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29 Baby Swimsuits You've Never Seen Before
(And Don't Want to Miss)

baby swimsuits

Make a splash with your baby's swimsuit this year.
She's too cute NOT to flaunt.

Baby swimsuits have gotten a little...predictable over the past few years. They're stuck in a rut. And since I hate being boring, I've probed the web for some of this year's most beautiful, original, and just plain stunning infant swimwear designs.

It's amazing how creative some designers can be. They take the standard fare of girlishness (polka-dots, plaids, ruffles, tulle, rosettes, swirls...) and transform them into fresh new styles and patterns.

baby swimsuits flamingo

Scroll below to see
this and others...

Why 29 baby swimsuits? Why not 30? or 15? Because I found 29 that I thought were worth mentioning. Plain and simple. (Like the unique flamingo style to the right...)

Where did I find all these jewels of the sea? Here and there...sprinkled across little-known boutiques (and one well-known) across the web. I'm confident that this is the most comprehensive gallery of original baby swimsuits out there.

Regardless of which baby swim suit you choose (or where you buy), I want to share a few pointers to help you avoid a frustrating return this summer (and lose valuable swimming time!).

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you're browsing for this years baby swimsuit.

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How to Choose a Real Winner (Beyond Just Beautiful)

First, consider the style of swim suit you are looking for. Do you want a two piece? or a single? If your baby is an active adventurer, the single piece will stay in place no matter what your baby crawls into. It will stay put and save the hassle of constant readjustments. They are also a great choice for parents who wish for more modest attire at the pool.

On the other hand, two-piece baby swimsuits make swim diaper changes and potty runs a lot easier. (A wet 1-piece baby swim suit can be a nightmare to take on and off.) Personally, I tend to go for the happy medium: the tankini. It's modest enough for my tastes, and changing a diaper doesn't turn into a beach wrestling match.

Secondly, there's the issue of size. Don't purchase too small! Besides being uncomfortable and leaving marks on her shoulders, it could also cause rashes on her tender skin.

Just because it fits perfectly at the beginning of the summer is no guarantee it will fit well at the end! Look for a size slightly larger, a little loose around the thigh and arm. If you do see some chaffing, whip out the baby powder as soon as possible and powder her up.

That said, don't purchase too large either. Too large baby swimsuits have big gaps between the fabric and leg, perfect for a wet diaper to come off and slip through - perhaps leading to an embarrassment of Caddyshack proportions. Use the Goldilocks approach: neither too big, nor too small, but just right.

Enough chit-chat. Time for pictures.

Ruffle Floral One-Piece Baby Swimsuit

This gorgeous fluffy-ruffle dress is new this year at babyGap.

It has spaghetti straps criss crossing on the back, and comes with a bonus Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of 50+.

Sizes start at...0-3 months
baby swimsuits fish

Beachy Keen Fish Monokini

Incredibly adorable with a simple orange skirt, this is one of my favorite finds.

crab fish hat baby swimsuits
A matching sun hat is also available.

Sizes start at...2T.
baby swimsuits seaweed green

Seaweed Sensation
Baby Swimsuit

A little baby mermaid swathed in seaweed, swirling an sunset-painted ocean.

Sizes start at...
0-3 months.
baby swimsuits swirl green

For older babies in size 2T or up, consider this tutu version.
baby swimsuits tutu cute

Tutu Cute 1-Piece
Baby Swim Suit

She'll flitter all over the beach in her little ballerina swim dress.

Precious rosettes make this an elegant choice compared to other garish baby swimsuits.

Sizes start at...6 months.
baby swimsuits bird paradise

Bird of Paradise

Moving beyond the traditional pink, let these bright blue ruffles plummage your little birdie this summer.

It's whimsically sweet for your little corner of paradise.

Sizes start at...3 months.
baby swimsuits polka dots white

Bold Polk-Dot
Baby Tankini

Forget soft pastels, let her shine in bright polka dots and a pink ruffle hem.

baby swimsuits skirt set
The same pattern is also available as a 2-piece skirt set.

Sizes start at...2T.
baby swimsuits gap garden

Garden Sanctuary
Bathing Suit

A Victorian garden motif of ferns, posies, and butterflies illustrates the fabric wonderfully, complemented by three simple ruffles along the hemline.

Sizes start at...3-6 months.
baby swimsuits vintage rose 1

Vintage Rose

Rose accents sprinkled around the flared skirt and neckline in a whisper pink shade, create a delicately feminine style.
baby swimsuits vintage rose 2

Sizes start at...9 months.

See a similar pattern on this one-piece for babies in 2T or up.
baby swimsuits hart orange

Hawaiian Floral Tankini

With orange, lime, and melon colors, baby swimsuits like this one bring a new level of tropics to the pool.

Sizes start at...2T.

baby swimsuits cover up
The matching cover-up is watermelon-pink with the floral accents in the corner.
baby swimsuits cameo

Pink Cameo
Baby Swim Suit

For the feminine warrior baby, the fearless bow-headed adventurer.

A sassy swimsuit
for your little spitfire.

Sizes start at...0-3 months.
baby swimsuits patriotic

Fun and Fireworks

With a patriotic flair, this 2-piece has an explosion of tassled pom-poms sewn at the neckline, balanced by ruffles around the hem.

