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Baby Product Reviews:
Stuff You'll Want to Have (Really)

Baby Product Reviews
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High-quality baby product reviews are exactly what we need to wade through the tsunami of infant products bombarding us in every direction.

Over the years, I've been blessed to help several friends register for their baby showers. One friend in particular, had initially gone alone to register and ended up leaving in tears! She was just completely overwhelmed with all the choices and products out there.

In order to try to organize these reviews in some kind of decipherable arrangement, I've divided them into categories with their own pages. Hopefully this will help you get to what you need as quickly as possible.


The Gems on the Baby Bookshelf

I LOVE BOOKS. There are books all over my house, tucked in nooks and cranies everywhere. Naturally, I had to share some of the best of those on my site! Over the past several years I've discovered some real gems in helping me care for my babies.

See all my book reviews.


Breast Feeding Help: Useful Products

It is not uncommon for a new mom to need some extra breast feeding help. Although feeding your baby on the breast is natural, it doesn't always come naturally. Fortunately, there is good information and helpful products out there to help! Here's where to find them.

Peek at the products that make a HUGE difference in comfortable breastfeeding.


Reviews By You

Share your baby product reviews with me! I'd love to hear what worked and what flopped for you. What saved you tons? What do you regret buying? This is your opportunity to vent or praise infant merchandise.

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Use these reviews to help guide you into the products that are actually worth the money you are spending to get them.

There are millions of baby products out there being marketed for your attention. Save your pennies for the good ones, and ignore the rest. These baby product reviews will help you make a wise and informed decision about which are which.

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