Have A Baby Yoda Costume
You Must

If Yoda was here, he would give you some very sound advice: a baby Yoda costume you must have... Who are you to argue with the last Jedi Master?

Here are some of the cutest Star Wars inspired costumes for babies in the entire galaxy.

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The Main Star Wars Characters...
in Miniature

I've listed the four most popular Star Wars characters here, with (of course) the baby Yoda costume listed first.

My favorite costume store has many others. Characters like Chewbacca, Ewoks, R2D2, C3PO, Amidala, Obi-Wan and even a Stormtrooper or two.

The Baby Yoda Costume

baby yoda costume

    Help you I can, yes. ~ The Great Yoda

    This costume is made out of warm soft fleece, not the burlap that an authentic baby Yoda costume would have.

    Still...I'm guessing your infant won't mind.

Anakin Skywalker Infant Costume (Pre-Evilness)

baby yoda costume anaikan

    Before he went all "troubled youth" on the entire Jedi Army, Anakin was just your everyday hormonal teenager with an elevated blood-miticlorian ratio. (Yeah...one of those.)

    Transform your infant into The Chosen One with this one-piece romper.

    But wait! There...is...another...Sky...Walker...

Princess Leia Infant Costume

princess leia infant costume

    A pint-sized Princess Leia infant costume is perfect for your little pint-sized princess.

    This officially licensed Star Wars creation includes the fleece robe, belt, and the legendary hair.

    The hair measures 22" around, so you may want to break out the measuring tape before ordering to be sure of a fit.

Baby Darth Vader Costume (Post-Evilness)

baby yoda costume darth vader

    This is another offically licensed Star Wars costume for purists. He's going to look exactly like Lord Vader.

    The challenge will be get him to sound like James Earl Jones...

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Creating a Star Wars Family Theme

Looking for a family theme this Halloween? There are a wide variety of Star Wars costumes out there. Practically any mix-and-match will result in a prize-winning and intimidating family trick-or-treat!

Here's an example of what can be done with a family of five. In this case, instead of using the baby Yoda costume, I've picked a child Yoda costume to show the different options available.

Yoda Baby Costume Obi One
Yoda Baby Costume Leia
Yoda Baby Costume Brother
Yoda Baby Costume Sister Ama
Yoda Baby Costume Chewy
Yoda Baby Costume DogVader

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A Parting Yoda Thought

Your baby Yoda costume is an investment into a long-lasting memory. After all, as a wise old Jedi once reminded us: Always in motion is the future.

Better capture these memories now! Before they leave for a galaxy far far away...

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