18 Budget-Beautiful
Baby Christmas Dresses

Yes, it really is possible to find beautiful baby Christmas dresses that are affordable. (I've got 18 to prove it.)

baby christmas dresses gift What's my gift to you?
Adorable dresses you can afford.
Woo hoo!

How affordable?

Got $10?

Clean out the mini-van, pull up the couch cushions, and look under the washing machine.

There's $10 in there somewhere.

And that's just the bottom of the dress-barrel!

If you were to find a few more sticky-quarters and washed-dollar bills...

Let's head out on our "Internet Tour of Thrifty Baby Christmas Dresses" shall we?

Starting with...

christmas sign carters

Carters will always be one of my favorite bargain haunts. Understandably, they keep the best stuff for themselves.

So don't go looking for these at discount stores! You'll be disappointed. (And I hate disappointing people...)

  • The Super Duper Clearance Sale is on. 100's of styles start at $3.99.

  • Save 25% on all Valentine's Day items and outfits. Expires February 14th

Peek at their entire dress collection right here, or click at any of the photos below to see dress details.

baby christmas dresses rosettes

White Satin Rosette Dress
(also comes in red)

baby christmas dresses ruffles

Very Merry Satin
Dress Set

baby christmas dresses plaid

Plaid Taffeta Dress Set

christmas sign place

It's true that The Children's Place can slide a little to far over on the "expensive" side of the ruler.

But when you hang with me, I give you coupons to cut those prices down to the "normal budget" level. Yay me!

  • Take 15% off their New Spring Arrivals with code A9F2012. Expires January 31st

  • Free shipping for PLACE cardholders, plus 5% off every purchase! Expires February 29th

And did I mention these dresses are online-exclusives? That means you don't have to spend 30 minutes getting ready to head out to the mall!

I mean, you could, but if you're wanting one of the designs below you're going to be YET AGAIN disappointed. (Seriously, that's why I'm sharing all this, to avoid that feeling...)

baby christmas dresses place sequin

Champagne Sequin Baby Christmas Dress

baby christmas dresses plaid

Plaid Holiday Baby Dress

baby christmas dresses dotted

Flocked Dotted
Baby Holiday Dress

baby christmas dresses navy

Blue Taffeta and Shrug Set
(also comes in burgundy)

baby christmas dresses red

Flocked Red Rosette Dress

baby christmas dresses lace

Gold Lace Baby
Christmas Dress

christmas sign wear

Okay ladies (and style-conscious gents). I'm about to blow your mind.

As far as I can tell, I've finally found a company that hates math as much as I do. The Children's Wear Outlet.

At least, that's what I think. All their outfits are priced at math-happy multiples of $5. All the Christmas dresses you see below (the jumper and the onesie) are $10.

Got those couch-coins ready? Time to shop!

baby christmas dresses wear 1

Corduroy Jumper and Bodysuit

baby christmas dresses wear 2

Red Corduroy Baby Christmas Dress

baby christmas dresses wear 3

Blue Corduroy with Embroidered Snowlakes

baby christmas dresses wear 4

Corduroy with Peppermint and Candy Cane Accents

baby christmas dresses wear 5

Snowy Days with Embroidered Snowmen

baby christmas dresses wear 6

Velvet Midnight Snow

christmas sign bargain

Every budget-aware mama should have Bargain Children's Clothing on their secret shopping list. This website is like a virtual outlet center.

Expect to find brand name clothing at 20% - 85% off.

The outfits may not be as fancy-Nancy-pants as The Children's Place, but since you're paying less, you can buy more without busting the budget and freaking out your spouse. (See how that works?)

Click right here, RIGHT HERE, to see their whole collection of clothes. Or click a photo below to see prices and sizes.

baby christmas dresses bargain 1

Long Sleeved Baby Christmas Dress

baby christmas dresses velour

Navy Velour
Ruffle Baby Dress

baby christmas dresses white

White Poplin
Bubble Dress

Did You Find Some Missing Twenties?

Let's pretend, for just a minute, that in your mad-dash-for-cash, you suddenly discovered cache of twenties you had TOTALLY forgotten about. (I just hate it when that happens.)

Let's also pretend that parading your baby around in the most adorble baby Christmas dresses feeds some inner-unmet need you have buried inside. (We're pretending remember?)

Obviously you would then need to know where to find the most unique, most gorgeous, most photo-snapping celebrity wannabe dresses on the web.

Good thing you're reading this! Or you may have had some deep psychological breakdown or something...


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