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6 Week Old Strains a Lot to Pass Gas

by Karin
(Southa Africa, Johannesburg)

My son is 6 weeks old and is exclusively breastfed. Since birth he used to poop after every feed. On Wednesday morning was the last time he went and started passing horrific smelly gas.

To pass this gas he strains, grunts, turns red in his face, cries at times and pushes. He eventually exploded the Friday and I thought all would be well, but it wasn't. The passing of gas is just as bad and now keeps him out of sleep. He seems to be in pain and I have no idea what to do. Please help?

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Gas Drops
by: Heather ;-)


Have you tried some gas drops? Mylicon is the brand name - the ingredient is Simethicone. That really helped my girls.

Also consider, since you breastfeed, what you had to eat in the past week. Anything different? Did you eat more of a certain food?

Broccoli and bell peppers always gave my girls terrible gas - I would have to avoid them while nursing.

That's where I would start. If the stool looks bloody or has mucus, or if he is absolutely SCREAMING (like in-pain screaming), give your doctor a call.

Let us know if that doesn't work and we can start working on a Plan B.

Heather ;-)

by: Karin

Hi Heather

Thank you for your response. I went and bought the drops. The strain is still there for him to pass the gas and stool. Its almost as if he is constipated, which is not possibile, 1. In breastfed babies 2.since yesterday he had 3 BIG explosions. His stool is mustard yellow and wet. I really feel for him because he is loosing out on sleep esp at night. In turn he is cranky because he is overtired.

Wet? as in Loose?
by: Heather ;-)


Is three poops normal? And when you say "wet" are you meaning "loose"?

It's possible he may be having a bit of diarrhea. The mustard yellow is normal for breastfed babies, so I would look more at the consistency and frequency.

That may also answer his straining - diarrhea makes him feel like he needs to bear down more.

For more help on the diarrhea topic, read this article.

On the other hand, it may be just gas. Give him some tummy gentle massages, push his legs gently up against his stomach (to help him bear down) and see if that helps him pass gas.

You could also start a food diary, to see if there are trigger foods (like dairy products perhaps?) that could be causing his indigestion. His system is growing and adapting, so things that didn't bother him a week or two ago could be affecting him now.

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