It has an Americana feel to it,
but is more trendy-urban
than country-rural.

Sizes start at...12 months.
baby swimsuits dottie rose

Dottie Rose
Baby Suit

I love traditional-styled baby swimsuits. The teeny-tiny roses printed on this bathing suit remind me of an old Victorian postcard. It looks like a one-piece, but is really a cleverly hidden tankini.

Sizes start at...3 months.
baby swim suit pool princess

Poolside Princess

Yes, this wispy princess suit can get wet. She will dance twirl (which at this age means going in circles) all the way to the King's arms. A beautiful sash of silver sequins provides the perfect splash of bling.

Sizes start at...6 months.
baby swim suit time after time

Time After Time

Bright colors, flowers, polka dots, ruffles, rosettes...this turquoise swim dress throws it all together, and somehow it works.

In a Tim-Burton kind of way, it straddles the fantasy line.

Sizes start at...12 months.

baby swimsuits flamingo

Flamingo Fun
Baby Swimsuits

Perhaps the most original baby swim suit I found, this flamingo monokini catches the eye like nothing else.

It will be the cutest swimsuit at the pool this summer, by far.

Sizes start at...2T.
baby swimsuits bloomers

Candy Pink

This is single piece traditional swimsuit, designed in the 1930's fashion of a skirt and bloomer.

Sugary sweet, the bloomers have a snaps for simple diaper changes.

Sizes start at...12 months.
baby swim suit rainbow

Rainbow Ruffles

I can't help but think of Rainbow Brite when I look at this cheery rainbow bathing suit.

Yes, I realize that most of you don't have any idea who Rainbow Brite is.
Humor this thirtysomthing, will ya?

Sizes start at...2T.
baby swimsuits patchwork

Patchwork Print

I love this tropical patchwork quilt: complete with ferns, palms, and tiki hut, the print is unique.

A little ruffle on the neckline and string bows on the thighs modernize the design well.

Sizes start at...3 months.
baby swimsuits aloha rose

Aloha Rose

Isn't this the perfect title for this sweet baby swim suit! Layers of soft coral-pink fabric, accented with rolled roses, it's the perfect flower for any wading pool.

Sizes start at...3 months.
baby swimsuits swirls

Venetian Glass
Baby Swim Suit

As if you're looking out at old swirled glass during the sunset in Venice, these brightly-colored swirls create a gorgeous pattern.

The ruffle dancing down the front is a new design element I've not seen on other baby swimsuits.

Sizes start at...3 months.

Simple Yet

Leave it to babyGap to remember and remake old favorites.

A lovely embroidered ruffle at the top is the main ornament on anotherwise simple design.

Sizes start at...0-3 months.
Baby swimsuits pink dots

Bathing Beauty
Baby Suit

A gorgeous configuration of bright colors and playful layers, this lively design by The Artisan's Collection stands out in any pool.

baby swimsuits pink dots 2
Sizes start at...0-3 months.

There's a toddler-fied version with this fabric for babies 2T and up.
baby swim suit red polka dots

Red Polka Dot
2-Piece Baby Swimsuit

This solid red with white polka dots has a tiered skirt and ruffles on the bodice.

Navy blue bands accent the two-piece wonderfully.
baby swimsuits butterfly

Butterfly Ballet
Baby Swimsuits

Designer Kate Mack has stunned me yet again with her gorgeous Butterfly Ballet creation.

Sizes start at...12 months.
baby swim suit butterfly sandal

And then, of course, there's the matching sandals for optimal cuteness.
baby swimsuits blue ruffles

Blue Beach-Print
Baby Swim Suit

For all you out there dying for an alternative to pink or purple baby swimsuits, here's your answer.

A gorgeous sea-green, aqua and navy blue beach patterns, all tied together in a beautiful layered ruffle across the top.

Sizes start at...2T.
baby swimsuits leopard pink

Pink Leopard Ruffle

This is very cleverly hidden two-piece swimsuit. The magnificent trendy pink leopard pattern is broken up by three ruffles, and simple rosettes.

Sizes start at...2T.
Baby swimsuit patriotic

Protect and Serve

I love this gorgeous baby swim suit. Perfect for the Fourth of July, but versatile enough for the whole summer.

Sizes start at...0-3 months.
baby swimsuit white marabou

Sadly, the headband shown in the picture is no longer available. However, this gorgeous curly marabou is.

baby swimsuits petal

Petal Pink
Infant Tankini

This Kate Mack design entitled Pink Paradise looks like your infant is draped in rose petals. It's tankini-style, with tulle layered across the top like wisps.

Sizes start at...0-3 months.
baby swimsuits tropics

Tropical Turqoise

BabyGap has come through again with this turquoise tropical garden design.

Empire waist, with a long skirt and double ruffle across the hemline. As of this writing, it's on sale. smiley

Sizes start at...18 months.

Searching for Bargain Baby Swimsuits?

Yes, I had fun researching this article.

So much fun, in fact, that I decided to write ANOTHER one.

If your budget's a bit tight and you're looking for an adorable suit that doesn't cost a fortune, see my article:

12 Infant Swimsuits That are Beautiful AND Budget-Friendly.

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