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Stylish Baby Easter Dresses
for Picture-Perfect Egg Hunting Adventures

baby easter dresses swanky

There's only one boutique that makes
these gorgeous egg-hunting ensembles.
My treasure map will lead you right to it.

Let me rescue you from the hum-drum baby Easter dresses lined up at your local mega-mart. There they hang, lifeless and limp, wallowing in the saddness of assembly-line style.

As your friendly neighborhood baby fashion pirate, allow me to reveal a treasure map to the most sophisticatedly cute baby Spring dresses in 2011.

There's a New World of infant style just waiting for you to plunder.

Seriously. Consider this:

  • No tired-out-grumpy children hanging on the cart (or tired-out-grumpy mama pushing it).
  • No, like, teeny-bopper, like, glaring at you because you, like, made her stop texting to checkout.
  • Just you, tapping your fingers, gazing at some gorgeous photos, and (if you're lucky) breathing in a mug of coffee sending up swirls of steaming happiness.

So grab that giant plummed hat and a stuffed parrot! Our looting adventure for the ultimate collection of baby girl Easter dresses will sail us into some exotic ports.

We'll visit Isabella and Ferdinand in Espana...we'll break into a bargain chest or two... we'll lounge around some old favorites...we'll even fly our ship to Neverland in our quest to find adorable and affordable Spring frocks.

Let's raise the anchor of apathetic expectations and cast-off for a new paradise of Easter dresses!


P.S. After you've finished dreaming and drooling over these boutiques and finally made a decision about the baby Easter dress gracing your infant in 2011, you're going to want her picture on the wall. You've been warned. Now's the time to start saving those JCPenny Portrait coupons.

P.P.S. (Make that a double...Mother's Day is only a few short weeks away, and Grandma would love some brag-work of her own...)

baby easter dresses swanky
baby easter dresses swanky bunny

The B. Swanky Boutique is just as cute as it sounds. It's a little mom-and-pop online store that specializes in designs that come straight out of their heads, which is why, you can't find them anywhere else.

They don't sell "everyday" clothes. Their collection is 100% special occasion items for holiday and birthday celebrations. Currently, they have two styles of baby girl Easter dresses available.

The first is the chick blue gingham dress seen at the top of the page. The second design is a green gingham with an embroidered bunny. Both can be personalized or monogrammed.

If you spend more than $100, you can get free shipping. (A baby Easter dress AND a birthday frock, perhaps?)

baby easter dresses tea

The Tea Collection will not provide you with tea. Instead, they gather tasteful designs from all around the world, pleasing your palette for sophistication and sturdy clothing for your budding traveler. Easter 2011 is all about Espana. These dresses give a glimpse of the Catalonia culture that makes my heart long for a visit.

Your little Dulcinea will look so charming in these pastoral frocks. If you're home is a little farther from the warm waters of the Mediterranean, may I suggest looking at their Spanish-inspired sweaters and cardigans?

Lounge around the gardens of Barcelona with these art nouveau designs.

baby easter dress campanillas
baby easter dresses tea leaf
baby easter dresses wood cut
baby easter dresses citron

Campanillas Wrap
Neck Dress

The bells of Barcelona will ring for this shirred waist and puffy-sleeved creation. Hemmingway would be impressed.

Nouveau Leaf Baby Dress

This leafy floral canal blue print is a simple statement that makes a big impression.

Woodcut Bubble Gown

For the abstract-art-lover, this flint colored patterned dress is designed to look like a wood cut, but it feels like soft French terry.

Limonada Twirling
Baby Easter Dress

It looks gorgeous on an eight-year-old, and it will look gorgeous on an eight-month-old, even if she can't twirl in it yet.
baby easter dresses village
baby easter dresses plume
baby easter dress picasso
baby easter dresses mila

Village Floral Jumper

This fine wale corduroy dress was inspired by the beautiful hand-embroidered aprons worn by women in the countryside.
HINT: This is on sale!

Plumas Scallopped

Peacock feathers sprout from the hem of an orchard-orange beach frock. Bloomers are included.

Abstract Songbird

If Picasso had had
daughters, I have no doubt
they would have worn this.

Mila Embroidered
Baby Easter Dress

The embroidery and cut of this praline-colored dress was inspired
by Casa Mila in Gaudi.
It's a passport to refinement.

hanna andersson

If you liked the European designs at Tea Collection, feast your eyes on the the Swedish styles at Hanna Andersson. Right now they are promoting a Dress and Swim Sale to find adorable Spring and Summer suits and sundresses. This ends on April 4th!

468 x 60

baby easter dresses childrens place

Always a personal favorite of mine, The Children's Place continues to please. I've purchased baby Spring dresses from them nearly every year since Lauren was born (she's 7 now). Although, I must admit that I strayed in 2011. Still, they have some beautiful baby Spring dresses to choose from.

  • Take 15% off their New Spring Arrivals with code A9F2012. Expires January 31st

  • Free shipping for PLACE cardholders, plus 5% off every purchase! Expires February 29th

The first set of four dresses are from their formal baby Easter dresses and flower girl collections. You can see their entire collection of formal baby wear by clicking here.

baby Easter dresses petal pink
baby easter dresses rose
baby easter dress polka dots
baby easter dresses ruffles

Petal Pink Infant
Easter Dress

Don't be fooled by "flower girl", this is Easter pink perfection.

Cottontail Cutie Gown

Of all the gowns at Children's Place this year, this one is my favorite.

Dainty Dots Baby
Easter Dress

Layered frilly petticoat,
bright pink polka dots, and a matching sun hat, it's a new twist on a traditional design.
HINT: This is on sale!

