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Deadly Baby Furniture Recalls

Since the nursery is your baby's most-frequented room, it's important to be aware of any baby furniture recalls that affect that little sanctuary.

Did you know Roman Blinds by IKEA were recalled after an infant death? Guess what blinds I have in Elena's room? That's right. IKEA Roman Blinds. If I've found things in my home, (and I'm a regular 'ole Joe) chances are there are some in your home as well. (Side Note: All blinds can be dangerous to your baby. See this article on how to make blinds and shades safe for your growing infant.

It is doubly important to be aware of these recalls if you have purchased second hand or received furniture as a hand-me-down.

Recalled cribs and playpens are discussed in a separate article.

All the Recall Reports are FREE...

It takes a quite a bit of time for me to put all these reports together. That's time away from my precious family.

Would you consider giving a donation in return for the reports you will be using?

You receive the blessing of getting solid information and photos of any items that could be dangerous in your home. I receive the blessing of being able to help support my family through this site.

$1, $2, $5...The amount is irrelevant to me. I just appreciate your willingness to help out. Thank you!


recalled nursery furniture
{Photo by Chris Mosely}
There are many other pieces of baby furniture in your nursery than just the crib! Changing tables, rocking chairs, and dressers are all vital parts of the nursery.

Although rare, occasionally these baby furniture recalls do happen. Check the list to make sure they can't be found in your baby's room.

  • Roman Shades by Green Mountain Vista (Strangulation Hazard)
  • Levana Wireless Video Baby Monitors (Burn Hazard)
  • Pottery Barn Bunk Beds (Entrapment Hazard)
  • Roll-up Blinds by Chicology (Strangulation Hazard)
  • IKEA Roman, Roll-Up and Roller Blinds (Strangulation Hazard)
  • Woven Storage Trunks at Target (Strangulation Hazard)
  • Top-of-Stair Wood Gates by Evenflo (Fall Hazard)
  • Discovery Kids Animated Safari and Marine Lamps (Fire Hazard)
  • Roman Shades by Draper (Strangulation Hazard)
  • Roman Shades at West Elm (Strangulation Hazard)
  • Roman and Roller Shades from Pottery Barn (Strangulation Hazard)
  • Deluxe Matchstick Roll-Up Shades at Big Lots (Strangulation Hazard)
  • Oval Roll-Up Blinds at Ace Hardware and Big Lots (Strangulation Hazard)
  • Roman Shades by All Strong Industry ~ one fatality
  • See the entire list of recalled nursery furniture.

recalled high chair
{Photo by Sean Dreilinger}
Every home has a high chair or booster seat. Is yours safe? or has it been recalled? Some of these high chair recalls have been considered so serious that companies are offering a cash bounty to get them returned.
  • Harmony High Chairs by Graco
  • Leopard Highchairs by IKEA
  • Circo Booster Seat at Target
  • Evenflo Envision High Chairs
  • 3-in-1 High Chairs by Fisher Price
  • Evenflo "Majestic" High Chairs (expanded in April)
  • Feeding Seats by The First Years
  • "Baby Sitter" Seats by Bumbo Int'l
  • Contempo Highchairs by Graco
  • Fold-Up Booster Seat by Safety First
  • See the entire list of recalled high chairs and booster seats.

Bouncer Seats and Jumpers

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Things are just not perfect here on the planet earth, and this means that occasionally baby furniture recalls happen. Stay one step ahead by knowing which items in your home have been determined hazardous and need to be removed.

Besides these reports, The Merry Mother provides monthly updates on all the recall alerts your baby needs you to know about. Subscribe here for free.

The photo on the Merry Mother ebook cover was taken by Nico Maessen.

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