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Baby Stroller Recalls
Protect Your Infant From Scrapes, Falls, and Other Disasters

A baby stroller is a basic necessity. Next to the crib and car seat, it will get plenty of wear and tear.

By glancing through these baby stroller recalls, you can be sure yours is up to the challenge.

Whether you bought a new stroller yourself or got one as a gift, you need to check this list! The new stroller you got at your baby shower in November may have been recalled in January.

Other parents prefer to purchase them second-hand at garage sales, flea markets or even Ebay. And don't forget hand-me-downs! If an older friend is finished with babies, you may be next in line for her old stroller. Check it before you accept it!

Before you accept, check this list. If your stroller has been recalled in the last 10 years, it's listed in these reports.

Those strollers recalled in the last few years are listed here. For the full list, request a free copy of the Stroller Recall Report.

Side Note: Don't forget to check your infant car seat for recalls!

All the Recall Reports are FREE...

It takes a quite a bit of time for me to put all these reports together. That's time away from my precious family.

Would you consider giving a donation in return for the reports you will be using?

You receive the blessing of getting solid information and photos of any items that could be dangerous in your home. I receive the blessing of being able to help support my family through this site.

The amount is irrelevant to me. I just appreciate your willingness to help out. Thank you!


recalled baby stroller
{Photo by Chris Devers}

Baby Stroller Recalls

  • Graco Quattro and MetroLite Strollers (strangulation hazard) four fatalities
  • Zooper Tango Double Strollers (fall hazard)
  • Britax "Blink" Umbrella Strollers (fingertip amputations)
  • CYBEX Strollers by Regal Lager (fingertip amputations)
  • Graco's Passage, Alano, and Spree Strollers and Travel Systems (fingertip amputations)
  • MacLaren Strollers (fingertip amputations)
  • Baby Jogger City Mini Strollers (fall hazard)
  • Child Bike Trailers by Burley Design (fall hazard)
  • Bugaboo Bee Stroller (failed brakes)
  • Phil & Teds Dash Buggy Stroller (fall hazard)
  • Expansion of strollers by Phil and Teds (laceration hazard)
  • Strollers by Stokke (fall hazard)
  • e3 Strollers with Double Seats by Phil and Teds (laceration hazard)
  • Deluxe Bicycle Child Carriers by Schwinn (fall hazard)
  • e3 Twin Buggy by Phil and Teds (breaking handlebar)
  • Request the entire list of recalled strollers. Did I mention it's free...?

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Since you are going to spend a significant amount of money on this purchase, and since you will most likely use it for several years to come, be sure it isn't one of the baby stroller recalls above.

Don't be naive in thinking that if it's not listed, it never will be. Sign up for The Merry Mother and get updated Recall Reports on all baby products delivered to your Inbox every month. Click here to subscribe.

The photo on the Merry Mother ebook cover was taken by Nico Maessen.

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