Ruffles and Roses

This gorgeous periwinkle tutu dress looks especially refined with a white cardigan sweater, flower headwrap, and ballet slippers.
HINT: They are all on sale!
baby easter dresses plaid
baby easter dresses
baby easter dresses military
baby easter dresses tangy

Caribbean Blues
Plaid Dress

This ocean blue and seaweed green plaid dress has nautical rings on the straps. The ideal outfit to cruise around for eggs.

In the Garden
Baby Easter Dress

The ultimate garden party frock has ribbon flowers adorning the hemline and a bodice trimmed with a layer of five lettuce ruffles.

Tough Love Baby

The ying and yang of this baby easter dress keeps it perfectly balanced between gentle femininity and tough cookie.

Tangy Tropics
Baby Easter Dress

A simple medallion-print with ribbon trim places the tropics right in your backyard.

baby easter dresses bargain

If you're budget-belt is a little tight this year, spending a lot of money on baby Easter dresses may not be wise. Never fear! I've dug up a few web gems that will give you adorable clothing at affordable prices. The first of these bargain chests is Bargain Children's Clothing.

They take some of your favorite brands, like Mish, SnoPea, Cloud Mine, Mulberribush, and Plum Pudding and offer them at discounts 20-85% off.

  • Order more than $100.00 and get $10 off with code SAVE10.

Here are four of their best-selling baby Easter dresses. To see their entire collection of baby and newborn dresses, click here.

baby easter dress ladybug
baby Easter dresses lace
baby Easter dresses paisley
baby easter dresses navy polka dots

Ladybug Baby Easter Dress

A dreamy picnic dress like this one is perfect for egg hunting in the grass.

Peach Lace Baby Dress

A satin sash and tiered lace skirt make this peach sundress absolultely darling.

Paisley Purple Dress

Step back into the sixties with a purple/yellow paisley long-sleeved gown by SnoPea.

Navy Polka Dot
Baby Easter Dress

Sail away with this navy and white polka dot ruffle dress.

baby easter dresses childrens wear

The second bargain chest of golden baby Easter dresses I have to uncover is The Children's Wear Outlet. What I really love about this online-only store is it's simplicity. Every single outfit is $10.

Did you catch that I said outfit? This means that no matter how many items are included, hat, shirt, pants...anything, it's all $10 for the whole kit 'n kaboodle. (And sometimes it's as low as $6!) So forget the calculator. Budgeting made easy, just count by tens!

baby easter dresses bow
baby easter dresses yellow
baby easter dresses flower pink
baby easter dress bloomers

Dainty Pastel
Baby Sundress

The Spotlight Dress has dainty little flowers embroidered across the bottom and includes matching panties

Happy Day Baby
Easter Dress

A two-piece breezy Easter dress with leggings, with gentle sea blue and daffodil yellow layers of ruffle.

Precious Flowers

A gorgeous flowered print dress with feathery straps and ruffled hemline.

Strawberry Ruffles

Asparagus colored gingham with strawberries embroidered on the top with bows and ideal bloomer set for Easter.
baby easter dresses pink plaid
baby easter dress belle
baby easter dresses hawaii
baby easter dresses hearts

Pink and Green Plaid

Teeny-tiny embroidered flowers are sprinkled across the pink and green plaid print on this gorgeous baby sundress.
HINT: Currently marked down 64%.

Belle of the Ball

Citrus yellow polka dots, bow-straps, and applique daisies create the dainty details that set this darling frock apart.
HINT: See this 64% off.

Hawaiian Paradise

A lovely pink and yellow floral dress is graced with three layers lined with satin ribbons tieing it all into a Hawaiian paradise.
HINT: Find it at a 63% reduced price.

Ultra Chic
Baby Easter Dress

A gathered ribbed bodice flairs into a retro-heart print simple yet stunning sundress with light green petticoat.
HINT: It's 64% off.

baby easter dresses hartstrings

baby easter dresses hamptons
This gorgeous layered rosette
from the Sweet Garden
Collection would be
perfectly paired with a light
organza cardigan.

When I think of Hartstrings, I think Hamptons. Their designs are gorgeous Hepburn-inspired creations that have just the perfect amount of whimsy.

Unlike department stores and other mass merchandisers, Hartstrings choses a fabric or pattern and then develops a whole theme of baby Easter dresses and clothing to surround those patterns. This makes coordinating outfits incredibly simple.

It's also a great help to mothers with several daughters (like myself). I can get the girls all matching, without putting them all in exactly the same dress.

  • Take an additional 20% off sitewide (no minimum!) with code HMPG20. Expires January 12th
  • 10% off everything on the website with code CJ10OFF.

  • Free shipping on orders over $75 with code CJFS75.

Here are the designs new for 2011. Simply click on each collection to view the baby Easter dresses and other clothing items designed within that style.

baby easter dresses sweet garden
baby easter dresses liberty
baby easter dresses sail away
baby easter dresses botanical
infant easter dresses flutter
baby easter dresses americana
baby easter dresses strawberry
baby easter dresses citrus

baby easter dresses naartjie kids

Naartjie Custom Kids Inc.

This year I discovered a new gold-mine of adorable clothing and chose a baby Easter dress for Isabella at Naartjie Kids.

The dresses are so wispy and fairy-like. It's gypsy meets Tinker Bell. I love absolutely everything in their store. See the original Neverland clothing at Naartjie Kids - from baby Easter dresses all the way up to size 10.

Here are a few of their gorgeous fairy baby Easter dresses. Click on the banner below, or the banner to the left to browse. Every style comes in a variety of different colors, so be sure to visit Naartjie and see if there's a color you like better.

baby easter dresses rose whimsy
baby easter dresses denim
baby easter dresses green
baby easter dresses pink
baby easter dresses blue pattern
baby easter dresses flower
baby easter dresses purple
baby easter dresses garden

Naartjie Custom Kids Inc.

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