Want Perfect Baby Christmas Gifts?
Follow These 3 Steps

Whether you realize it or not, every parent takes a gamble when shopping for baby Christmas gifts. You could spend hundreds and spend the day watching him play with the box.

baby christmas elf Finding the best baby Christmas toys
for your elf doesn't have to be a gamble.

Which is, by the way, about as brain stimulating as ...well... playing with a box.

What's a budgetary-minded mother to do?

It's a delicate line to walk, choosing Christmas gifts for your baby.

First, they need to capture her attention.

Second, they should educate.

I'm not talking ABCs...yet. I'm talking about motor skills and language development.

I've had some big winners in the past.

Infant Christmas gifts that have been passed down the sibling line, getting a little more loved every year until they fall apart.

And I've had a few big losers.

Shelling out crisp dollars of hard-earned cash only to see it sit on the sidelines, barely even glanced at.

I'm sure the Salvation Army is thankful for those mistakes.

Here are the three simple steps I follow now when it comes to picking out baby Christmas gifts.

They have helped us spend money on the gifts my children will actually enjoy now and in the year that follows.

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Choosing the Best Baby Christmas Gifts
Step One: Know Thy Infant

I've learned, through my three children, that "capture attention" isn't as easy as it seems. What interested my Lauren as an infant, bored Elena.

baby christmas gift bear If everything's going into the mouth these days,
search for slobbery-happy baby Christmas gifts.

So, before you whip out the credit card, think of your baby for a moment.

One of the earliest shocks I received as a new parent, was how early their little personalities shine through.

Lauren was only a few minutes old when she gave us her first personality clue.

From birth, she held up her head. Wouldn't cuddle. You know how most babies will be alert for an hour, and then sleep?

Not my Lauren.

She was awake the first 7 hours of her life. She WOULD NOT go to sleep. She was just so curious of all the "newness" of her life.

That prediction was fulfilled again and again as she grew up. She's not my sit-still and cuddle girl. She's always doing something. Even now at eight, she'd rather be re-decorating a cardboard box than watching TV.

And I could share countless other defining moments of my other children. Elena's early love for dolls. Bella's constant curiousity....You get the idea.

So what are your infant's quirks? How does he like to play?

Is he a social butterfly? or prefers to sit and play by himself?

Is she always exploring something, getting into everything? Or does she prefer to sit and watch all the activity around her?

These things will give you a strong clue of the type of toys your baby will most enjoy.

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Choosing the Best Baby Christmas Gifts
Step Two: Make Every Neuron Count

Your baby's brain-button is being pushed every second of the day.

And science has proven that the more often certain buttons get pushed, the longer those "lessons" stick around.

baby christmas gifts surprise Surprise! Baby Christmas gifts
he'll actually play with.

That's why it's important to make sure your baby Christmas gifts are more than just colored plastic and bright lights.

This means you have to line up your gift choices with the milestones she's currently working hard to master (or will be soon).

Not only will those toys help those milestones along, they're guaranteed to get played with.

Guaranteed because babies trying to learn to crawl think toys that move away from them are interesting.

Interesting enough, in fact, to encourage moving across the carpet.

Everyone, babies included, likes a good challenge.

Make sure your baby Christmas gifts this year will provide the milestone intrigue he's looking for.

To help you identify which award-winning toys go best with which milestones, let me reveal these helpful articles:

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Choosing the Best Baby Christmas Gifts
Step Three: Don't Overdo It

There's a real tendancy to overdo the whole baby Christmas gifts thing.

Yes, he's special to you.

But this is just his first Christmas, there will be others.

baby first christmas tree He is the best gift you
have under the tree this year.

What's a 4-week-old going to do with 10 different gifts? That he can't even open?

Think about what Christmas should be really about, and then ask yourself if you are conveying that to your child in the right way.

They grow up so fast, thinking about these things now will be tremendously helpful later, when it counts.

At the end of the day, the holiday of Christmas is about God, not us.

Reaching out to save a drowning man. We couldn't do it, so He did. Truly the greatest story ever told.

Yes, our girls get plenty of pink plastic for Christmas. They get to wear some gorgeous Christmas dresses. They get to eat donuts for breakfast and wear PJ's all day (very exciting).

But they also get extra couch-cuddle time. They get family meals around the Advent candles, reading times sipping hot chocolate, and an extra round or two of Chasey Monster.

What's Chasey Monster? Basically Cameron runs around making noises like he's going to "catch" them. They've outlawed any actual catching. He only gets to pretend.


In other words, we give them the gifts of kindness, gentleness, and love.

Create a home of peace for your baby this Christmas.

Offer forgiveness where necessary.

Set aside the money stresses, bitter hurts, abandoned dreams.

Sit for a while in the dark in front of your glowing Christmas tree with a mug of spiced cider and an awesome soundtrack, and remember all the good gifts you have yourself received.

Starting with that precious little bundle right in front of you.

Merry Christmas, friend.

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