if she's actually sleeping during nap-time, or wandering around the crib searching for trouble. I can watch her stand up in her crib at bedtime, allowing me to walk in, lay her on her bed with a quick "Nigh-Nigh, Elena" and walk out. No more sneaking around the door, trying to peek in without being caught.

Video monitors are more expensive than regular monitors, but the peace of mind alone has been worth the cost.

Click here to save 15% on a Video Monitor.

Best Baby Products for Sleeping

best baby products 5
Learning to swaddle your baby is an ancient tradition with astonishing sleeping results. Using logic, it makes sense that your newborn would respond favorably to a tight wrapping in a blanket. After all, he was tightly wedged in your uterus up until recently! Simply put, swaddling = sleep!

A good swaddle will keep your baby tightly bundled, without the chance that he may free himself. Loose blankets in the crib increase the risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Using a swaddle/sleepsack eliminates that risk.

best baby products 6
The Halo swaddle is also the only swaddling system that is available for Preemies. It's made of a soft, breathable, washable fabric that keeps baby cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It's flame-resistant and has a thoughtful zipper in the front for quick and easy diaper changes. They even thought to have the zipper inverted - making it close from top to bottom! I love this product.

Of course, when my first was born, I had no idea the Halo swaddle system was out there. So I had to swaddle the 'ole fashioned way. If you want to give it a go on your own, this book on baby-wrapping covers all the details on how to get your swaddle nice-and-safely tight.

Best Baby Products for Diapering

Wonderfun Changing Pad Activity Center

best baby products 8
There are few things in this world as frustrating as changing a poopy diaper on wiggly baby. Distraction is the key. Since you shouldn't leave the changing table while your baby is sitting on it, having a container of toys within arms reach is a must.

This innovative toy makes that bucket-o-junk irrelevant. I love that it's set up all the time, and that Elena can look forward to diaper changes because she knows that's the only time she gets to play with those toys.

The attached toys aren't cheap knock-offs, either. The Wonderfun has a big mirror for self-gazing (always a favorite at that age), retractable and shaking bee, and even plays "You Are My Sunshine". They are all interchangeable. It is easily packed away and can be used for bouncy seats or as a traveling floor play-gym. It's easy versatility make this another best-buy of the best baby products.

Click here to save 15% on Wonderfun Changing Activity Pad.

A Coupon Code for You!

The Brest Friend, Changing Table Toy, Germ Guardian, and Video Monitor are all things I found on one of my favorite sites, One Step Ahead. They are currently running a promotion until September 30, 2008. Save 15% off orders over $100 when you use coupon code BABY15P.

Click here to use code BABY15P and save 15%!

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I'm so thankful to be a mom in the 21st Century. What wonderful tools we have to use! I'm constantly amazed at the brilliance of the new baby products they are continually developing.

These are just a drop in the bucket of useful baby stuff out there, but in my opinion they are some of the best baby products out there. You probably didn't know these existed, but now that you do, I hope you find them as helpful as I did.

Other Best Baby Products to Catch

I'm a sucker for cool baby things and coupons, so it makes sense that I should include a few pages about both!


New Cool Baby Stuff You May Have Missed

This is where I post new, up-and-coming, and hot-off-the-press baby items I've stumbled upon. Every quarter I update the list and put the old one in the archives section, so you can browse to your heart's content. It's truly mind- blowing how creative and useful these products are! arrow read more...

Awesome Online Baby Stores and Their Awesome Baby Coupons

I'm constantly getting promotional emails and coupons from companies selling baby items. Since I can't possibly use all of the coupons myself (and my friends got tired of my constant "another coupon" emails), I've added a section of the site to share all these online coupons and specials with you.

Of course, to stay relevant, these pages will also be updated and arranged every time I get a new coupon (which is pretty much every week). arrow read more...


What About YOUR Favorite Baby Products?

Did I miss a product here? Is there something you had to have when you started out? Add your two cents to this conversation. Share your best baby products. arrow read more...

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